Do you have a Favorite Chair?

 I find myself collecting chairs and tiny benches-that is odd!   When did I start doing that?   Maybe I wish I was little again playing with my dolls.  Think how many chairs you sit in every day...your computer chair, your kitchen nook, your dining room table, your chair at work and the cozy one you crawl into in the evening-to find comfort or escape.  What color is your favorite chair, what type of cloth surrounds you and how did it become yours?

I think the chair I type in now, might be my favorite.  When I sit in this chair, I try to find the light in the corners of my darkness, but my all time favorite chair wasn't comfortable.   Sometimes I was alone in a sea of strangers and other times I sat with friends.  Every time I sat in this chair I would be transported.   The anticipation of what was to come, the music, the roar of the crowd or the loud whispers would all ignite my experience.  As darkness arrived, I would settle in.  Then I would turn and nod to the window of trailing light.  My Dad was behind that tiny window. Sometimes I would stay in the booth and watch him get the film ready.  He would splice worn film-to keep the story in place.  It is a real art form, to replace frames.  Huge canisters of film contained magic and the arc of the projector's light-the spark to illuminate the darkness.  My Dad was a magician. I can see him sitting on a stool performing.  The re-filtered light all trailing, to a huge blank canvas screen.  No wonder popcorn is my comfort food.  My Dad spliced stars and showed them on the Silver screen.

 At home, his favorite chair was a Lazy Boy recliner. It was his chair and no one better sit in it.  We would joke about it-my brother and I.  We would circle it like musical chairs and impersonate him, "You better get out of my chair, right now-that's my chair."   We would tease him and call him Archie Bunker.  No, he wasn't  anything like Archie, except for the ownership of that chair.  When he died we found snippets of film, in our house. 

So, what is your favorite chair?  Mine-a seat in the movie theater,  a park bench by the shore,  the brown leather love seat in my living room, the tan woven deck chair, and the tarnished green glider, in my childhood home, but right now my favorite is the one I type from, talking to you!  

                                                                                                                                                                            © Ellen Wilson


My computer chair is comfortable!
My favorite would be our very big and soft couch, because my wife and I can sit together. Can't do that in a chair.
Unknown said…
I love the couch in my house. It is a beautiful wine color and is so comfortable. I fall asleep on it all the time. :)
Brian Miller said…
usually it is the floor honestly...ha....i do have a spinning chair that is rather nice as i tend to stay in motion...although a good sturdy bar stool is not a bad thing either...
Scriptor Senex said…
Nowadays my favourite chair is my typing chair. But my favourite all-time one was a red leather armchair. Sadly it had to go when we down-sized houses but at least it went to a good homer - it's now in my daughter's study.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I remember my father's favorite chair. It didn't recline, so he used an ottoman.

My favorite chair is the driver's seat of my Santa Fe. It's heated! Love it. Keeps my bum warm.
Maude Lynn said…
A rocking chair. It's got to be a rocking chair.
Scarlet said…
I want a rocking chair, but sadly its anything comfy to sit while typing the keyboard in my laptop ~

Have a good weekend Ella ~
Shelly said…
I love my sofa.

Hugs and chocolate,
Yolanda Renée said…
I have too many collections, the weirdest, chickens. My kitchen is filled with them -- all ceramic or wood. Don't know why. Piggy banks, ceramic or glass. Cobalt blue glass, and on and on.

My favorite chair is a huge comfortable monster that is falling apart, I need to replace it, instead I keep buying covers for it, so it won't show it's age. A lap desk and my laptop and I'm creating!

Wonderful that you have such lovely memories of your father! Thanks for sharing.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love this post, Ellie.......and your daffodil banner is breathtaking. I only recently FINALLY got the chair I have been wanting forever - a sage green rocking recliner, set in a sunny bay window where I can rock and look Out.

My All Time Favorite was my grandma's upholstered fuzzy old fashioned (it wasnt old fashioned back then) Old Brown Chair. I could curl up in it and float off to another world with whatever book I had my nose stuck in.

My cousin and I would race each other to sit in it, and sometimes he'd trick me out of the chair by saying he saw a bunny outside. I'd go to look and he'd dive for the chair and tell me I was the silly little bunny. Boys!
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-Thank you! I am so happy you finally got your gorgeous chair :D aaah, nothing like the comfort of brown warmth and the view of a grandma! :D Yes, silly boys and bunnies, lol I love what you shared!

Yolanda-I love that! My mom use to collect roosters. I collect tins and tea pots, and words ;D I love Cobalt blue and your collections! Oh, yes I know those chairs-they are like the Velveteen rabbit-well loved! :D Thank you~

Shelly-Is it brown? lol ;D
Hugs, chocolate and comfort to you~

Heaven-I hope you get one :D Yes, I understand. I do not have the chair I crave either, but we will someday! Hope you are doing well~

Mama Zen-Sounds wonderful...I can see you, Grace and Sherry rocking :D I would like to have the one my Mom had on the porch. It was well loved~

Diane-I love your chair! Yes, I too love that feeling~ We have this feature in our truck! You made me smile~ :D

John-I love that you can still visit your chair~ Very smart and in a great home ;D

Brian-lol Oh, I do like a shiny chrome bar stool ;D The floor is great too. I loved building indoor forts with my kids!

Melissa-Oh, that sound dreamy! I love the color-but you will be on the edge tonight watching TWD, lol!
Can't wait~

Alex-Awe...this was so sweet! I love your answer :D

D.G. Hudson said…
My fave chair (a wingback upholstered type) for a while was in my study, then hubs claimed it, and now one of our daughters has it.

Some chairs I love for the design and beauty of the wood. I have an old rocker from the 1850's that was an early gift from hubs. It's a treasure. I can imagine many a woman using that chair over the years!

This post stirred up memories, Ella, I would have loved having a dad who ran the projectors in the old movie houses. Or even an uncle. . .
Kay L. Davies said…
My back is most comfortable in my computer chair. I fall asleep most often in my recliner. My husband has a big ugly old La-Z-Boy recliner and wouldn't abandon it in order to sit on the couch with me and the dog, so I got rid of the couch, bought myself a recliner (the good kind with the help-me-up feature) and put a seat between the two recliners for the dog. Now she can reach up and kiss (yeah, I know, lick) whoever is she facing. She is very democratic, and tries to give us equal face-time.
Ella said…
Kay-You are a smart lady! I love Lindy-she knows happy ;D She is lucky to have you and you her!

DG-Oh, I love wingbacked chairs :D
I love vintage-I wonder about the lives surrounding the item :D

Yes, this was what I wished for-stirring memories! Thank you so much for saying so~ Yes, he wore a star by day and at night showed them on the silver screen.
He co-managed a Texaco business ;D