D is for Doily

I know you see your grandparent's house right now.  I know I do.  Those decorative lacy crochet squares, ovals and circles lining every corner table.   Actually my mom was bitten by the crochet bug and we had several, in our home.  Now people are wearing them.

This is a preview of the May issue of Altered Couture. 
See, people are wearing doilies!  I wonder what grandma would think?! 

I am making some of these Heirloom Gift Doilies for my Art Walk-wanna see?!

I want to make some Dream Catchers.  You can check A Beautiful Mess, for ideas.   

I want a give a shout out to D.L. Hammons
 I guess he is in the hospital?!   D.L. hope you are better soon~ I think we should honor the man behind the Blog Blitz.  I think he needs to be blitzed and we send him get well wishes!   D.L. get well soon, you are missed!


Shelly said…
Your blog is always beautiful.

Hugs and chocolate,
Ella said…
Hi Shelly...I'll be by! I'm having one of those days-daughter has a job, but her car is being fixed and I'm it...I will be back to visit!
Daughter can't drive the truck-d day, lol Hubby had a Dr's appt and took the car(D day, lol)
Amanda Trought said…
Ella, It is always a treat coming to your site, These are so beautiful. My mum used to crochet these lovely circular table settings, and I found her needles a while back, have been really getting into it and trying new things. Will stroll over to beautiful mess, stay blessed, xx
Mark Means said…
Yep, totally saw my grandma's house with this post...and that's -not- a bad thing :D
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Ellie, you make such gorgeous things out of unusual combinations no pone else would ever think of. I especially love the top photo - the flowers against the doily. Wow.
D.G. Hudson said…
Doilies are something my MIL excelled in, and she would frequently give them to me as gifts. I couldn't make them, so I have treasured them.

One day I may show how I use them in my hutch, to feature handpainted dishes. I added one made by their grandma (Nana)to each child's memory quilt, as well.

I sometimes bargain for old ones in flea markets, etc. It may not be our style to have them on furniture, but they have many uses in crafts.
Those are beautiful creations, thanks for sharing...will have to go over to D.L's and give some encouragement!
Prayers for DL!
Is it all right if I don't wear doilies?
Elise Fallson said…
Love your doily creations! So delicate and beautiful. I too send my best to Don. I stopped by his site this morning. Hope he's doing better. Blitzing him is an excellent idea! (:
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I just heard about DL - that's terrible.

I have a huge stack of old doilies - want them?
Ella said…
Yes Diane I do :D

I know...I still think we should blitz him with get well wishes!

I'll email you...thanks!

Elise-I am trying the dream catchers, now...I'm adding shells to the blue ones-reminds me of the ocean! :D he is such a good guy!

I'll be back...UPS is here, with tires for daughter's car...
Cynthia said…
I love doilies- they evoke such a dainty feel. I recently bought a pack of paper doilies at the store and am going to practice photographing food on top of them.
Mary Aalgaard said…
Pretty. My sister taught me how to make crochet snowflakes this winter. She put them on a dress. She has a picture of it on her blog today.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Ellen, these are just beautiful. Saw your article in Somerset and was very impressed!
I tried hiding behind my crochet needle for years but was never overly happy with anything I made. Great ideas!
Nick Wilford said…
Beautiful pics as always!

Woah, didn't know about Don. I haven't visited his blog today. Heading there now.
Cindy Dwyer said…
Thanks for sparking some memories. I've just visualized both of my grandparents' houses. :)
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! I promise I will be a better A-Z blogging after the Art Walk. My family will be glad when it is over, too ;D

Cindy-I love that you did that-how wonderful~ :D

Nick-Thank you! :D

DesertRocks-I know it is big right now. I need to try myself :D

Mary Ann-Thank you so much! I am thrilled you saw it-You must submit your art :D @>--------

Mary-How wonderful...I will have to go look! :D

Cynthia-I agree and love them too!
How pretty :D

Alex-I have a special black one for you! Ninja style ;D lol

Shannon-Thank you! Yes D.L. emailed me~ :D

DG-Style should be what we love :D
How fascinating..yes, I would love you to share them-story and pics!

Sherry-Thank you! I had fun making a huge mess, lol ;D

Mark-Yes, so cool! I loved my grandparents house :D

Amanda-How wonderful! Yes, do try-so fun to try new things~ :D
Thank you
Unknown said…
It just goes to show you that if you live long enough, everything comes back in fashion (in some form or another)!
Ella said…
Hi Rechelle-I so agree and remember my grandmother telling me to keep that dress or shoes! ;D so true
Mary said…
I remember doilies. It is too bad we have lost those old touches. There is something to be said for them.....
Ella said…
Hi Mary-they are coming back-everything does! ;D
Unknown said…
These are so utterly gorgeous. I'm not into lacy, but I could be convinced with your stunning pieces.