Web of Wonder

I challenged the poets over at Poets United to write a poem about a web.  Yes, one thinks of the traditional web they see in their back yard or forest, then the world wide web and what about webs of deceit.  I also thought about intricate lace, Dream catcher's...how we create our lives. 

I know this one is truly scary!

Silver filaments of crystalline frost
branch out and spin
collected thoughts
like a
ticket book of dreams
world moves like
a white carousel
their memories
through the night sky
 and dance
fragile falling stars
gather and
gently drape a 
white blanket
their Arctic kisses
round n' round
ideas flourish
words gather
as souls embrace
invisible strings
lead us
to the land

© Ellen Wilson



Susan said…
". . . branch out and spin
collected thoughts
like a
ticket book of dreams
world moves like
a white carousel . . ."

I see the horses and the swans all in a race with no winner; I see puppets and I see the frost. This is imagination in the realm of "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod"! I love it (even though I have seen too many movies of scary children).
Amrit Sinha said…
This is beautiful ... what a lovely imagination !!!
Shelly said…
You always write great poems, Ella.

Hugs and chocolate,
It wasn't scary - it was magical!
Mary said…
Beautiful images in this poem, Ella. Lovely to return to the land of childhood magic!
Bossy Betty said…
Beautiful! Love the way you have arranged to poem too!
Daydreamertoo said…
This reminded me of scenes from the Snow Queen. I love that kids minds are full of magic. We tend to lose it as we grow older but, their imaginations know no bounds and it is fabulous to see it.
Such a lovely poem Ella, you created a bit of icy magic here yourself.
Great prompt over at PU. I already take part in Toads and 3 Word Wed. So, waited til today to post to this prompt :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, this is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the "ticket book of dreams", the white carousel world, and Arctic kisses......wow. Loved every line! I must try to remember snow is beautiful, and stop obsessing about my fear of driving in it:)
Kerry O'Connor said…
If I had to copy and paste the bits of this poem I love, I would have to repeat the entire poem here. I will mention the ticket book of dreams, and the world moving like a white carousel.. just gorgeously fulfilling images.
Fireblossom said…
Abracadabra, alakazam!
Jennifer Wagner said…
Love this! Made me see snowflakes falling from a dark canvas sky...your images are perfect.

I loved this poem, as it transported me to so many different levels of thought....I thought of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, which I loved as a child, for its dream-like story...I thought of souls passing to another place and then I thought of the beauty seen by staring into an icy coated web:)

L. Diane Wolfe said…
That was beautiful, like a dream.
Carrie Van Horn said…
This is magical Ella....snow flakes do make magic in the childs heart that is inside us all. You have conveyed that beautifully here in this poem of wonder! :-)
Mary Ann Potter said…
"Childhood magic." Exactly. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. This is how we dream.
Wanda said…
Love the arctic kisses. You have such a beautiful way with words.
Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you! I have lived in Alaska, I know what those kisses feel like~

Mary Ann-I love that view :D You are right. We have to keep that inner child alive~

Carrie-Thank you! I know the other view, as well. I have shoveled a lot of snow in my life. I still see the beauty in it ;D (loved your poem)

L.Diane-Thank you! I love your comment :D

Eileen-Thank you! I love what you shared~ I now what Hot Chocolate and to watch a movie :D Such a great book~

PoetLaundry-Thank you! I am pleased you could see it :D

Fireblossom-lol! Yes, just not yet...lol I love autumn's dance~

Kerry-Thank you! Funny, I was going to write about Indian folklore... I am happy you liked it~ :D

Sherry-Thank you! I know, down here it is nuts~ Military melting pot in my neck of the woods! This means some know how to drive in it, but many do not~! I use to be brave about it. I traded snow for snakes(I rather have snow!!!) ;D

Bren-I am so happy you joined in! :D Thank you! Yes, we do tend to lose the magical view as we grow older! Yet, we can still dream about it, when it was more magic than work~
Ella said…
Bren-I haven't seen that movie! I am going to rent it now :D Thank you~

Bossy Betty-Thank you! I will be by to see more of your cool photos ;D

Mary-Yes, thank you~ My inner child had to visit this place again ;D

Alex-Thank you :D I am happy Captain, you like snow~

Shelly-Thank you! Yes, Hot Chocolate n' hugs, lol :D

GreenSpeck-Thank you! :D I had fun writing it~

Susan-Thank you ;D so much! Think of only the good movies and twirling snow~
I don't know what the allegory is :) but I do love the words used and the frosty atmosphere :) Winterish and autumnish elements have always been my fave in poems.
Ella said…
I thought of how snowflakes look like webs. How like spiders scare, snow scares a lot of people. I wanted to change the view... ;D
I too, love the beauty of all seasons, but there is something magical about autumn and the first gentle snowfall!
Beautiful images . . .and love the end!
Ella said…
Hi Tyrean! Thank you~ :D