Truth and Dare

*Photos available here*

Remember that game-oh, you think I named it wrong, lol.   I know, it is 'Truth or Dare'.  I am finding blogging for me is Truth and Dare.  How so?  I started this blog with thoughts of art, more a visual diary. Then I found Arlee Bird  in April 2010  and joined his A-Z Blogging challenge. I was late to the challenge arriving on letter G. I caught up in hurry. I went to a garden section of a home improvement store.  My blog changed and  I was finding my voice. I discovered I love to write.
 This is where I meant many of YOU! 

  Thank you Lee~

 I started visiting artsy blogs, the ones I admired.  Becky Shander, a Stampington artist dared me to try a string challenge.  I wasn't sure what to make, but I did try another challenge. A wax paper one.  I mailed my submission and nothing happened.  My intuition told me to keep going.  A few months later I was asked to write an article, on the wax paper art.  The first art I had submitted. I knew I had to keep going.  I had toyed with the idea to mail something in for a few years. 

Thank you Becky~

 Sherry Marr of STARDREAMING withSherry Blue Sky  dared me to write a poem. I did and I really liked it!  I remember writing poetry, in college. I now write poetry prompts, for Poets United and in the Imaginary Garden of Real Toads.  Yes, sometimes I am a toad ;D.  

 Thank you Sherry~

I believe to find our truth we constantly have to be brave and put ourselves out there.  I think of autumn being the perfect time to do this.   Don't you?  We can once in awhile test the waters and surprise our followers-why not?  I do believe the biggest truth is to remain true to your voice. Be YOU!   We all have warts and sometimes make mistakes-cringe!  I learned my lesson-no more blogging when sick!   I am truly sorry, if I offended anyone...  I was being silly, but sick n' silly doesn't work online.  Only on Halloween can you get away with that~ 

What do you love most about this season? Oh, I didn't put one of my favorite autumn loves in my collage. I love to go apple picking and bite into a tart, crisp apple.  Nothing like an apple to transport you to being young. For me, apples transport me to New England and this leads me to my dare. No, Snow White poison apples, lol.  What I mean is blogging can be sweet n' sour. We can share too much, not share enough, and feel out of place.  I dare you to listen to where your heart is leading you and follow it.  Maybe you will find your truth.  Maybe they should name this game 'Truth n' Scare'?  
I dare you!   

"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."  -Eminem


Favorite thing about autumn? Football! And the humidity finally starts to fade.
I committed to the Challenge a couple days before it started and just winged it all month. Like you, it changed my blog forever and I found my groove.
Unknown said…
Love the photos of the leaves, Ella! The floating 'one' is breathtaking. :-)

And yes, live today like you don't have tomorrow and you'll regret nothing, and waste even less.
Love the fall photos and do enjoy the growth of your blog!
Johanna Garth said…
I love decorating for Halloween. Found all those halloween treat pics so inspiring!
Ella said…
Hi Johanna-Thank you! My daughter had friends over and they baked cookies! Messy fun~ I loved seeing how much color they added to the cookies. We had haunted carrots, a ghost like a bumble bee, and a black heart, lol so fun! I still haven't finished decorating. It was raining when they baked. We were suppose to cobweb the front yard~

Queen Bee-I will be by! Thank you~ I bet you are gathering inspiration :D Love your name~

EJ-Thank you! I like that- My hound had a bunny cookie. I thought of YOU! He can't catch the real thing, so the kids baked him a plain sugar cookie one, lol

Alex-It really did change things for the better! :D Yes, I'll all about no humidity-ick!
Carrie Van Horn said…
You have a beautiful voice and a beautiful heart Ella! My favorite thing about Autumn is all the wonderful colors and the cool crispness in the air. :-)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I love this post - but please banish The Dreaded Merk name (gag!) Marr, please, Merk hangs like an albatross from my Horrible Married Years. I've told my family I will haunt them if they dare put it on my tombstone. (not kidding!)

Your images are HAUNTING. So lovely and ghostly, those children's faces......your nature shots are always stunning. But those old photos have such an impact and really are arresting.

Yay, so happy you are enjoying poetry - you write some wonderful poems, kiddo.

I so agree - be who you are and follow your dreams. What is that quote? If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you. And it may even have been Jesus who said that. Who can argue?
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I love the crisp, clean air. It makes for better photos.

Yours are absolutely gorgeous, Ella.
Mary said…
Yes, indeed, we have to continue to be brave and put ourselves out there, and we have to stay true to ourselves. You are an example of both. I like the idea of "Truth or Scare." Especially at this season! Boo!
what I love about Autumn is that it brings changes, crisp mornings, velvety fog, fragrant fruit, luscious colours, woollen scarves and sweaters.... coziness....
Unknown said…
Incredibly inspiring post! I love autumn because of all the darker, more vibrant colors, Halloween and the cooler weather. Love me a good October or November rain. And the best reason of all...Football!

I love that you wind it all up with a quote from Eminem. I really dig a lot of his stuff.

Kristin said…
It's all so true! Funny where life takes us. And your journey has been a beautiful one!! I just wrote this yesterday in my journal:
"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" E.E. Cummings
Scarlet said…
I love the changing colors of the leaves and cooler air ~ Lovely pictures Ella ~
Unknown said…
There's nothing I don't love about Fall, especially Halloween. I love the Shaw quote in your header. That's so profound, and I hope it's true. It would be nice to think you can make yourself into what you want to be...
Ella said…
I'll be right back to comment! The elves have come home early and Santa is on his way...I think the cold medicine has fried my brain~