Puff the Magic...Cream Puff

What to conjure up?  Should I make those Cream Puffs?!   Vanilla n' coffee beans whispered, "yes do it"-so I did!

Honey Bear watched me, till the kids made use of him in their Gunpowder Green Tea.

HINT:  Try  to remember to take the eggs out ahead and let them set at room  temperature. 

You will need 4 eggs! This recipe is a work out for your bicep!  It is nice to have help, by the time you get to the 3rd egg-you will feel whipped!  You'll see...

YOU will need (I already mentioned 4 eggs), 1/2 cup of butter=1 stick, regular not unsalted, 1/4 tsp salt, I couldn't find my 1/4 teaspoon to measure, 1 cup of All-Purpose flour and l cup of water.   * I used 1/8 tsp salt.  PREHEAT your oven to 400 degrees F.

In medium saucepan combine butter and l cup water, add 1/8 tsp salt.  Bring water to boiling.  Once it is boiling you will add the 1 cup flour, all it once.  Dump it in and stir vigorously with a wooden spoon!  Whip it good-you can whip it into shape! lol Cook and stir till mixture forms a ball, that doesn't separate(clumps easy, is what it means, of course it could separate-it isn't glue-but almost).

Remove from heat and let set for 10 minutes.  Now, add your eggs, ONE AT A TIME, beat well, with wooden spoon, after each addition you might start cussing! YOUR arm is going to hurt!  I can hear you...lol!   Beat well, until smooth and all 4 eggs have been added. 

Drop batter by heaping tablespoon, 3" apart onto a greased cookie sheet.  Bake in your oven 400 degrees for 25-35minutes.  Puffy n' golden is what you want them to look like!
Cool on wire rack and now prepare your Vanilla pudding, for the filling.   I start to set out my ingredients and then  go split the puffs open to cool a bit. YOU will want to remove some of the filling, later on. 

Okay, here is where you can be creative~  YOU can cheat, like me and use an Instant Vanilla Pudding. I made the sugar free variety, to make it more decadent, I added some Vanilla Beans.  Slice the side of the bean with a knife and scoop out a bit of the tiny beans.  A little goes a long way.  I used low fat milk and a bit of cream to make my pudding and added the beans.  Just follow the direction on your package of pudding.   I also made a cooked Vanilla Pudding(with sugar) for the rest of my family.   HERE is the RECIPE.
         *I used regular milk-use what you normal would!

*YOU can get creative and  add a few tablespoons of Coffee Brandy or Orange Liqueur-or make Chocolate pudding.  Whatever you like :D

 After I set out ingredients, for the pudding, I scraped out some of the inside of the puffs. It has a odd eggy texture.  You want the puffs to be like a shell.   Chill your pudding and once set, you will fill each puff.  My hound tends to dance around my feet when I bake, so of course I spilled pudding on him, but he didn't mind.

For the topping, I added Sugar Free Hot Fudge Sauce and for my family I used Magic Shell.  YOU might want to chill the puffs first and only add the chocolate, when you serve the dessert!   YOU will be rewarded with praise and kisses-then leave the house and  make them clean the mess!   Quick make your escape...
       Yeah, I was laughing... my son smeared pudding on my face and ran.  I'll get him!


I think I'd be better off just coming to your house for cream puffs!
Johanna Garth said…
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who's a room temperature Nazi about the eggs and butter. People always think I'm crazy for setting them out two hours in advance.

Now I'm inspired to make some yummy CREAM PUFFS!
Yolanda Renée said…
OMG, I was hungry before I opened your blog and now, OMG!

Mary Ann Potter said…
Ooooo! Dessert and then Devo --- what a combination! You are a genius. 8-)
Wanda said…
Those look magically delightful.
Renee said…
OMG! I love cream puffs!! Beautiful dessert, I'm sure you made a food memory that day.
Hart Johnson said…
I'm with Alex. I think I will just drop in at your house for them. I can manage certain easyish baking and cooking, but this definitely looks complicated. (and delicious)
Mark Means said…
Those look great!

I'll be forwarding this post to my wife and hope she gets the hint :)
Shelly said…
What a nice pictures of each step. They look scrumptious.

Hugs and chocolate,
Tammy Theriault said…
Mail it to me please!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
All I can remember from this post is the Judy Garland Quote. And the DEVO video. My wife loves both. Thanks!!!
Mary said…
Oh, those look so very good! Here it is right after I have eaten my breakfast...and already you've got me craving..... LOL. What beautiful photos!
Vicki Sheehan said…
love, love, love cream puffs! now I want to make some... love that Judy Garland quote too :)
Ella said…
I wish I could mail these, lol!
They are worth the effort, but the weather-rain can cause the recipe to not come out-I think they wilt.

I will be back to comment~ Storm is coming and I need to run to the storm, I mean store, lol. I will be back...

Thank you for all your sweet comments! Let me know if you make'em! I only make them once in awhile-family agrees I should make them for Easter!
Susie Clevenger said…
Yes I think I would be better off to just stop by your house cream puffs. Baking is not my strong point...yours look delicious!
Grace said…
Looks very very good...I want to bake them now ~ Smiles ~
Misha Gerrick said…
Ooh those look so delicious. Bookmarking this recipe. :-)
Yolanda Renée said…

You won a copy of INTO THE RED please send me your email address so Kelly can send your Ebook copy.


I do hope you enjoy it!

Arlee Bird said…
Looks good! I like your photo presentation.

Funny, cause my youngest daughter is a pastry chef at a restaurant on the boardwalk in a New Jersey town the name of which eludes me now. She put up a picture on Facebook of her special dessert this past weekend. Yes! Cream puffs!

Wrote By Rote
An A to Z Co-host blog
Ella said…
Hi Lee,
I will have to go look! How fun :D
Thanks for sharing! I once wanted to be a pastry chef-I bet she is really talented!I know you like to cook, too~ She gets this gene from her Dad~ Thank you, I had fun~

Yolanda-Thank you! I am thrilled :D
I can't wait to read it~ Wow, I won~

Ella said…
Misha-The worst part is the final egg-You bicep will cry a bit! Just enlist help-you will be fine ;D
Thank you!

Grace-:D I know-this is why I trend carefully on Pinterest! lol
Thank you~

Susie-I wish you could drop by! How fun-Thank you! Maybe someday a blog party in the middle of the country ;D

Vicki-I hadn't made them in years! They were a huge hit~ Thank you :D

Mary-Thank you! Yes, photos do that! No calories in these photos, lol ;D

Stephen-Devo hats and Judy Garland's shoes-great combo ;D Sweet! Thank you~

Tammy-You are funny! lol ;D

Shelly-Thank you! I thought of you, when I put the chocolate on mine ;D

Mark-You can make them together-it will be fun! ;D lol Thank you~

Hart-Thank you! I do not think they are that hard~ Sure, c'mon by :D lol

Renee-Thank you! Yes, I did and a huge mess, lol! ;D

Ella said…
Wanda-Thank you, they are good-you would like them! ;D

Mary Ann-You are making me laugh ;D
Yes, whip it good, really fits this recipe, lol! Thank you~

Yolanda-Sorry! They are worth the time, sore bicep and mess! Make them with your hubby! :D Thank you~

Johanna-I'm known back home as the Cake Nazi-not kidding! lol Yes, science rules in the kitchen ;D
Thank you~

Alex-I know you don't have too far to drive! lol ;D
Anonymous said…
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