Over in the Garden

I had internet issues again this morning.  Augh... This is a poem for The Imaginary Garden~ 
This is for Hannah's challenge!  Thank you Hannah :D @>-------------

Lost in a trance 
as the sun bids adieu
my day inked
with outstretched lines
I follow the silver path home
birch arms

a frosted chill
penetrates my mood
I see him
with his black cap
embracing the knife sharp wind
he tilts and shakes his cap
his dark eyes dance

Gentle frozen stars
he rounds the corner
I follow
nature's ballet continues
her dance collects like
crystallized dust 
sticky like

He moves on
I round the corner
oh, he is meeting her
Her olive coat covers 
a gorgeous white gown
she shakes off the fairy dust and
gracefully glides towards him
they hover for a moment
lost in their 

Together huddled 
by the Myrtle bushes
watching the fragile kisses 
of ice fall
fall and collect
Mother Nature's
tweed blanket
I look

 Embedded in tenderness
they snuggle closer
I try to take snap a photo
they see me
and lurk as 
I stand still
waiting, watching
their dark eyes stare at me
in absolute

I freeze
hoping to expose
their beauty
a dog up ahead on the path
they are gone
they disappear
into the spell binding

I stand alone
sorry I missed
then I hear their call
a reminder of their


© Ellen Wilson

Here is a link, if you would like to see more of Robin's art


Sorry the birds flew away!!
Ella said…
Thanks Alex! They made a cute couple ;D
Jennifer Wagner said…
This is just gorgeous Ella. Each stanza is beautiful...and the way you presented it is so creative. I love the way you have captured nature here...love, love, love it.
Kerry O'Connor said…
That was just amazing, Ella!
That poem was about Bigfoot and his wife, right?
Ella said…
Powdered Toast Man-lol, I'm married to Bigfoot, lol No, but you are funny :D

Gail-Thank you! :D

Kerry-Thank you! ;D I had fun writing this one~ @>-------

Poet Laundry-Thank you so much-I thought why not have fun ;D I love nature~ @>-------

MamaZen-I loved yours...whoah!
Thank you :D

Amrit Sinha said…
A beautiful love song :-)
Grace said…
How lovely for you to see them in their dance Ella ~

Wishing you a happy day ~
Myrna R. said…
What a sweet moment. Nice that you saw them. But nature often runs and hides from us when we want to chronicle its beauty.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
At least you'll remember them in your head and words.
Tamara said…
This was really beautiful. You have such a way with words. I would never think to describe birds like this. I love coming here and reading your poems.
Carrie Van Horn said…
What a lovely capturing of your capturing of beauty Ella....hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Brian Miller said…
smiles...a lovely capture of nature...your first stanza is just entrancing....and you lead us on a merry chase as well...i was wondering who you watching...i fall natures ballet...smiles...cool verse that....very nice ella...
Kateri said…
This is so lovely!
Mary said…
Wonderful video, Ellie. It makes my heart sing. But not as much as the words of your poem. Smiles.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a glorious poem. Just beautiful!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-Thank you! I love birds :D

Mary-I knew you would like it :D
Thank you, so much @>----------

Audrey-Thank you so much @>---------
I am glad I stopped by ;D and you came to see me~

Kateri-Thank you :D I enjoyed visiting you!

Brian-lol, Yes, I was hoping the black cap wouldn't ruin the mystery! Thank you so much :D

Carrie-Thank you so much and Happy Thanksgiving to you :D

Tamara-Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! @>------------
I am glad you liked it!

L.Diane-Thank you and yes, I will!
I see them tiny, tender and unique!

Myrna-Oh, so true! When you don't have a camera, usually nature comes running out to say hello! ;D

Grace-Thank you! Yes, it was enchanting :D Happy day to you~

Green Speck-Thank you! I love your view ;D

Laura said…
Oh dear Ella.. absolutely exquisite... felt like I was right there observing with you, breathless.
always loved birch arms and maple leaves.... and the smell of conifers!
Ella said…
Dezzy-Yes, that's me, too. I love to be out in glorious nature!
Off to find my Pine Tree candle ;D lol

Laura-I love that you went on this walk with me! Thank you so much :D

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating and those who aren't...I hope you are blessed by those you love! @>---------
Amanda Trought said…
Your words, such a blessing - this is lovely....!
Unknown said…
What beautiful imagery! I could see the birds in my mind's eye and I know that feeling of trying to capture their elusiveness on film.

You do have the most wondrous gift of poetry. You should do a book of verse. :)
Ella said…
Melissa-I am going to, just trying to decide the format. Maybe I should do both...?! Thank you so much :D
I like that everyone went on a walk with me...at least I hope it felt that way ;D @>------------
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Amanda-Thank you! I was thinking of you! Hope you and yours are doing well~ I so enJOYed the joy on your blog in your beautiful photos~ :D @>------------ and quotes!

Dani-Thank you so much! :D I like that you have joined the GARDEN <3
Are you part of the collabs? ;D

I'll be by soon to visit~ ATB everyone!
kaykuala said…
It would have been the same if a loving couple is caught in the act. They would also 'fly away' as fast as they can! Great write Ella!

Hannah said…
Oh my!!! Ella!!!! You've out done yourself...I can just hear Mother Nature sighing at the beauty and wonder that you have created here.

What a precious outpouring of love for nature and hunger in creativity.

Very well written, Ella and I love your descriptions of the birds and this especially as well:

"I follow the silver path home
birch arms

SO beautiful!!

Thank you so much for writing this and creating such a complete post around it. ♥ SS/TT @>---- AND A WISH!
Ella said…
Thank you Hannah! Here is a WISH for you @>------- You are so sweet! :D

Hank-You are so right! They would fly away...Thank you so much! :D
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