Vitamin D and Leap Frog

I have been sick, a lot lately!  I usually fight off infections, but in the past six months, I am the one that catches everything.  I went to the Dr.  to have some blood work done.  Turns out I'm low in Vitamin D.    How low?   Real low-like almost off the chart low.  They gave me a prescription-when I went to get it filled-I was stunned?  I have to take two pills a week, get this 50,000 mg!  No, you didn't read wrong....guess all the sun screen did not do my body good.  Vitamin D affects your thyroid, mmh that explains a few things.   So, if you are feeling drag assed and down-you, too might need Vitamin D. 

I will be back to share the book and art tomorrow. Today I was the prompter over in the Garden.   It is my last prompt...but I will be hopping about. Time for another toad to dance ;D    I mean have a chance, lol.

I  have been busy cleaning my FROG-Furnished Room Over Garage. I know croak-not again!  I do tend to make a huge mess and I am going through the madness again.  No, my real name is not Alice and I'm not late  ;D   There are plenty of rabbits n' tea, in my neck of the woods.  If you stop by there is even a Queen of Hearts. (I'll explain later).   I hope to be busy soon, with sun-washed linens, vintage flowers and red thread. 

Over in the Garden my last prompt-well I went for the WOW factor.  No, I didn't say X-factor-oops now you see Simon Cowell.  I found this article in Good Housekeeping magazine written by Anne Lamott.   She talks about the power of Wow:  

"Astonishing stuff appears in our lives constantly. We just have to be open for business.  One of the simplest of prayers, "Wow" is often uttered with a sharp intake of breath, when we can't think of another way to capture the sight of shocking beauty or destruction, an unbidden sight or unexpected flash of grace."  Wow, right...

She goes on to mention lowercase wow and uppercase wow.  "Wows come in all shapes and sizes."   She mentions a car for a teen at Christmas, fireworks, Monkey flowers, the veins in a leaf, and volcanoes.  I won't go into the lows, we all can imagine those.  Are you  curious about what Monkey flowers look like?    I am let's look...

photo via ***

I think the monkey said, wow!  No maybe it was
A Monkey Orchid
I mean Wow!   *photo credit to 
 Are you impressed?  Did you say wow?  I did... lol

No, my poem isn't about the Monkey Orchid, but I do love it....
I'm going to write about the moon!

Her appeal twinkles
a girl's second best friend
Her magnetism exudes glam
wolf whistles ensue
many photos of her in glorious white
High on her pedestal she
is perched
men want to reach her
they try
even a President tries
Fools align like lost wolves
drawn to her luminous blush
her charms whisper
on cue her full pale yellow gown appears
Time for her close up
Hollywood studio doors in royal purple
graceful milky white gams
shimmer like reflected jewels
what an entrance 
we bask in her memories
in her white hot light~
© Ellen Wilson

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”
Marilyn Monroe

Tell me when you last said, wow!   


That had a nice flow to it, Ella!
I said 'whoa' a couple days ago - is that close enough?
And sorry you've been sick. I don't get outside much for my vitamin D, so I take natural vitamins.
Carrie Van Horn said…
I think they had me on that perscription once for vit d....hope you get better and stay well for a while Ella! Always lovely here! :-)
Unknown said…
What an ode to the legendary beauty. And guess what, Ella? I'll be in Beverly Hills for a business function this weekend... staying at the same hotel where many of the Golden Globe participants are booked. I should get an eyeful!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Marilyn was a lonely woman. Your poem reflects the loneliness of those who sought her. Loved it!!!

I have a nephew who took massive doses of vitamin D awhile back. It helped him, too. Get better quickly, dear friend!!!
Herotomost said…
The moon holds a special place for me...not even sure why. Always calling on a man (or woman) to do things that only the night can mask I suppose. Loved this and the prompt was really good. sorry to see you will not be doing any more prompts. Hope the Vitamin D does the trick!!!!!
Susan said…
Ever since James Stewart wanted to lasso the moon for Donna Reed, I have had my eyes on that moon, heeding it and measuring it, holding it, and in love with it--and WOW you capture moon's splendor in this great piece!

I am sorry you are depleted, and hope vitamins and wows and a little time off fill you up again!
Mary said…
I do think that what did Marilyn in was her looks and her attractive quality. I think people sometime think for a while it is a good thing, but eventually so many find out that people are attracted to looks...but don't learn to know (or even care about) the person underneath.

Many people have to take mega doses of Vitamin D nowadays...with sunscreen being so efficient. D did, and my daughter is supposed to. I do not think it is uncommon....but I hope the megadoses help.

I do definitely look forward to seeing you around in Toads and PU.
Gail said…
I needed D too but was not given that much. Maybe I need more because I'm still dragging.
You may want to check your calcium levels too; without vitamin D, you can't absorb calcium. I take supplements of both daily. Get energetic soon!! xoxo
Helen said…
Yes, Marilyn was a quintiple WOW! Your poem is a delightful tribute to her memory.

My sister also discovered her Vitamin D level was way below where it should have been ... she receives monthly injections in addition to the scrip by mouth! So glad you were able to catch this ... wishing you perfect health in 2013.
LLM Calling said…
the moon so often makes me say wow, and that orchid definitely did. however today my wow is just to have had a good day.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Maybe you do need to start taking a multi-vitamin? I'm a vegan, so I take one to be sure I am getting enough B-12 and B-6.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Loved this post, Ellie.......I am happy you are wrestling the Frog into submission and am amazed at that flower - is that a for real monkey face inside the bloom? the actual flower parts look like that? That is a total wowzer. I say wow so often, especially commenting, that I am speechless when asked for a poem. Still thinking. I love your poem about the moon....silvery goddess, she woos us all.
Shelly said…
Actually, I said Oh.My.God, throughout your entire blog. The monkey flower was cool.

Hugs and chocolate,
Laurie Kolp said…
I think Marily Monroe's wow factor did her in...

I love your pictures, and do hope you get your strength back up soon.
Peggy said…
I enjoyed this Ella. Thought it could apply to many and the moon as well. I hope you have a better year healthwise--I am planning on a better one myself! Take care and write on!
Fireblossom said…
Got to love anyone who revives "gams'!
Ella said…
Awe FB thanks ;D I love that word! lol

Peggy-Yes, 2013 is our year to live stronger ;D Cheers to being healthier! Thank you~

Laurie-I so agree! Thank you :D

Shelly-lol, I love that ;D I know right~

Sherry-Thank you! I know, yes it is...amazing right! Thank you, yes she was a goddess and I read some of her quotes and was amazed!
Thank you~ It is okay-I know you see wow everyday ;D

L.Diane-Thanks, I know I am lacking...time to eat better, sleep better and play more ;D
Thank you for sharing, I will!

Emma-Thank you for sharing! I love your view-wow ;D

Kerry O'Connor said…
I love the way you have personified the moon as a Marilyn style icon, and the clever inclusion of the wolf whistles.
Ella said…
Hi Kerry-Thank you! I had fun writing this one~ I found a rose that reminded me of her icon dress and went with it! ;D

Helen-Thank you! Oh, I hope your sister is better! Yes Cheers to health 2013~

Colette-I do take calcium and I align it with the D dose. This was recommended. I am glad you brought that up! Thank you xo :D

Gail-Wait and see! It takes time, just be sure to follow up on your blood work. If not better ask for a TSH-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test. Hope you feel better! :D

Mary-Thank you for sharing! There seem to be side effects with everything~ I will not give up my writing. No way, no how or my art!

Susan-Oh, I loved that you shared this! It is such a wonderful scene ;D Thank you Susan!
Yes, I want more time for art and must make time for health! I will be making my rounds, lol!

Corey-Yes, there is that magnetic allure charming all of us! I walk every evening and look at the moon n' stars! I can imagine I am anywhere, in the dark-back on my home turf. Yeah, I'm homesick again... ;D Thank you-you rock!

Mary Ann-Yes, this is where I was going and those stars being her 2nd friends, we know diamonds were her first, lol. Her story is sad...
Thank you I'm working on it :D

Kim-Wow, we seem to have this unique connection each poetry prompt! Oh, do take lots of photos-I am jealous~! How fab...
Thank you for sharing, this made me smile :D

Carrie-Thank you! I think it is the new trend! Dr. Oz seems to think all of us need to up our dose, when flu season arrives.
I'll be by....your blog is always gorgeous!

Alex-Thank you ;D Yes, between being a rock god and a Ninja I can see that outside is not your thing! lol Yes, whoa works for me :D

What a beautiful post! Prose, poem, photos, and the inspiration--amazing! Happy and Healthy New Year to you :)
Vicki Sheehan said…
lovely poem...the moon always makes me say wow! i hope you feel better soon :)
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
Love the monkey orchid! Fascinating, and yes, WOW! Hope you get to feeling better! I had a blood test done, and interesting, I was low on Vit. D as well.
Anonymous said…
Ella hope you are better soon, I have been low but it is due to stress with problems but things will sort themselves out.

If you see 2 pictures of me on your followers is because the earlier blog I deleted because of a security reason, my new blog is YVONNE'S POETRY CORNER and the address is
Take care.
Anonymous said…
Red hot carpet moment...white hot house...orchids...

I have a picture of an orchid that looks just like Miss Piggy!

Loved your poem!
Dorthe said…
Dear Ellen,
I hope your soon feeling on top again and that those extra D`sss will help you quickly.
Your poem about Marilyn is thought provoking and wonderful.
Hugs and happy winter, from Dorthe
Scarlet said…
I hope you are feeling better Ella ~

I said wow to the picture, quite unusual shot ~ And also to the moon and Marilyn M, she is a stunning woman ~
M Pax said…
The other astronomers I work with claim I have the most extensive photo collection of the moon in existence. It won't stop me from taking more. I love the moon.

I take vitamins most days... unless I forget. D is important, it also effects whether you're absorbing calcium.
I say "wow" all the time. I love to be wowed. That flower is awesome! Wonderful piece.

I was low on Vitamin D, but was only put on 4000mg a day. Yeesh! 50,000? I'm supposed to stay on 2000mg a day from here on out now that I balanced it out a bit. We actually have lots of sun around here, but if it's cold it's hard to go out and soak it up.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse
Cynthia said…
I hope you feel better soon and that the prescription helps. It's confusing that we hear messages from one group about how important it is to wear sunscreen, and from another group, we'd hear how exposure to sunlight without sunscreen can help us get our Vitamin D. So which piece of advice are we supposed to adhere to?!

Lovely poem. It made me think of that play loosely based on Monroe's life. Can't think of the name off the top of my head though.

Susie Clevenger said…
Hope you feel better soon. Marilyn had the wow factor. What a beautiful poem you wrote about her.
Wanda said…
Wow, reading your post is like confirmation to me. Just last night a friend suggested I get my vitamin D levels check. Hope you feel better soon.
Tamara said…
Hey Ella,

Sorry I haven't been visiting as much lately, but I've missed your poetry. Just been busy. :)

My doctor just ordered me tested for the Vitamin D thing. I hope your deficiency goes away quickly and you feel better.

And the last time I said wow was when I was done reading that poem--which sounds a little hokey and also like a lie, but I swear isn't.

I really think you have such a beautiful way with words. I'm feeling pretty down today and your poems actually always lift my spirits, which is why I made sure to come over. :)

Again--hope you feel better soon. Oh, and I LOVE the monkey flower. haha
Arlee Bird said…
Sorry to hear about the sickness. I got over the worst of mine. The most intense part lasted a week. No fun being sick and I got so behind.

That monkey orchid is just too freaky.

Tossing It Out
Unknown said…
Love that Monkey Orchid and what a gorgeous poem. I think the last time I said wow was maybe a few days ago. can't remember. Tough I did say wow just now when I saw that 50,000 for Vitamin D. I don't think that counts, though. Feel better!
Ella said…
Hi Melissa-I know whoa, but I know I will improve~ Thank you for your get well wishes, too! I am so happy you stopped by-thank you :D

Lee-I am happy you are on the mend! It is a tough time to be sick and I do feel, like you described-so behind! I know right ;D

Tamara-Thank you! YOU brightened my day, thank you so much~ I will be by...I have to run to the dentist, but I will be home soon :D
I am glad I could help lift yours a bit, you helped me too! (((hugs)))

I will be back to comment...I have to run to the border(dentist is in VA, no not Taco
Ella said…
Wanda-Do get it checked, if you need it, you will feel better :D

Susie-Thank you! Yes, she sure did ;D
You are sweet~

Cynthia-Oh, I will have to google it, not sure either?! Thank you, I know right! Don't do this, do that...???! :D

Shannon-I so hope you are feeling better! They put me on a lot, because of a prior cancer scare! I am fine...I think lack of D weakens our immune systems. I always thought it was C, to be concerned with?! Guess, it all goes hand n' hand! Oh, yeah, I remember cold and just heard it is heading my way! Stay warm n' well :D

Mary-Thank you for sharing! I bet you do-I would love to see them :D
I'll be by...I know you share a lot-Thank you!!!

Heaven-Thank you :D I never would of known what a Monkey Orchid looked like, if I hadn't found that article?! Funny, how things align-I had to share it, with all of you! You are sweet ;D

Dorthe-Happy winter to you! I will be by-I'm curious what your weather is like :D YOU are sweet-thank you!

Rebelle-Really? Oh, I do hope you will share someday-how wow is that!
lol ;D

Yvonne-I will be by! You are sweet-thank you for sharing :D
Yes, I do hope things work themselves out~

Candilynn-Wow, what is going on?
so many of us lacking? It is part of being a writer? lol I doubt it-but it makes you wonder! I hope you feel better soon :D
Thanks for sharing~

Vicki-Hello, yes, I walk every evening, unless it is pouring outside. The cold, wind and snow won't stop me, but sideways rain does! Yes, it is always wow to see the moon's light guiding one's way ;D

Loredana-Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you :D You are so sweet~

Hannah said…
Ella! I will miss your prompts in the garden...I finally wrote one for you...sorry SO late.

That's crazy about your D levels! Six months sick? Awful. I'm so sorry, Ella.

I've been similar, since October with a few days break if I'm lucky between illnesses. I think I'm going to get my D levels checked...I recently had to have my thyroid medication upped, too.

Your "wow," prompt is perfect!! I love your picked a definite wow!! I love the tone and vivid description! Glamorous indeed!

Smiles and ((hugs)) to you tt/ss @>---->--- 11:11 and a wish!

Magaly Guerrero said…
Wow! That is a lot of Vitamin D. Maybe you should a parasol instead of sunscreen. That way some of you will get sun this summer.

Glorious monkeys. Both the ones with the "wow" face and the flower. ;-D

These three lines made me think of unfortunate photos taken by paparazzi:open/graceful milky white gams/shimmer like reflected jewels.