Silly Starbucks...

 I was at Starbucks, just the other  morning and I was stunned!   Yes, I was stunned, shocked and in a state of giggles.   A man came in and loudly ordered "She'll have a cup of nothing and I'll pay a lot, for it."  Then later I heard a man laughing, "I'll have a Tall Blonde. They did that on purpose, didn't they."   I wonder what I will hear next time I go...?!

I saw this bread in their display case, the Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  I had to laugh...bread, right!  More like rich, decadent chocolate cake baked in a bread pan.  You know like those grocery store muffins-so much sugar n' oil.  It is cake people, CAKE!     Who do they think they are fooling?!   I kinda wanted a piece of this Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  Daughter was off from school-it is exam week.  She talked me out of it.   I knew with all the running around- I would get low blood sugar.  I wish I had bought it and tucked it in my purse.  The idea of it, just kept nagging at me.  So, when I got home-I found the recipe online and baked it.  ( I know naughty)!

Bad, bad two loaves of so called bread taunting me.  See, I don't diet in January.  Yeah, I know the calendar turns and it is time to shape up, lose those so called holiday pounds. I do need to lose a few, but January is the month of flu, and I have auto-immune issues.  I do not diet in January.  February is when I start to get busy, when the gym isn't as crowded, people are now focused on Valentine's Day.  Right now I am  focusing on eating well and building muscle. 

I think it is better to go treat yourself to an indulgence. You know once a week, go have that brownie, that extra sweet muffin or perhaps that slice of Chocolate Cinnamon Bread.  Go get your treat, enjoy it and don't bring it home! Baking at home can be dangerous!  Danger, Will Robinson- Sorry if you don't remember Lost in Space-oh, the pain! lol 

Yes, I made the bread, I mean the cake-no the bread!   Yes, I am a neanderthal ninny!

Yes, the proof is in the pudding, no I mean the cake...Warning danger! 

Spices mixed for the topping!  

It does look good, doesn't it!

The recipe makes two loaves-yes, it is heavenly ;D or perhaps I should say out of this world!~   

Yes, I biked it off !    Lance is wrong it is about the bike! Shame on you Lance-the shame!


That is no loaf of bread!
Lance - yes, the shame.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Great posting, Ellen --- even Will Robinson and the robot! Did you know that Angela Cartwright (Penny Robinson) has a fabulous art site and a nifty Etsy shop?

I think I need to do some baking now...
Tamara said…
Yeah...this is NOT bread. haha. But it looks delicious!! I really want some now. I am not much of a cook, but I'm going to get my husband to make this for me. haha
Tamara said…
P.S. I'm assuming I can just look up the recipe online for Starbucks chocolate cinnamon loaf?
Mark Means said…
Never anything wrong with treating yourself every once in a while...and, yes, I remember Lost in Space. It used to be my absolute favorite show, growing up :)
Ella said…
Tamara-up above click on is there and it makes two loaves. I didn't have the fancy sugar, so just used regular granulated sugar! It is yummy-you will love it and curse me, lol ;D Hubby bakes-lucky you! It is
too good-honest! Let me know how it comes up! I do recommend using buttermilk, like it says!

Mary Ann-lol My daughter's name is Angela ;D I know she is amazing-I have seen her art and she has art stamps, too. I know she has several art books, as well :D Thank you for sharing! lol It is a good day to bake~

Alex-I know, right!!! Yes, shame on Dr. Smith and Lance-both bubble headed boobies! ;D
Cynthia said…
That's some tasty-looking bread you got there! I love how they mask that it's cake by calling it bread. I'd like to have some chocolate chip cookies but I'd tell myself I'm really snacking on rice cakes. =)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my. I havent baked for a long time, but the photo of that cake looks so good I might actually be tempted. Yoiks.
Our Starbucks is a little more subdued, but I did notice today a sign on their door that said blonde something... I will eat your cake only with my eyes... and yes, I remember Will Robinson...xo
Yolanda Renée said…
Chocolate, cinnamon bread, oh yeah! I need me some of that -- NOT!

Darn it, but it does sound heavenly. I'm lighting a vanilla candle and making popcorn. That's good, right?

Ella said…
Yolanda-Popcorn is my comfort food ;D
Yes, vanilla candles and popcorn rock! I want to visit you, lol Very good...ooh, I guess I deserve that ;D

Colette-Yes, eating with one's eyes is best, lol. So fun that you remember-it was a zany show, but we didn't have a ton of choices, like today :D xo

Sherry-It is worth it, if you decide to bake! My family loved it~ I won't make it again, for another year, lol! I liked it too much ;D

Anonymous said…
I'm still waiting for that tall blonde to arrive. All for less than two bucks! Yeah, right.
Kristin said…
Um, yeah. I wanted a piece of this the other day when I went - and now I am regretting not getting one too - okay, tomorrow for sure - that and a cappuccino - or maybe a tall blond, lol ;0 xoxo
Unknown said…
Oh how I'm drooling all over my keyboard right about now. I want a piece desperately. LOL
Ella said…
Kristin-Are you a tall blonde? ;D
Yeah, I am going tomorrow, too! Me, I want a Venti Skinny Cap, wet. Yeah, they love Actually they try to make it when they see is funny! But why do they have people who don't drink coffee work there? I guess they don't have to worry about them drinking the profits, but the coffee isn't the same! enJOY xo

Stephen-lol ;D I know right! You are funny ;D

Cynthia-You mean Chocolate Chip Scones? right ;D ?! lol I know it is crazy!

Mark-I know I loved it too :D
So fun to remember...Thanks for sharing :D Yes, we all need treats, once in awhile!

Mmm that chocolate slice of heaven looks delicious! I remember Will Robinson from Lost In Space. I also remember when he played the evil boy on The Twilight Zone who wished people he didn't care for into the cornfield!
Scriptor Senex said…
Bread? Bread??? Definitely Danger Will Robinson!
Ella said…
Melissa-I didn't see you! You must of left a comment, while I was commenting! I am so happy, we got our new modem today! My geek squad had a difference of opinion(father n' son):( I wish I could send you is amazing! And if you make it, be sure to follow the sugary crust part-it rocks! ;D

Julie-It is really moist and yummy! I loved Will, so cute. Mmmh, odd my husband has red hair, like him? lol ;D Really, I used to sneak and watch The Twilight Zone on this tiny tv in my parents bedroom. I was the child that never wanted to go to bed...yup, one of those! Oh, thanks for sharing-I will have to go find this episode! :D

Scriptor Senex-Yes, definitely danger, lol! You made me laugh out loud :D I'll be happy my computer isn't lagging n' dragging, anymore!!!

Jessica Bell said…
Yum! Yeah, there is NO WAY IN WILLY WONKA HEAVEN that that is BREAD!
anthony stemke said…
Is not bread. Starbucks coffee is good but overpriced, Many gas stations/convenience stores have wonderful coffees and at reasonable prices.
Fireblossom said…
Laffin @ Lost In Space! Watch out for Mr. Smith!
Wanda said…
Hmmm, it looks nothing like any bread I've seen around these parts. But it looks delicious.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Yesterday they had a sign advertising this bread,at Starbucks, but not any in the show case??!!

Fireblossom-lol, yeah, he was on the dark side of the moon, ;D

Anthony-I agree! This one is in my fav grocery store ;D I can make amazing Iced Coffee, at home. It is one of those weekly treats! You are so right!

Jessica-The Candy Man n' Wonka would have fun with this one :D Wonka Bread-Yes, I will think of that on my next visit! ;D lol
Pixie said…
Oh that looks tasty!
Ella said…
Hello Pixie-I hope you are doing well!
I will stop by and see what you have been up, too!

Happy New Year to you :D
nutschell said…
sounds like a yummy recipe! Will have to try that one of these days:D
Peggy Eddleman said…
Mmmmm! It looks like the tastiest bread-- I mean cake-- ever!

(P.S. Thanks for the link to the recipe!)
Unknown said…
Anything with chocolate sounds good to me.
Ella said…
Melanie-Yes, great minds think alike!

Peggy-It is ;D You are welcome~

Nutschell-Oh, let me know what you think! I actually followed this recipe(a rarity, for me, lol)
Janine Bollée said…
So glad to see that there is life beyond poetry.
Worrying a little about your eating this beautiful stuff though.
Ella said…
Thank you Aprille, I was smart about it! I know I can have a couple bites than ride or walk it off! :D
Thank you, you are sweet!