What Inspires you...

My homework for BYW aka Bootcamp is to write about what inspires me and why?!

I know words, nature, and my memories inspire me-most!   WHY?! 

I grew up by the Penboscot Bay. When I was little I could look out the porch window and see the bay, across from the train tracks.  Later we moved closer and I could see it from my upstairs bedroom window.  It was like a blanket of blue comfort, always there for me.

This is not my wharf, nor my window box, but this is where my Dad grew up and played. Later so did I.   This is on side street, where the summer people came and lived, till school was back in session.

My Dad was best friends with two of the summer kids. One ended up working for NASA, the other became a Doctor.  My Dad co-operated a Texaco business with his Dad.  You have heard me say my Dad wore a star by day and showed them on the Silver Screen by night. He was a movie projectionist, too.  My Dad also worked part time with a dealer ship, always selling cars. Mom decorated and sold  cakes and sold make-up.   As adults these men still remained friends, which I think says volumes.  ooops, back to my WHY!

Words became my escape, when I dealt with all the family drama.  My family moved to the street my Dad grew up on.  His parents down at the end, before the side street of cottages and his sister up at the top of the street.  There was always a lot of family drama.  Words allowed me to escape, their latest episode. My Dad wasn't well nor was his Mother.  My Nannie Nonnie was bed ridden.  My Dad had a heart attack in his early 30's and died suddenly at 45.   There were other factors, there always is.   When I couldn't escape with words, I used nature to soothe my fears.

Going to the shore and walking endless miles, gathering smooth stones, time worn sea glass, Starfish and Sand dollars, seem to settle my nerves.  The rhythm of the waves calmed me.  Its ebb n' flow slowed my heart rate down.  I could remember happy times.  My soul is anchored on that shore. I am not officially at home, until my feet are on the end of the town wharf.

 My second home!

Wow, this is so not what I was going to write about...

No matter what the weather, I was at this place several times during the day. Once I was old enough to go alone.   I learned to swim here, I rode my bike every day or walked here.  The salty sea air, mixed with Pine pitch and Wharf Roses is my favorite elixir.  I am transported whenever the three are blended.

I had a good childhood, I loved my parents like we all do, but I truly liked them, as people for the most part.  My Dad was like a big cuddly bear, but he cried when I went to England. My Mom more like a mouse, but she would charge like a Lion, if anyone hurt her children. They were low key people, they were not filled with drama, but they were surrounded by it.  They were interesting and fun, not the normal parents.  

What inspires me?!   My family, my home, my roots, my childhood inspire me.  They are all wrapped in an unique package that involves movies, zany funny moments, being near or on the water(we had a boat) and love.   Love is the big bow that surrounds me and comfort me like the big blue blanket of the bay!   Yes, there are brilliant blue days, some rain and lots of thunder, but the rainbow is worth it all!                                               

 LOVE inspires me!


And love is the best inspiration!
Even with all the drama, sounds like you had a solid rock in your parents.
Mary said…
What a beautiful post, Ella! Love definitely IS the key.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I so love this post, Ellie. I understand the peace that being near the sea brings. I always love it when you write about your childhood. Very intriguing header photo too, kiddo. I love always finding new art and cool quotes when I visit here. I especially love today's quote!!!!!
Kay L. Davies said…
This is wonderful, Ella, and the photo of the beach with the wharf reminds me of my hometown on the west coast of British Columbia. I'll have to dig out a photo of it and e-mail it to you.
My parents weren't 'normal' either, but they were fun, and we were seldom bored, even when there was very little money.
Unknown said…
What a beautiful post! Alex is right, love is the best inspiration. I love to walk on the beach, but not be in the water. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I missed you. :)
Wanda said…
We share some of the same inspirations Ella. It's funny how our pens (or keys) rather can take us different directions in which we originally intended :)
Ella said…
I started to comment and no ISP connection! So I am back~

Wanda-I love that Wanda! It is true-it amazes me what comes rambling out sometimes~ We do need to go with the flow ;D

Melissa-Yes,it is! I think the Ninja is onto something ;D Strolling on the beach is the best! I missed U, too~ :D

Kay-Thank you for sending me photos! BC and WA are gorgeous~
Normal is so over rated, don't cha think ?! lol Yeah, we weren't rolling in it either! I remember one time we had no power and everyone else in the neighborhood did!

Sherry-I know you understand, it is an inner calm that arrives! It is like all the pain is temporarily washed away~ Thank you~ I saw it in two spots, but I think it was at Twinkle, Twinkle blog, where I saw it first! :D

Mary-It is! Thank you~ I think sometimes we all need to be reminded! (((hugs)))

Alex-Yes, I had great parents~
YOU are one wise Ninja ;D
Always plenty of storms at sea, but love is the anchor!