The Blue Hour

Are you familiar with the blue hour?  

The blue hour comes from a French expression (l'heure bleue), which refers to twilight.  The period each morning and evening where there is neither full daylight, nor complete darkness. The time is considered special because of the quality of the light at this time of day.  *wikipedia

In reality,  the blue hour is only a window of 20-30 minutes.  I think of it as a bridge
of blue that appears, before the golden hour-(The first and last hour of sunlight).

Check here to see some amazing blue hour photos!   You can see my photo is the blur of the blue hour ending and the golden hour beginning.  I remember the first time I saw the blue hour,  it intrigued me.  I was on Adak, an island in the Aleutian chain.  I was a hostess at one of the clubs.  I can remember setting tables and seeing this amazing blue light reflecting on the snow.  I was fascinated.   I brought my camera to work to see if I could capture it.  It didn't happen-I picked a night I knew we would be slow.  The reservations for the window seats were for later in the evening.  I probably didn't see the blue hour again, till I convinced friends, to go hike a mountain and see the sun rise.  Yes, it was worth it ;D  except I didn't have an amazing camera then!

There is even a website with a calculator so you can see the blue hour. 

The prompt at  Poets United is Bridge, so here is my poem inspired by the blue hour.
I think of Vincent Van Gogh's art.  I  think he tried to capture the blue hour in his paintings.  What do you think?

a blue bridge appears
before sunrise and after sunset
deep majestic blue
highlights an orange
a window
another world
a gate way
toward the golden hour
a star burst
captures tones of
purple swirls
 time is of the essence
as twilight surrenders
Mother Nature
opens her
 royal purple gown
and parts the clouds
as the Sun's head
breech position
a protrusion of 
translucent fingers
a sea of
Lunar, as midwife
day's birth
n' surrenders her
birds, beast and insects
chirp, whistle n' cheer
as they

© Ellen Wilson

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Johanna Garth said…
I love the birth metaphors in your poem and also have always been crazy about the phrase l'heure bleu. For some reason it sounds ridiculously romantic to me!
Ella said…
I agree, it is magical to witness and difficult to capture.
I didn't know the name of it, but had seen it, several times. It is so romantic. You are right! :D We need a perfume with that name, lol
Daydreamertoo said…
I had never seen this blue hour until I moved here to Atlantic Canada. But then, I love the sky anyway. Also saw some of the Northern Lights here too, not much but, enough to know what everyone talks about and photographs is also very real.
Loved this Ella. Am off to look at some of you blue hour pics now :)
Daydreamertoo said… the pics!!!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
SPECTACULAR blue in your photo!!!!! Wowzers!LOVE your poem: Lunar as midwife....... "in a sea of rumpled marigolds" is so beautiful! Love the idea of those times of day or evening as bridges.......I especially love twilight. Great work, kiddo!
Mary said…
Hmm, I do not know that I have ever seen the blue hour; but your picture is wonderful and your poem brings it alive. It definitely looks like a miracle as it is unfurling...your words ring so true!
Amazing photo and your poem captures it so well!
Mary Ann Potter said…
I loved the "sea of rumpled marigolds"! Beautiful poem, Ellen. It's easy to get lost in your metaphors here --- so appropriate, so well-chosen. The website link is so cool. Thanks. (By the way, years ago there was a perfume callaed "L'Heure Bleu." I don't know if they still make it.)
Brother Ollie said…
love the blue hour - never knew that term - your poem has educated me!
Ella said…
Ollie-Tired Monks are known to do that ;D lol

door right back...
Margaret said…
Mother Nature
opens her
royal purple gown
and parts the clouds
as the Sun's head
breech position

& the mention of the midwife... This poem, I believe is one of my favorites of yours! Vincent Van Gogh, I think loved mid-day, strong sun & shadow or night. Of course, he loved blue... but I cold be wrong. I see a few I would classify as the "blue hour" now that I googled his name. :)
Morgan said…
Oh my gosh... those photos look doctored! Amazing, truly... and it sounds like you've had some amazing adventures, Ella. I want to hear about them! <3
Unknown said…
I'd never heard of the blue hour but will have to look at the pictures. Loved how Lunar surrendered her post.
Tamara said…
I've never heard it referred to as the blue hour, but I LOVE that. I've seen it before and always been fascinated by it.

I remember trying to use the color in a story once, but I ended up cutting it out. I'd used it for an eye color:

His eyes were the blue of the sky in those moments after the sun sets but before the moon rises. Those moments when the sky belongs to no one but itself. I like that again. I think I might put it back in. haha.

Beautiful poem, beautiful imagery. Loved the idea of giving birth to a new day. Thanks for always sharing these with us.
Every part of this post is beautiful, Ella. Thank you.

Thank you also for your supportive comment. I really appreciate it.

WabiSabi said…
I watch the dawn birth the day every morning and found your description wonderful! Especially loved the birth analogy! and the description of the blue colors. Wonderful.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Ella, that photo is gorgeous. Everyone thinks sunsets are easy, but they're not.
Hannah said…
Oh, Ella...this is so visceral...I just love the birth and the rumpled at its best and in all its beauty...such a gorgeously inspired write, Ella! Love it and you!
kaykuala said…
It's that gap of hour meant for those who appreciate nature with its brilliance in colors. Now that you've mentioned it,it's a challenge to snap some pics. Your pic is great, Ella!

The blue hour is fantastic - also in Norway. And I like the idea of it being a bridge. It makes us ponder on what the day and the night have to do or need to "get there". :-)

I love the possibilities with this prompt...and you have worked a wonder here with this most artistic look at bridging the night and the evolving day. The moment of birth and the new dawn...Fantastic images!!


Grandmothering duties have taken some of my time recently:)
Ella said…
Eileen-Thank you, so much :D
Oh, enJOY! I'm dealing with teens and college aged stuff. It seems they are always on the go and I'm left with the mess. My mess and I hope you are making wonderful memories!

Anders-Thank you! So many glorious stages of a day blurring into night~
I bet Norway is fantastic :D

Vicki-Thank you ;D like you I'm always looking for wonder!

Hank-It is a challenge! I will try it again, soon, with the full moon it has been too cold, lol. I hope you get to see it :D

Hannah-Thank you! I just thought of how the marigolds always add cheer to my garden, as does the sun! lol Love you, too <3 ;D

L.Diane-This was a lucky shot, for me. Have you tried to capture the hour of blue? More like the Thank you~

Robyn-Thank you and you are welcome! ;D @>-----

WabiSabi-Thank you! It is an amazing birth ;D I love watching the sky, too

Tamara-Thank you :D Do it, use bluetiful!

Robyn-Lunar works harder than we think ;D Thank you~

Morgan-I agree with you! Yes, I guess you can also buy n' use a blue filter! I'll share if you will ;D Thank you~

Ella said…
Margaret-Thank you :D Yes, Van Gogh loved nature. He was very in tune with it~ Thank you so much!

Mary Ann-:D I found the perfume on ETSY, lol. Thank you for sharing this...mmh, maybe all poets should write copy for perfume, lol!

Alex-Thank you! Nothing like the blue hour ;D

Mary-It does look like a miracle to witness the birth of day! Thank you so much... :D Let me know if you find the blue hour~

Sherry-Thank you Ms. Sky, I knew you would like the blue hour, lol.
I love how blue bridges our day n' night! :D

Bren-Thank you! ;D I do think it is a wonder to see~
I do like the midnight blue ... after green and violet, it's the colour most present in my wardrobe :)
aelfbee said…
I chirp, whistle, 'n cheer your poem. And yes, I bet van Gogh was trying to capture the blue hour. My grandpa was a painter and said it was hard to "get the colors right." I didn't know what that meant. If my crayon said blue, it was blue.
Ella said…
Libby-Thank you! I think painting has to have depth n' movement, so the color can appear, as we kind of see it...does that make sense?! lol
It is hard...he would love that you paint with words ;D

Dezzy-I bet that color looks fabulous on you! I love those colors, too~ :D
Wanda said…
I hadn't heard of the blue hour before but that photo is stunning!
Ella said…
Thank you Wanda! I discovered it a few years ago~ It is a time of wonder! I hope you get to see it :D
Carrie Van Horn said…
This is a glorious poem Ella! I love the line "Mother Nature opens her royal purple gown"...what an amazing image....truly lovely writing here!!
Ella said…
Hi Carrie,
I can't wait for your book, hint, hint ;D
Hope you are doing well....
I loved your poem~
Thank you so much!
LLM Calling said…
Love the picture and love the words, wonderful
Unknown said…
Such beautiful verse about my favorite time of day. I remember living in Washington State and having to work the 4AM shift at the gas station out on Highway 20. I would have to walk there and would get there just in time to see the blue come over the mountains and finally the gold of the sun. Wow! Your poem took me right back there. Thank you. :)
Ella said…
Melissa-I love what you shared-it is a gorgeous sight to view! I have been to WA, I can imagine how glorious ;D Thank you @>--------

Emma-Thank you so much :D

I'll be by everyone...sorry I am behind. The elves made a mess this weekend decorating and baking, lol
I have never heard of that but I love the photo. I'll have to pay more attention and see if I can see it!
Lolamouse said…
What a beautiful poem. Thank you for enlightening me about the "blue hour." It sounds so much more romantic than "crepuscular," which is how I describe the time rabbits come out to my first graders when I volunteer at the nature center!
Laura said…
oh ella, such magnificence you've captured and released for us to experience on our own. Beautiful!
Scarlet said…
I love the idea of creation and birthing Ella ~ Rumpled marigolds and colours of blue and orange brings this post to life ~
Kay L. Davies said…
Wow, Ella. Wow.
I've heard of l'heure bleu, but never bothered to look for it. Now I must. Thanks!
Luv, K
Sreeja said…
oh Ella, Ella this is magical... you have sprinkled sparkling glitter over my head... and brought a fabulous scene before my eyes...thank you so much...let me dream a little.. :-)
Unknown said…
The blue hour... lovely. thanks for sharing that info. I live in a place wherein the sky is a perpetual delight, changing colors, reflecting brilliant (sometimes too bright) light. You begin to address some of the wonder, here.
Marian said…
i commute through this amazing valley of farm fields brimmed with mountains. this time of year, the blue hour is my going-home time and i feel like i've crossed over into magic every night. wow. thanks for sharing this.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I see your artist's eye in these lines, Ella. Such a glorious swirl of colours.
Ella said…
Kerry-Thank you! I loved discovering it and thought it worth sharing :D

Marian-It is magic! Thank you for sharing-sounds like a wonderful bridge to encounter :D

Kim-It is a wonder to see and photograph! I love how you describe it reflecting brilliance :D

Sreeja-It is magical! Blue glitter, try to see it-it is amazing! You are welcome :D

Kay-Oh, I do hope you see it! You will love it :D Hope you are feeling better~

Heaven-Thank you! I thought I had to highlight the blue :D

Laura-Thank you! One has to share-it is amazing to witness :D

Lolamouse-Wow, I learned something new-what a strange word! lol
I hope you experience it...stunning to see :D Thank you~

Scarlett-I do hope you find it! It is breathtaking :D Thank you~
Sean Vessey said…
Everyday is beautiful! fantastic picture and poem. I could feel the "blue hour"
Thank you for sharing!