Calendar Girl

It turns out I will do the ART WALK in April!  I am happy, since I have an article coming out-so it will tie in nicely!  I'm doing my Snoopy dance, lol!  Wish I could have all of you over for a party! :D


Back to the glitter, moss and Queen of Hearts costume.  Here is a peek...I know I promised lettuce...later this week, lol!

                        It is going on a cute black dress!  I wish we could go more glam, but it is for a twirling flag, jump and prance dance-Yes, back to the Snoopy dance.  I need to sew on a few more roses and attach the red necktie($1 @ the thrift shop)-it has Lions on it-like a royal coat of arms!   She said, she doesn't want a lot of things moving, so I will have to sew and Velcro stuff down.   She kinda freaked on me a bit, when I painted her Rhinestone bracelet!  The Queen had the white roses painted  RED!  White roses were accidentally planted instead and they didn't want to lose their heads, so they(the help) painted the roses red!   (She didn't freak out, when she found out why).  

Back to the dreaded chore, oh, snore of cleaning up my mess! 



Mary said…
Just beautiful work, Ella!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Very cool news about the Art Walk. Love the costume. Anxious to see it in its final, glorious, imaginative form!
kaykuala said…
Wonderful take Ella! Yours is always special. Your creations are all of your own. And your posting likewise is differently themed from the rest. They're beautiful! There're lots of discoveries reading yours. Thanks for sharing Ma'am!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
A visual feast, as always, in here. I LOVE your banner - Hope - with flowers - and the quote is one of my very favorites. LOVE the costume shaping up, it is going to look fantastic!!!!!! Will the other girls be dressed in colors that will go with black and red? You are very gifted, Ellie. You create such amazing art - and you SEE art where many of us would just see bits and pieces..........never stop!
Anonymous said…
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Mark Means said…
Nice stuff and best of luck at the show :)
Unknown said…
Hi there! Gorgeous, gorgeous work... you have such an exquisite, creative way of seeing things.

I love Snoopy! I caught the Charles Shultz Peanuts exhibit here in Chicago. What an amazing universe and it took me right back to childhood.
dolorah said…
Very nice :) I love the snoopy happy dance.

It's see-through. I like it!
Excellent work. I'll take one for my wife. Just like that.
Congratulations on the Art Walk.
Ella said…
Alex-lol, You made me laugh-you perv! It will go over her dress. Yeah, I know you guys would like this new fashion trend-Peek a Boo costume design. Queen of Hearts could lure you in like the Black Widow. Oh, my head hurts from laughing and the weather! ;D
You are a rig!

Donna-Thank you! Yes, we all need to Snoopy dance once in awhile ;D

Melissa-Thank you, you are sweet!
Hubby thinks I not from this planet, lol. I laugh and tell him, maybe he should "phone home". I know sounds bad, but he has nicknamed me Aliellen ;D

Oh, I bet it was wonderful-such a big part of our childhood! I still have to watch once in awhile! Snoopy and Woodstock are my favs~

Mark-Thank you! I will need some luck and magic to get everything done! ;D You are sweet~

Sherry-Thank you!!! The other girls will have some of the colors. Alice's team is more blue n' white. I am sad there isn't a Mad Hatter, Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, ...etc. I was so hoping. I would love to have all of the gals over for a tea party-a Mad Hatter type, of course. I see endless possibilities-I'm still not sure if it is a gift or curse. My family probably would say curse! lol
YOU are too kind! Thank you~

Ella said…
Hank-Look at you with your art! I loved seeing you share your paintings! :D A lot of discoveries in those blended thoughts and painted words of yours~ <3 it

Gail-Thank you :D

Mary Ann-I do wish I could just go all out and do it-the way I want!
I am trying to find the happy medium. The dancing, twirling and jumping do limit the costume. I have decided if she likes it- I succeeded :D Thank you so much~
I wanted to make something like this:

Hi Mary-Thank you! She didn't want the tiny red roses. I saw them at the store-she said, "No"-but I knew it would brighten the black.
It felt like she was 3yrs old all over again-"I don't want to be this or that." Kids are funny~