U is for UmbrElla

I have a broken umbrella, doesn't everyone?   I was going to cut it up and make something fashionable out of it, but my time is limited right now.  The Queen has her dress rehearsal today and fortunately when she tried everything on yesterday-there was a big grin!  She is really happy with her costume-for the first time in 14 years.   You think I'm joking, but I am not.  I always came up with her Halloween costume per her suggestions.  The reality is she really only wanted the store bought attire.  Augh...   I hope her friends love it, because if they don't I'll be back to the sewing not drawing board!    I did want to attach some playing cards on the outfit, but she didn't want that.  I also thought a cool regal like collar would work-again no.  She has to dance, jump and twirl...so I will settle with her being happy!  Me, I would have gone Gaga.    For example peek here!

I tried to find this Polka Dot umbrella, we have-no such luck. Maybe daughter took it to school today?  I wanted to make this door greeting umbrella. For me Polka dots squeal spring.   So, instead I am sharing this photo. This vision is created by the fabulous Matthew Mead.   If you make one...please let me know.

I would love to see it~

                                                      Matthew Mead's Original

Oh,  Matthew did add the cheer of Polka dots :D

I'll be playing catch up today! 

My new job is crazy! The big test will come on Monday.  I have to get up at 2:30am...yeah, this Night Owl...might be in trouble!


Johanna Garth said…
Congratulations on making the perfect costume (after 14 years of practice ;)) And I hope you find that umbrella because I'll be looking forward to seeing pics of your latest creation!
D.G. Hudson said…
Good luck with the new job. I like polka dots and stripes, not so much into prints.

I also made a lot of Halloween costumes: a unicorn, Cleo, Kermit the Frog, Batman (one daughter really liked him), and Fairy Princess. It was fun to create these.

Love the door decoration (if it can survive opening and closing). I'm partial to wreaths or swags on doors.
Glad she liked her costume! Hope everything goes well with the test. I think 2:30 am would kill me.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
What a COOL idea for a broken umbrella! Glad the costume got a thumbs-up. I know it must be beautiful. Everything you create is. Post photos when it is done, okay? I could not get up at 2:30 a.m. for a job if it paid me a million bucks. Take good care. I worry about how tired you will be.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
I hope you don't have to make another costume.

The umbrella idea is cute. I would need to use single colored flowers, as my broken umbrella is covered in kitties. (Of course.)
Donna Hosie said…
I love the umbrella flower holder. Very pretty.
Ella said…
Donna-I know it is gorgeous-isn't it!

Diane-Pussywillows would so rock your umbrella! I use to pick them when I was a child ;D How fun...

Sherry-It isn't what I wanted, but we met in the middle! She said, no most of the way...She gets it from her father. I love Halloween, costumes...not her-not her Dad. One year I put a red cape on him and I dressed as a wolf. We were invited to a neighborhood party. He was Red Riding Hood(he has red hair)-lol. He then decided not to go to the party-so I was both wolf and Red Riding Hood-not going to spoil my fun! I am frazzled and tired! I do not think this is a good fit~
Thanks, Yeah, I am trying to figure out how much caffeine, it will get me awake at those wee hours! ;D Thank you~

Alex-Thank you! Yeah, I am scared about it~ It might kill me, too. I am trying to get all my A-Z posts scheduled ;D

DG-How clever are you!!! Thank you...you sound so talented! Mine outfits are like upcycled odds n' ends! I think if you tie the umbrella down in the middle and then add the colorful ribbon-it should work! @>----------Thank you~

Johanna-Thank you~ Yes,it took awhile, lol! I know I love the umbrella, too! I want a green polka dot one filled with gorgeous stems and Pussywillows! :D I'll let you know~ I'll visit soon...off to pick up the Queen(practice ends soon)fingers n' toes crossed ;D
M Pax said…
The umbrella is beautiful. So is your header. It took me a moment to realize the bird wasn't real. Cause I was wondering how you got him to stay still in that cup. :) Happy Wednesday.
Nick Wilford said…
That's such a great use for an umbrella, it's funny I haven't seen anything like it done before!
Mark Means said…
2:30 am? Wow, you have my condolences...lol

Best of luck with the new job!
Renee said…
Hope the dress works out! That umbrella idea is really lovely, good luck with the job.
Mary said…
Really love the umbrella idea. Getting up at 2:30 would be hard. Especially if you don't get to sleep until late. I hope something else comes along. I hope your daughter just loves her outfit...
Ella said…
Hi Mary-It is pretty cool-unique ;D
I am required to be there at 4am....but I figure up for one hour to really be awake before I drive to work-it can be 20-30mins depends on the time and weather! I use to speed-when I had to be up to be a Hotel Operator-left my house at 4:30am! ick... My daughter still loves her outfit! :D

Renee-It did...I am so happy! Thanks-I'm looking elsewhere. Time will tell and perhaps the scent of old books ;D One can hope...

Mark-Yes, that is funny! I need a sympathy card~ You are so fun... :D

Nick-I know how clever! A great U word, for YOU ;D I will attempt this and show all of you!

Mary-I wish I had thought of it, lol! Oh, thank you-it is this really cute bird and I thought he was adorable! You are fun :D I will be thinking of you tomorrow...the partial Lunar eclipse...so cool~ Happy Wednesday to you!

Yolanda Renée said…
I know how hard it is to hold back with the creativity when making the costumes, but you were smart, let her decide. Made to many mistakes going the other direction.

Oh, mom!

Love the umbrella, but will leave that to the talented.

You're getting up at 2:30 and I'm going to bed -- have got to get my schedule better arranged! Especially when I'm up at 5:00. Can you spell exhausted!
Unknown said…
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Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-I have to be at work at 4am...but I have to be awake to drive~ Yeah, the big test is on Monday-I will know then if I can hang or fold these cards~

You are smart...She is so happy with the costume. The biggest issue would be she would totally change her mind. Easy going child, funny, but she would find picking a costume would be fine for about 3 1/2 wks than she would not want to wear it. lol Yes, "Oh, mom!"...tee,hee

I won't know till Monday, been 6am so far! Yeah, I so a Night Owl...
not a Morning Lark! ;D

Hi Naturally Carol-Thank you! :D
Wish it was mine, lol
Unknown said…
Gorgeous umbrella! I love parasols and the myriad ways they are decorated.

Good luck with the new job. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your night owl tendencies will not get in the way of progress. :)