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Hosted by Stephen Tremp, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Michael Di Gesu, and
L. Diane Wolfe.

 The Objective:  Share with everyone something you have done that affected your health in a positive way. You can share an awesome low cal low fat tasty recipe. Post simple tips to lose weight. Or a testimony on what has helped like joining Weight Watchers. Recommend a routine like P90X or Insanity. Or stretches one can do while sitting in their office chair working or writing. I'm sure people have countless great tips and ideas they would love to share.

 I did pretty well fitness n' health wise,  until thyroid disease entered my life.  Carbs became a problem.  Let me re-clarify simple carbs became a problem, not the complex ones. (This is why the prior food pyramid did not work).  When you metabolism slows down you need tricks to speed it up. Here is what I have discovered: 

I compare my metabolism to building a fire.  Yes you need protein and fat, but it is the carbs that make the difference.  Dry wood to get the fire to really burn, wet wood-not so much.   Dry wood equals the rainbow carbs, what grows on our planet.  Wet wood is the processed foods that comes in packages and boxes.  (YOU know you can't pronounce the stuff in the ingredients list).   I run to my Farmer's Market to find my rainbow.

Add some heat, I mean spice.  Spices can turn help with the burn, on both levels. Some good picks are:   cinnamon, cayenne pepper, curry, wasabi, any of your hot spices and ginger.  I have added minced ginger root to warm water.  I use my garlic press.  The ginger reduces bloating, nausea and can help with a stuff nose!   I don't know about you, but there was always Gingerale in the house, for anyone who was sick.

Doing yoga helps-it is like getting an internal massage.  It calms you, makes you feel good and yes there are exercises that can help your metabolism.   If you think yoga is just for those bendy pretzel types-think again.  I dream of pretzels, I mean being a bendy type.

There are a few poses in yoga that improve the functioning of the thyroid gland as well as regulate your metabolism.  Here are a few poses that help:

I think it is important to get up and walk away from your writing.  We do have to experience life and bring it back to the page.  For me, walking always encourages an idea, a poem, some type of creative thought will come.  It is part of the process-besides if you don't move you will rust and we all know how the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz ended up. 

Speaking of heart-I have to thank Ninja Captain, Alex Cavanaugh for my You Rock Badge.  He selected new members recently. They are listed below-all amazing bloggers.  He picks recipients, who have really touched his heart.  Thank you Alex your generous spirit has touched many hearts, including mine~

 Michael Di Gesu at In Time

A big thank you to L. Diane Wolfe for being part of the Imaginary Garden recently!   Her photos are amazing!  Did you know she has been published-yes, we all know she is an author, but also for her photos!  I think of Diane as a Visual Poet~  I am so happy you shared your gracious spirit and talent with us~   Thank you L. Diane!

 This is a Blog Hop!




You are most welcome, Ella!
Don't think I could do the yoga, but we are always spicing up our food,
Thanks for participating in our blogfest.
Unknown said…
Spices are awesome! I love putting a kick into my food. Cinnamon is good for blood sugar balance. And I think maybe I will try yoga, I've heard so many good things about it.
Suzanne Furness said…
Yoga is definitely on my list I love it for its calming, balancing effect.
I love the idea of yoga, but I'm far too impatient to do it.
Unknown said…
I've been reading a lot of "get up and away from the computer"-- common writer issues I think.

My thyroid is quirky and I'm on meds for it too. And I completely agree, the carbs get me every time. I really almost need to eliminate them, except, as you said the very complex, slow-burners.
Vegetables are the key for me too. I have to avoid carbs which is tough as I'm a certified sugar addict.
Ella said…
Karen-I could eat more as a diabetic. When thyroid showed up after my last pregnancy I could see my blood sugar wasn't normal?! So, I knew something was up. It took me 3 yrs to get diagnosed. Remember that commercial, where the woman's legs are spaghetti...I think it was for pantyhose-that was me! I felt just like that... I am too...I love to bake, just like you! I think I have to eat like a cave women and chase the protein and then go nibble on greens. It is crazy...
Thanks for sharing! (((hugs)))

Julie-Yes! It is difficult...
I bet you are like me-autoimmune. I have Hashimoto's...I can swing from too slow, to too fast-stress doesn't help! Yes, me too..cave women diet for me! It is tough...
and chocolate is a pill I want to take every day. ;D

Annalisa-No, you aren' just haven't found the right style. I actually sometimes ride my bike 15 min and then do 10-15 min of yoga stretches. A yin/yang workout...try it and see! I do know what you mean...20-30min tops for me.....any longer and I can take it!

Suzanne-It really does help, the stress and gets the kinks and knots out! :D

Melissa-I take cinnamon pills and heat to all my food! I think you would like it, start with your walk and come home and try Yoga Zone on Youtube. :D
Yes, try it...there are all kinds of modifications! Time will change the way you move, as you become more flexible! :D

Morgan said…
Wonderful post! I haven't done too much yoga surprisingly. Lots of pilates and running for me. And so sorry about the thyroid issues, Ella. That IS A PAIN! :/
Anonymous said…
Great tips. I've heard that yoga is a very good form of exercise. CONGRATS on your You Rock award!
Johanna Garth said…
My mom has thyroid issues too so I deeply sympathize! And we love our spicey foods...didn't know they could kickstart the metabolism.
SK Anthony said…
I have to make some time, when the kids are in school, to take a yoga class. I've been told I'll be hooked. For now though, I do spice my food up ;)

Congratulations on the award!
Yolanda Renée said…
Truly love the yoga, but prefer walking in the sunshine, so inspirational. But movement is one of the keys, and carbs, the simple ones the enemy!

Good health to you!

Yolanda Renée said…
Oh, and You Do Rock!

Sherry Blue Sky said…
Cool, a blog hop! Have fun!
I'm in such fantastic company with Alex's You Rock Badge. Thanks for the mention, Ella, and congrats to you.

I love ginger gingerale too - can't get enough of it.

The one time I've dabbled in yoga, I went to the wrong class. I left utterly frustrated and feeling completely inept; the poses required a much higher level of coordination that I have. So I appreciate this video. I CAN do those positions. In fact, I do them often, without knowing I'm doing yoga.

Thanks, Ella.
Stay well.
Mark Means said…
Yoga always looks so easy, but I just don't think I'm quite that bendy :)

I'm not big on spices, but it makes sense that they can help burn calories...thanks for the tip :)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

What a very informative post. I knew spices were good for you, but I am grateful to know I have been using the right one. I LOVE ginger and I need to use more of it. Cinnamon is part of my daily life. I would DIE without it lol.

So very cool yoga moves. I tried it a few times, but my arthritis kicks in ... I can't hold a pose for too long. BUt I am glad it works for you.

Thanks for your tips and joining us on the HOP!

Congrats on the YOU ROCK award. I am so honored to be nominate with you.

Suzanne said…
I have a problem with carbs, I can manage a little, but then it slowly builds up and my stomach could double as a ball for a football match, so totally get you! Sadly I love pasta which makes it hard - wholewheat pasta just isn't the same :(
Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Ginger and garlic both thin the blood, too. We eat a lot of both at my house.
what I positively despise in American diet is that you use so much processed food. Whenever I read any of the American recipes they always have canned food, ready made mixes, bagged ingredients, bottled things.... and I myself eat only food made from the scratch, from fresh groceries.
Ella said…
Dezzy-I agree! I'm growing veggies and I want to get some chickens. I really try to cook n' bake everything. In other words I either crafting or cooking a mess, lol!
I'm okay with it... :D
Fresh is best!

L. Diane-Thanks for mentioning me!
Everyone loved your photos-so beautiful! :D
Yes, good are smart!

Suzanne-Sorry, I know it is tough to go with out them. I think the yoga is helping me that calm carb serotonin feel. I know I miss bread and pizza crust. I the one eating the topping off.
Anonymous said…
Dry carbs and wet your analogy!
MunirGhiasuddin said…
This is such a great idea. I am happy that Alex has started this.
My husband had open heart surgery four years ago. After his surgery I am trying to keep his eating habits as healthy as possible. His cardiologist has told him that eating as many vegetable and whole grains as possible will be the best thing for him. since he is also a diabetic he has to make sure that he eats fruits that are not too sweat as well. Also now we go for walks as well. It is a struggle but a t the end of the day, he understands that am doing what ever I can to help him keep his bad cholesterol levels down. His good cholesterol has to improve as well. He does not like to eat Salmon, but I try to make him eat fish as much as possibele
Renee said…
Love spicy food! Fortunately I love veggies too.
Ella said…
Hi M.J.-Yes, damn those wet Oreos-lol
Thank you~ :D

Munir-I think Stephen originated it~
Yes, great idea! Oh, that is hard...
I am glad he is doing better and you are able to help! Diet is key...I need to do better-I'm Type 1 diabetic! Yes, exercise, water and veggies seem to help a lot and those lower sugared fruits! Fiber is key~
Thank you for sharing :D

Renee-It all helps! It is my chocolate tooth that gets me in trouble! :D

Anonymous said…
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Mark Koopmans said…
I have *loved* spices sooo much in the past that the guys who own TUMS opened a new plant in my honor:)

And Yoga fascinates me.. but I'll never try it... I'll break, I swear, I will :)

Thanks for a great post and happy weekend :)
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rachna Chhabria said…
Congrats on your You Rock Badge, Ella. You deserve it. Its great to meet another yoga enthusiast. My mom has thyroid and her metabolism has really slowed down, she finds it difficult to lose weight.
Rhonda Albom said…
I love the wet and dry wood analogy. I will try to think about that at meal time tomorrow.

Visiting today from the blogfest
Ella said…
Rachna-Yes, I use to exercise two hours a day and eat what I call normal...couldn't lose weight. It was when I started to eat like a Cave women-protein, veggies and a handful of berries and/or nuts-than the weight stopped to drop off. Thank you-I am happy you love yoga!
It is a mind, body and spirit dance :D Tell you Mom to hang in there and get her Vitamin D levels checked. Thyroid people tend to be low and D helps our metabolic rate improve~ @>------------

Mark-lol! I am with you-I ended up in the ER one weekend eating too many hot, spicy foods. I love them-they do not love me back, lol!

I have had back surgery and I swear if I can do it-anyone can!
You won't break-I promise ;D
Thank you and you too!

Elise Fallson said…
I don't use spices nearly enough in my diet. It's a shame too because I like spice--a little kick to my meals once in a while. The kids, well not so much. But you reminded me I need to get more garlic in my diet too! Thanks for the tips. And LOL at Mark! :D
I love my spices, especially garlic and cinnamon... oh, and curry powders too!
I've always been fascinated by yoga... but always imagined that you have to be double-jointed to do it...

Writer In Transit
Tara Tyler said…
i've been enjoying my piyo class, pilates & yoga. i've learned many poses & found muscles i didnt know i had! cause they're sore!
S.P. Bowers said…
Excellent advice. My metabolism is very slow so those tips are very helpful.
Janet Martin said…
Ella, So much useful info! I'm always looking for new health tips. I'm a 'scratch-cooker-eater' almost 100% and also, I NEVER dreamed I would do yoga, but I am ...sort of. this winter I started doing Gillian Michael's work-outs and I love her yoga melt-down!I agree with Tara. I found muscles I didn't know I had. I am stronger than I have ever been.
Ella said…
S.P-I know, me too! I think I am going to eat small meals more often and build some muscle. All those up and down dogs in yoga will help. They are push-up, some of them. Hang in there-we have to keep at it! :D

Tara-Piyo sounds fun! Oh, I will have to check that out~ It sounds amazing-thanks for sharing! :D

Michelle-I know they add so much flavor to our food! :D I have found Yoga Zone and Namaste Yoga more my style. There are 8 limbs of yoga(different kinds)-something for everyone! I can't do the meditative mind is so active-it would drive me nuts! I know what you mean, but if you try Namaste Yoga-it is like this active type of stretching. It feels really good! :D

Elise-You know you can always just add a sprinkle to your plate. I do understand what you mean. Children are hardier to please. I have used herbal tea bags, like the Orange spice to flavor the water to cook my veggies it. It adds flavor, without a lot of spice. :D I know I love garlic and need to get more ginger! I know it Mark is a rig! :D

Ink in the Book said…
I wished I liked spicy food, but alas! I can't handle the heat!

By the way, you won a book from my blog! Can you contact me?
Thanks!!! And congrats on your badge from the Ninja Captain!
Ruth said…
I should look into yoga. I used to be flexible, but not so much these days. Thanks for the idea.
Jennifer said…
I love YOGA and need to begin doing more of it at home. One thing that has improved my health lately is smoothies and jucing. I feel like I have so much more energy than before and that is a huge win for me.
Anonymous said…
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Ella said…
Hi Jennifer!
Thanks for stopping by :D
YOU know a lot of juice lovers in this challenge!
I have tried a few, but I guess I need to keep juicing~
I love all that you shared!