Over in the Garden: ZEN

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(Do you find this meditative?)

 Over in the Garden, Laurie asked us, to write a poem about Zen, a meditative type offering.  If I had to narrow my focus, it would be words, nature and photography, that help me reach a Zen like state.  Yoga helps, too and lighting Warm Vanilla candles.  Nature is where I go when I need to calm down, refocus, or get away.  Take a walk, ride my bike, a scavenger hunt on the shore or just gathering odds n' ends in nature help me unwind.   I love to take photos of nature, year round~ 

 I smile when I see this photo.  This was my first camera. My Mom saved tons of Scott paper towel wrappers, to get this Kodak Hawkeye Camera.   I remember the day it arrived. Mom called me to come see. Then she handed it to me and said, "it is yours."  I was stunned and life was never the same. I filled many albums with  family photos. One day at work, someone asked me to bring my photo album. I worked at the theater.  Everyone gathered around and said, they loved my candid shots. I didn't line people up, point n' shoot.  I wanted photos of people busy, living life.  I still do not like posed photos. And I get real uncomfortable when the camera is on me. I am happier to be behind it. 

Some of my latest pics.  I am putting more in my ETSY shop soon.


Here is my Zen like poem:

 like honey
into focus
warms the 
with amber rich
wind on my face
slow moving sunlight
sweetens the deal
pedaling up or down hill
walking on the rocky shore
eyes travel
holding my breath
my world changes
patterns emerge
 light's shadows
paint and weave
stories to be
within minutes
eclipsed by
thick golden threads
lighten, ripen,
 and move
journey to
another world
all within
up to me
to expose

© Ellen Wilson

Since it is the month of Trick n' Treat and surprises!  I want to share with YOU, EJ Wesley's blogfest, Bury the Hatchet!     EJ is a new author and talented artist!  I'm really excited about his new book,  "Blood Fugue"!   Are  you curious?

Armed only with an ancient family journal, her rifle, and an Apache tomahawk, Jenny must save her grandfather’s life and embrace her dangerous heritage. Or be devoured by it. Blood Fugue, by E.J. Wesley, is the first of the Moonsongs books, a series of paranormal-action novelettes. 

Be sure to stop by and visit EJ!  He is a great guy, the real deal and so talented~ Congrats EJ -I can't wait to read it~  He paints-don't take my word for it, go see!

I want to bury a hatchet in this flu virus....I thought it was a cold, but it isn't, it is the flu.  On and off headache, that feels like a hatchet, in the base of my skull. And someone wringing my neck.  I'm not kidding...ick~


Sorry you have the flu!
Poem is lovely as always, and so are the images.
I think I had a similar camera as well.
Feel better soon!
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your words are so soothing, Ellen. i especially love:
stories to be
within minutes
eclipsed by
thick golden threads

And your acorn photo is just beautiful.
Laurie Kolp said…
I hope you can use these powerful images and your meditative poem to help get your mind off the flu... and get better soon.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
patterns emerge
light's shadows
paint and weave

That's what I see as a photographer.

Your images are stunning.
Unknown said…
So very thrilled to be included amongst your 'magic' Ella! Your poems move me, there's just no other way to say it.

I'm so sorry you're under the weather, and wishing you a speedy recovery. Thanks again for joining the blogfest, and for being you. :-)

Ink in the Book said…
Absolutely beautiful photography, gorgeous, soothing poetry and I love our blog!

I hope you feel better soon. Sending Tylenol, Kleenex, cough drops, Sprite, chicken noodle soup and a warm fuzzy blanket. Oh and some Raspberry flavored chap stick.
Daydreamertoo said…
Love your images, the poem so describes the 'you' we've come to know and I am so sorry you have the real deal flu. Hope you feel so much better as soon as possibe.
Kay L. Davies said…
Oh, Ella, I'm so sorry you're sick. I know how it feels, the last lingering coughs and snizzles of my chest infection are still annoying me, and it's been five weeks.

Your poem is fabulous. It almost made my recalcitrant muscles relax, and that's really saying something. Thank you so much.

Luv, K
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Be careful, Ellie, as there is a strain of meningitis flu out there. The back of the neck being painful sounds horrible.

Loved your story about the camera. Your mom must have known how that would open the world up to you. Your photos are - always - amazing. Glad you are doing an Etsy shop........
Hannah said…
Ella!!! We are truly soul-sisters!

"words, nature and photography, that help me reach a zen like state."

Yes!! You are so gifted and I love the idea expressed in the end...it's up to you to bring the focus.

I find when my mind is in photograph mode I see the "shot, " in so many instances...

So inspiring.

I need to start shooting with a real camera and not my phone...lol!
Unknown said…
Just getting over a cold here but so enjoyed your photos and poem, especially that concluding section
"up to me
to expose
Take care!
Amrit Sinha said…
Loved the words ... relaxing and calm !!!
Margaret said…
like honey

This is funny as just this morning I made my son a PB & Honey sandwich and I was tired and kind-o zoned out waiting for the thick honey to slowly meander down the side of the jar... it almost put me back to sleep!
Susie Clevenger said…
gorgeos photos. Zen definitely comes when i have my camera.
Grace said…
Love the pictures Ella and hope you feel better ~ I like the zen poem, so beautiful in texture and color ~
Sreeja said…
I ride through your lines...those words gave me rich images.....thank you so much.....
Mary Ann Potter said…
I'll remember "liquid light"- what a beautiful image! I'm reminded of my first week of retirement 6years ago when, every morning, I marvelled at the particular angles of sunlight through the windows. I was usually at school before dawn and had only seen that kind of light during breaks. It was a revelation to see it like that.
kaykuala said…
Beautiful photos Ella! There's an aura of stillness in your verse that moves in tandem with thoughts in one's mind! Great!

Marian said…
Ellen, this whole post is very pleasing and holy cow yes, those pencils! i might have to steal that so i can look at it from time to time. be well, friend xo
Unknown said…
In this poem, Ella, you capture the essence of why I like to view the world through my Canon lens. I see moments in time. I see parts of the whole, that are truly their own whole. We have lots in common, you and I!
Mary said…
This is beautiful, Ellie. I like 'liquid light moves like honey.' Wonderful simile!
Susan said…
"slow moving sunlight"

calmed inside your golden images, (almost sepia in combination with all the other material for today)

My green-stamp camera was a Kodak brownie. Some pics made there way into the family box of--I was never quite organized enough for albums.
LTM said…
oh! I love your gorgeous, colorful, honey rich poem! And the beautiful pix--that butterfly looks like it's moving. :D

Get well soon, my friend. :o) <3
Ella said…
Hi everyone! Our router died and had to be replaced. It was a game of online for 15min and then down again...no fun! I hope everyone is doing well~

Leigh-Thank you so much! ;D I'm working on it~ Stay well my good friend~ <3 555

Susan-I love a box of pics! Memories can always be organized. I too have a few boxes floating around~ ;D Thank you~

Mary-Thank you :D I couldn't think of anything better than honey-taking photos is my sweet!

Kim-I will email you! I would love to hear more about your encautic art! I loved what you made~ I think I will have to clear a spot out and make room! We do don't we ;D
Ella said…
Marian-I found this over at Upper case...I know I love it, too ;D
Yes I totally understand, borrow away~ Thank you~

Hank-So wonderfully said! I love it~
Thank you so much :D

Mary Ann-How transforming! Thank you for sharing~ Moments like that do warm our hearts n' minds~ Thank you!

Sreeja-Thank you so much! I love how you put that~ :D

Grace-Thank you! Off to capture some more Zen, lol. I feel like I have been riding out a storm~
Hope you stay well~ :D

Susie-I will think of you when I capture some more sweet moments~ :D
Thank you!

Margaret-That is funny! Thanks for sharing ;D Yes, slumber is sweet, too

Green Speck-Thank you! I need to capture more sweet memories~ :D

Patricia-Thank you! I am glad you are getting better~ This is some virus! Thank you for your kind words :D

Hannah-It is all good! Just keep snapping~ I am so happy you get the Zen ;D I knew you would <3 my Twilight Twin

Sherry-Beautiful, open up the world! Yes, just like nature opens up our spirit ;D Thank you~

Kay-Glad I could help you! ;D I think it is early in the year, for so much sickness, but the weather is up n' down~ Take Care Kay and thank you~ (((hugs)))

Bren-Thank you! I hope you and yours are staying well~ So nice of you to say! ;D @>------

Ink-I loved your virtual gifts! I am getting there~ I think the worst part is not wanting to eat. So not me, lol. I need food to fight the battle. I think my taste buds died..lol You are so sweet~
Thank you so much!!! :D

EJ-I will mention you again! Christmas lists :D Sorry about the small font..it looked big when I was composing it?! Thank you EJ for being you! ATB :D

L.Diane-I would love to see your photos sometime~ I imagine they are fabulous~ Thank you so much :D

Laurie-Thank you! I'm trying :D
It is one mean virus~ Stay well!

Kerry-Thank you so much! I enJOYed snapping it...so fun~ :D

Alex-Thank you so much! I bet you did~ I think we would of been great friends back in those days :D