It's a Wrap-a Green one

Last year, I was published for wrapping a gift in felt and a dryer sheet.  If you didn't see it, you can see it here.  

I love to wrap the outside of the package, with clues to what is inside ;D.    I thought I would share with you~

Here is a gift for my daughter(now I have to hope n' pray she doesn't get online and see my blog).   She did pick out some jewelry she wanted, so I am sure she won't be surprised by this gift.  I did want to make it fun.  Teens love trends-my daughter is sixteen.  I decided to use an older magazine she had.  She had given me a few to recycle.  I tore out an ad inside to wrap her gift.

I grabbed some Eyelash yarn and a box.  

 I cut some of the yarn, which I will reuse and tucked it inside a jewelry gift box.

This was one of those trendy bracelets daughter had on her WISH list!

Here I tore a page out of the magazine! I thought this would be pretty n' festive~ 
 NOW, go in a well ventilated area and put down some newspaper.   I usually do this outside.  I used spray glue and then aligned the magazine page on the box.

 I didn't wait long enough for the spray glue to dry!  So, when I cut the edges-this end
puckered.  I can fix it...

NOW,  using Aleene's Tacky Glue I added some pretty gold trim.  YOU could use two sided tape, if you prefer.
 WE need a bow. I grabbed some black tulle.

 Here I tied a bow using the tulle and added a Cameo pin.
The pin is part of the gift~
(I don't like it-it's fussy!) 

I think Chanel would like this one better ;D
 A simple bow and a red bell~ta dah!

For son, I grabbed one of his magazine and tore out a page!
 I used this image to remind him-he needs to manage his time online! Oops, I need to do the same, lol.

Here I used black tulle and a bit of the gold trim.

I hope he likes it! 

This is an exercise dvd for my daughter-
Not sure if it takes #21 days to form a new habit?!

I tore out another magazine page!
I love the positive message on this page!

Sometimes one page isn't enough. You can tape them together to give you more gift wrap.
I glued on some gold time to highlight the YOU~
And tied on a black tulle bow.

 I cut a star out of cardboard! Now add a bit of acrylic paint to jazz it up~

 I also painted some in gold!

Let's try a different look!
MUCH better!
Here I added some blue tulle to the black and added a Moon n' Star button~

Have fun wrapping presents and use what you have on hand!  You will be surprised, how festive and fun YOUR packages will look!!!


Kay L. Davies said…
Wow, Ella, you are one of the most imaginative, creative people I have never met.
Great stuff!
Luv, K
Carrie Van Horn said…
You could hold seminars on being creative Ella! You are awesome! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family! :-)
D.G. Hudson said…
That was a visual mini seminar on creative wrapping. Must look fantastic as a group of gifts.
I am bringing all my Christmas gifts to wrap to your house next year.
Ella said…
Alex-lol Ok,Santa I want sugar free
Hot Tamales! I don't think they make them, yet! Darn... I would wrap a lot of your gifts with your book cover art and Ninja stylings! so fun, lol

D.G-It does look pretty colorful under my tree :D

Carrie-I'm working on that, lol. I want to teach and so hope Santa brings me some video editing software ;D You have a wonderful Christmas with yours!!! Thank you~

Kay-Thank you! You are so sweet...
Maybe I will teach an online class :D Then you can hear my Yankee/Southern accent, lol
Unknown said…
I wouldn't want to open your gifts for fear of destroying something amazing! They're awesome Ella ... truly cool. I think your kids will love and appreciate them as well. :-)

Speaking of family, Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Amazing and artistic, Ellen! I'm impressed!!! You clever girl, you!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
You would be so good at teaching an arts and crafts course at your community college - you have the most amazing ideas. I have trouble wrapping a gift in wrapping paper - I can even screw that up. So I am in awe of the effort and art that you put into decorating your gifts. The wrap for your daughter's bracelet is stunning.
Wanda said…
What a creative way to present a gift Ella.
Susie Clevenger said…
Goodness you are so creative..I am lucky to stuff my gifts inside a gift bag. Love your talent!
i LOVE wrapping gifts! my first real job was at Yonkers Department Store in Des Moines, Iowa wrapping gifts before Christmas. what fun to wrap the gift with clues to what's inside. LOVE all your ideas, Ella!! you are SUCH a talented, creative person!

Happy Happy Happy Holidays!
Unknown said…
I love your wrapping ideas. They make the gifts even more special.
Anonymous said…
Sweet! I'm going to show this to my kids and they can wrap their presents in a creative way.
Ella said…
Hi Stephen-Have fun! Bright, bold and fun...your kids will love it!

Janelle-Thank you! It definitely is memorable ;D Have fun!!!

Dani-<3 I love that you do and what you shared!!! Thank you so much xo
Happy,happy to you n' yours~

Susie-Oh, we could have so much fun! Use your photos ;D Thank you!

Wanda-Thank you! Yes, there are many ways to wrap... :D

Sherry-Thank you! :D She was pleased when she came home from school! I now home she likes the gift as much as the wrapping, lol
Thank you so much...yes, I would love to do just that~

Mary Ann-Thank you! I try...but it is about fun n' magic :D

EJ-Merry Christmas to you n' yours!
I hope Santa gives me that Kindle gift card ;D I want words for Christmas and craft supplies, lol.
Thank you...nah, you take a photo and let it moves like that. Inspires n' moves on ;D
Thank you~

Ink in the Book said…
I wished I lived right beside you. I'd learn more than I coujd possibly ever need!! I *LOVE* these creative packaging ideas. I will definitely use these for some of my gift wrapping! Thank you for sharing!!!

Merry Christmas:)
Ella said…
Inky you are welcome! I wish you lived close, too :D

Merry Christmas to you n' yours~