Stitch in Time

I decided to make some stationery.  I found an old book, that was falling apart.  I thought how both books n' letters transport us.  Both books n' letters have chapters. We write about our lives-in letters, they document moments in time.

  Words plant seeds, in our souls and we are never the same- the wonder of the written word!

Do you remember the day you received your library card?  I remember, what a big deal it was. I was given a passport to adventure!    My plan was to read every book, in my story book cottage library. An old building made of stone and dedication.  I especially wanted to read the big volumes I spied hiding behind the Librarian's desk. She wouldn't let children go back there. There was even a sign, no one under the age of 18 was allowed.  The books were old, time worn and not for sticky, small fingers.  I knew these books held mysteries and secrets from the past.  Someday,  I will go look at time's whispers.  

The day arrived and I was finally old enough, to venture back behind the Librarian's desk,  I remember how excited I was, but also spooked.  The shelves were so high. It was dark and moody. The books covers so tattered n' torn.  The scent of age mingled with yellowed paper  and glue was heady stuff.  These books were historic, they captured words, ideas from centuries long ago. Some were so old you couldn't check them out, but only glance at them. Their brittle pages fragile and delicate, like fine Bone China.  You wondered whose hands had once touched these books.   This section had a haunted feel.  I felt like I was given a key to a portal, to another time.

 I do think we are given a  key to a secret garden, when we get our first library card and/or pen-pal. 

   Words like seeds are planted in our capillary bed and ideas sprout. Some bloom,  some fade and yes, we also have to tend some weeds, along the way.  For the most part, words gives us wings, and take us on many adventures.  What adventure do you love the most? 

Do you remember the day you were given the key, to the Secret Garden?  Did you have a pen pal?  At what age, did words first enchant you?  


Mary said…
How wonderful to make your own stationery, Ella. How even more wonderful that you find USE for stationery. I so seldom write hand written letters any more in the age of email. I know this is sad.

I don't remember getting my first library card but do remember using it! My mother and I used to go to the library weekly. She was definitely a good example for me.

Pen pals...ah yes, I had many.
This post gave me a warm fuzzy. I had a penpal in elementary school up until high school. Her name was Linda, and she lived in England. Wish we hadn't lost touch! I'm trying to see through your photos as to HOW you're making the stationary but can't tell. How about a to-do post? I'd love to try it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This took me back. I spent much of my life writing letters....wish I had some of them now. And since age five I have been bringing home an armload of library books every week - that is sixty one years of books........a lotta reading.

I cant BEGIN to imagine making one's own stationery. Handmade stationery is so beautiful. I would not know where to are so clever.
Those cards are beautiful. So few send cards anymore.
Mary Ann Potter said…
I'm impressed with your stationery, Ellen. Such a thought-filled thing, especially in these days e mails and cyberspace.

Yes, I surely do remember my first library experiences. If I dig far enough into my memory, I can still hear the little squeak of the brown linoleum floor and the fragrance of ink and paper...

There's still magic in those memories. I'm taken back to them every time I walk into a bookstore.
I love these. Well done!
One of my first published projects for Stampington was similar stationary.
Scarlet said…
I like the personal touch of the stationery ~ I like the words are seeds ~
Ella said…
Hi Heaven-I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thank you~ I do think reading words-inspires many things to grow :D

Colette- :D I mailed these to Stampington~ Thank you for sharing, I will have to go back and look~

Mary Ann-Ah, I love how magic n' memories keeps us younger! ;D
I looove bookstores~ My family hates to go with me, lol. Thank you and thank you for sharing~

Alex-Thank you :D You are seeing mainly the envelopes, but I thought they were interesting when I took photos~

Sherry-I wonder how many books, that is?! ;D I remember asking once, "What is the limit?" The response: "As many as you can carry." (LOVE that answer)~
Thank you! It wasn't hard-

KarenG-Thank you! I love that I reminded you of her :D I had a pen pal that thought I was related to Michael Jackson(not kidding).
I mailed these into an art challenge. These are the envelopes. The actually stationery has a bit of the book spine. I tore out bits from the book and Chapter pages. I will show you more in another post! I will consider your suggestion :D Thank you!

Mary-Mom gave you a wonderful gift~
This was for an art challenge, but it got me thinking and I'm going to make some more stuff ;D I know writing letters is a lost art form~
So sad! Maybe we should have a letter exchange in the future :D
Thank you~
Yolanda Renée said…
Oh, the library. I loved my little library too. The book shelves filled with adventure and intrigue. I read Nancy Drew and Judy Bolton, I couldn't get my fill of the worlds I found through reading. It was such a lovely escape from my life. It still is, and now I create my own worlds, but reading will always be as important as writing!

Such a beautiful post. Thank you for bringing back lovely memories!
Laura Maria said…
I love stationary! I'm always buying it but I don't have more than a handful of people to write to (and I see them quite often so it's unnecessary to write long newsy letters)so it just sits in my "stationary bag" looking pretty.
As for my library card, I got it six years ago around the time I turned 12. I remember the excitement I felt at the limitless access to books. I haven't used it recently because I bought a bunch of books last time I stepped into Barnes & Noble so I've been busy finishing those.
Tamara said…
I love that you make your own stationary.

And, yes--reading is definitely like entering another world. I still remember the first book I ever read. I was three. It was called, The Plump Pig. It was about a plump cat, plump dog, and a plump family who owned a plump pig. Fascinating stuff. haha

I always read. I remember once, our whole town was flooding and everyone was freaking out, all our furniture was up on pallets and people literally were rowing boats down the street. Instead of being fascinated by the excitement of it all (like most normal kids would) I remember being perched on the table, totally caught up in The Black Stallion. I LOVED those books as a kid. Narnia. Little Women. The Half Magic books. I could go on forever, but I will stop now. haha.

Also, while I have your ear for a sec, if you could possibly go vote in ponyfest for me, that'd be awesome. My daughter is SO excited about the pony she drew for me. I hate to let her down by our pony getting barely any votes. Our pony is Cacee by Tamara haha. Thanks!
Shelly said…
When I was a kid, I spent most of my summers at the library. Ours overlooked a river. So if I wasn't reading, I was daydreaming while I looked onto the water.
Jo Murray said…
I can't remember a time when I wasn't a book person. I helped out in the local library when I was still in primary school. I'm afraid the 'Kindle' just doesn't cut it with me.
Dorthe said…
Dear Ella, such wonderful stationaries you created, I love you used old books in the creations- I love to do that ,too-
and alwayes loved to read, and hold a book in my hands.
Now mostly the books are related to what I love to do: my mixed media and dolls- alwayes having a book related to that, or a mag from Stampington in my hands before sleeping :-)
Ink in the Book said…
The library is like my home away from home. Thank you for reminding me of how amazing I felt that first day I entered the adventurous world of books:)

Also, I wanted to say hi and thanks for the follow on my blog! I returned the favor:)
Wanda said…
I had pen pals from Japan and Ireland. I really enjoyed the exchange of letters. Although I have always enjoyed reading, I can't recall getting my first library card.
Anonymous said…
I think I still have my original library card. FOr some crazy reason I saved all cards like that. Overduw books were five cents a day.
Cynthia said…
I remember being excited about my first library card. As a young child, it made me feel "grown-up" to own a card that I could keep in my kiddie wallet.
Ella said…
Cynthia-This is how I felt, too~
Thank you for sharing :D

Stephen-It is so sweet you still have your card! :D Yes, those were the days~

Wanda-How wonderful! :D I loved having pen pals~

Talynn-Thank you! :D
Yes, it was an amazing moment~ I love what you shared~ You are sweet!

Dorthe-I think I was at your blog, when you were visiting mine ;D
I love the feel of a book in my hands, too~ I vary my books. I love the ones you mentioned!
Thank you :D xo

Jo-I volunteered at the library, too. I love the feel of a book~
Yet, Kindle is working on me~ ;D

Janna-Nice to meet you :D
Thank you~

Shelly-Yes, I kind so relate! I was either at the library, the shore or the lake. Water n' books-magic! :D

Tamara-I voted, so cute :D
You needed an escape during the trauma~ Smart girl!
Thank you~

Laura-You could also use it for poetry ;D Or to make books~
Books take us away! A great way to travel~ Thank you!

Yolanda-So well said! And you remind me of those soooo good books! I had to take them with me, in my purse. I would read a few paragraphs, at red lights when running errands. I had to find a way to fit it in, after I had children. ;D Thank you~

Vicki Sheehan said…
i love this stationary Ellen! it's not often we get letters like this. i have many fond memories of the library - it was my refuge as a kid. when my own kids were small we went there every week and checked out a huge stack of books and then we would come home and read them all in one sitting. i miss those simple times :)
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-Thank you for sharing!
I do think it was a place of escape and adventure for many of us~
I know without it, I would not be who I am :D
Mary C. Nasser said…
Your handmade stationary is absolutely amazing! It's as though you are drawing via stitches.

I fondly remember getting my first library card and pen pal and those wonderful library scents you so vividly describe. :)

This was a very inspiring, thoughtful post.
Wishing you all the best,
Mary (from BYW Bootcamp)
Ella said…
Hi Mary!
I hope you are enjoying the class!
It is busy ;D

I am so happy they are fond memories for you~ Books are wonderful, as is blogging and friends~ IN no certain order, lol

Thank you! :D
Monica said…
I've ALWAYS loved stationery... since I was very young! I love to make mine too- but must confess I also adore using my many beautiful store-bought sets!
Yours is fantastic, I hope it makes it to the glossy pages!:)
Monica said…
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