Over in the Garden, Kerry asked us to write a Nocturne.  A Nocturne
is usually a musical composition that is inspired by, or evocative of, the night. Nocturnes are generally thought of as being tranquil, often expressive and lyrical, and sometimes rather gloomy.  They can express a variety of moods.

Yundi Li plays Chopin, who is an acclaimed composer of Nocturnes.  I am sure this song will be familiar to you:

Our challenge is to write a poetic Nocturne. Though no such guidelines exist, Kerry set out a few suggestions:

  • The poem should be lyrical rather than narrative.
  • The primary intention should be to create mood and atmosphere, with the focus on what is felt rather than understood.
  • There must be a clear link to the night hours in a setting of your choice. In addition, content may focus on a religious theme, if preferred. 
  • You may choose any style which seems appropriate, either form or free verse.

I dip my brush 
and swirl moon's pale milky light
its opalescence pools n' puddles
across a sea of black roses
winged light shimmers
as God's eye fully opens
winking at me
silver liquid lashes 
 I dip my brush in mauve and blue
now morning lotus fully blooms
her radiant petals taper and soar
I swirl my paint brush into 
 the wings of the phoenix

        © Ellen Wilson



Susie Clevenger said…
Ella, this is gorgeous. It so fits you since you are an artist to write, "I dip my brush."
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Beautifully done, kiddo. Your poetry is growing by the year. I love your unique voice, and artist's eye.
Very nice! I think you nailed it.
Someone should suggest doing a poem in the style of a pop emo band since their lyrics tend to make no sense whatsoever.
TCPC said…
Lovely! I love the transition here
Yolanda Renée said…
You painted it beautifully!

An artist with the pure understanding of her art. Awesome!
Marian said…
nice, to create at nighttime. very evocative.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That was as tranquil as a breeze on a summer pond.
Kay L. Davies said…
Delightful, Ella, mingling your art and poetry into a nocturne of words for the senses.
hedgewitch said…
Very lyrical indeed, with lovely use of color and a true nocturnal mood, despite making it to dawn.
Hannah said…
I think this may be a favorite of mine of yours Ella!! visual and brilliant with color and movement! Love it!

Feels like one of these...

In terms of how it transforms and flows but in words and with color...if that makes sense. :)

Mary said…
This is super, Ella. Dipping one's brush in the night colors is such a beautiful thing.
Anonymous said…
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Grace said…
Lovely painting of the brush, love the ending lines- wings of the phoenix, reborn ~
Anonymous said…
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Kerry O'Connor said…
Your writing is so descriptive, that the scene springs to life before my eyes. I always admire your use of colour - you write like an artist paints.
Michael Di Gesu said…


As an artist (illustrator, painter, designer), I was right there with you.

Beautiful imagery an exquisitely lyrical.
Peggy said…
Very nice piece Ella. It does capture the mood of the nocturne well, something I did not do very well. I may have to rework mine after reading yous.
this is my own favourite Nocturne, Ella, coming from mesmerizing SECRET GARDEN:
Ella said…
Thank you everyone! :D
I have been busy taking photos(graduation)....sorry I haven't been around much!

Dezzy-This was magical! Thank you so much for sharing-I see why this is a favourite :D I loved it~

Peggy-I will be by soon! I have been taking a lot of pics and editing...eyeballs are crossed ;D
Thank you!

Michael! YOU are too kind! YOU make me want to paint again-I haven't in so long and miss it~
I would love to see your art sometime! I will be by soon~ Thank you so much!!! You are so talented! Peggy paints-I am working on a collab with her! Maybe we can do something like that sometime if you would like?! ;D

Kerry-I use to paint, so this is extremely magical for me to hear! I hoped I could blur and blend the two-this means a lot to me! @>------

Grace-Thank you! I wanted the rebirth of day to resemble the Phoenix, from darkness to glory filled light :D

Mary-Thank you! I think of Van Gogh every time ;D

Hannah-You are so sweet! I will be by...forgive me! Life has wrapped up in celebrations and photos...!
I am so behing...augh! lol Thank you so much! SS <3
Ella said…
Hannah-Oooh, this artist is so talented! Thank you so much for sharing her-wow!!!

Hedgewitch-We have to go through the dark to get to the light ;D Thank you so much!

Kay-Thank you! I do love being a night owl ;D

L. Diane-This was beautiful- you just wrote poetry ;D
Thank you so much...

Marian-Thank you! I do love the quiet of the evening :D

Yolanda-You are kind! I have to try painting again-I am sure it will look like my inner child is 5 yrs old, lol Thank you so much :D

Akila-Thank you so much! I had fun :D

Alex-Thank you! Do you have a song you want to suggest?! ;D

Sherry-Thank you! We sent in similar directions-I loved yours, too :D

Susie-Thank you! I had fun painting with colorful words-it is always easier to imagine ;D @>----
I knew you would like it :)
Anonymous said…
Very, very cool. "silver liquid lashes flutter" -- so evocative.
Anonymous said…
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Sherry Ellis said…
Love the Chopin nocturne. It's one of my favorite pieces!
scarlett said…
Beautiful! I especially loved reading your poem while the Chopin music was playing, quite a treat! :)
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy- ;D You were right!

Milo-Thank you! Yes, the moon does inspire~ ;D

Sherry-It is beautiful isn't it!

Scarlett-Thank you so much :D