X is for x marks the spot

X marks the spot always reminds me of my brother and his friends begging me to make a treasure map and hide some treasure.   I started it-I had made some cookies and wanted them out of the house.  I wrapped them in tinfoil, a plastic bag and more tinfoil.  I didn't hide them very far away, but made a map with giant steps, special bent twigs and a circle of stones and yes the famous X.   I gave them bandanas and said you are pirates, here is your map go find your treasure.  They did and I became the neighborhood map maker, lol. 

Now X-art.   I will show you how I made it.  I had a different idea, but couldn't find the supplies I was looking for.  Find a photo you like, a sheer curtain or material you like and 8x10 Shipping Labels.

  I know this sounds x-tra odd, but stick with me.  Okay, the paper is sticky-peel the paper label off and attach your fabric. Now trim the fabric and here is the xtra crazy part, put it in your printer!  I'm serious....

Print out the photo you selected-just do it!  Now mark an X.  You will cut this open. Now peel the fabric, sheer curtain off the sticky paper.

Odd looking  I know!

 Now add layers behind the fabric:  scrapbook paper, more photos,  a poem, or perhaps a letter.  

I found this proverb and thought it would go nicely with my image.

I was going to glue my words down, but took a photo first and bumped the table.  I kinda like the tilted grow.  We all know growing isn't always easy!


Cynthia said…
I like the saying you posted. It reminds me that sometimes a seed has to go through some tough times before something blossoms.
Something I never would've thought of doing. And excellent saying to accompany the photo.
that was very creative, Ella!
Mary said…
Just beautiful, Ella! What patience you have for this intricate work.
Ella said…
Mary-I used gently recycled dryer sheets, the first time~ All I can think of is the commercial with the Toasted cheese in the VCR-lol. Thank you ;D

Dezzy-Thank you! I was hoping you would stop by and see me wearing pantyhose on my head-see W, lol! ;D

Alex-Thank you! You can stitch the corners of the X back. I wanted to do something else. I'll save it for another time :D Growing can be a pain-

Cynthia-Thank you! Yes, like life the wind, the birds and water can set us off on another journey! I think I have been a detoured seed ;D Happy you stopped by~
L. Diane Wolfe said…
You can run that through your printer?
Ella said…
Hi Diane-Yes! I have an ink jet printer not laser one. The shipping labels are 8x10. You peel off the paper and then stick on your fabric. I run my hand over it to get out any bubbles or wrinkles. Then using scissors I trim the outer edges. I have done this with sheer curtains, dryer sheets-gently used ones(like one time with a blanket) and thin muslin or cotton fabric. I take all the paper out of my printer and put this new paper in, upside down and then hit print. I let it set for a few minutes and then gently peel off the fabric. Works like a charm ;D

Amanda Trought said…
I love the idea of creating the image, this is a really good idea, thanks for sharing, will have to try it out:)
Dreaming said…
Oh my! You are X-tremely crafty. Far craftier than I ever dreamed of being!
I can't wait to go through your blog and look at your other ideas... not sure if that will be before or after I do more xerography! ;-)
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
kaykuala said…
You have all the time in the world for such creative happenings. But without talent it would be very testing. Thank your lucky stars for being rare from among many! Great, Ella!

scarlett said…
This is so COOL. What an awesome technique, I love it! And your art is just wonderful to see, such a sweet piece!
Shelly said…
Very cool idea!

Hugs and chocolate,
Unknown said…
My goodness, that came out really creepy. It looks like the image of a ghost. Cool! :-)
Ella said…
Lexa-It kind of does :D I had another idea for it...but maybe next time ;D Thank you~

Shelly-Thank you! I hope you are doing well~ I'll be by...after I face the baking squad-yikes! lol

Scarlett-Thank you! I love the cute photo :D You are sweet~

Hank-You say the nicest things ;D
Right back at you-your art is beautiful :D Keep at it~

Dreaming-I will be back to visit yours, too ;D I loved what you shared-thank you~

Amanda-Thank you! It didn't go as planned, but sometimes happy accidents are good, too. I couldn't find what I wanted to put behind the image ;D

Nick Wilford said…
How do you come up with this stuff?! That's such a great-looking effect!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations in completing the A to Z Challenge.

Ella said…
Nick I am part gardengoyle lol
Thank you

Yvonne. Thank you. : )