Blue Highway

We were giving a Get Listed poem.  A list of words to inspire a poem. Kim over at Poets United asked us to write a Close to the Source Poem.  My poem kinda describes my mood lately as I am working on many art projects. I will post some of my projects, soon. 



Blue highway perches in soul's roots
shakes doubt's weeds before
curious fury grows rampant
unearthing grits pace
transplant seeds of tender stars
before glaciers
 grow winter trees
 in heart's library
and tangle in hand knit gray wool
gulls see the stony sky
and salt of day disappear
slice blue factor's ridges
shake frigid ice storm and 
see seedlings open
in chipped yellow china, green velvet sofa
and heirloom oak desk
focus on faded sepia memories
to propel air-borne white galaxies.

© Ellen Wilson


Anonymous said…
Love the image you chose to go with this piece and really like your title. Your poem is definitely a highway of images, constantly moving in all directions: up and down, inside out, back and forth and yet retaining its specificity. What a ride your week must have been.

grapeling said…
Ella, I like how this sounds - and reading again, the palette of color you've gracefully interwoven 'pop' when spoken. Thank you for sharing - it seems that Blue Highway is in a lot of hearts these days. ~ M
Vandana Sharma said… different vista
Susie Clevenger said…
A trippy surreal feel to this...Love it!
Anonymous said…
Oh how gorgeous and rich! Love the imagery =)
All things created in this world in one poem.
Mary said…
There indeed are wonderful things to be discovered if one finds one's way to the soul's roots. Wonderful images throughout.
Yolanda Renée said…
The picture, the imagery, the words! Perfection!
Scarlet said…
I like the shaking away those doubts and watching the seedlings open ~ The color blue is a lovely choice ~
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love your descriptions of the sky and the weather in this poem, Ella. You have really created atmosphere.
Shelly said…
Love your poem. I've been going crazy with all my many writing projects.

Hugs and chocolate,
Shelly said…
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LaTonya Baldwin said…
"before glaciers
grow winter trees"

I'm a winter baby. Love this image. Enjoyed your take on the prompt.
hedgewitch said…
Excellent use of color and a varied and cooling feel to the flow. Enjoyed it, Ella.
Kay L. Davies said…
So beautiful, Ella.
Unknown said…
the blue highway where all is quiet and yet so alive

There was something so placid and peaceful about your poem. The sky felt like the blue highway, and all else so beautiful:)

Nice to find you here Ella,
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wow, this is very beautiful. The photo is fantastic and your words are a total trip of color, imagery, and sensations........if I wasnt already Awhirl in Blue, I would be after reading this beautiful poem! (Just think, if we collaborated our week in verse, what might happen??)
Lolamouse said…
You set a great mood in this poem, Ella. I can't believe I also the same phrase "curious fury!"
Wonderful image, perfectly expressive of what you say in the poem.
green velvet sofa always brings security when you're feeling blue
Other Mary said…
What beautiful images! My favorite lines are:

transplant seeds of tender stars
before glaciers
grow winter trees
in heart's library
Nick Wilford said…
So many arresting images in this poem. Very good.
Ella said…
Thank you Nick! I can't wait to see what you have been up to~ :D

Other Mary-thank you so much!

Dezzy-Yes, I bet you have a green velvet sofa, if not you should ;D

Rosemary-Thank you :D

Lolamouse-I am stunned! Whoa, lol
Your is greats ;D

Sherry-Cool idea Sherry! I know you love blue ;D and purple~

Eileen-Thank you! I will be by-life has tossed me a curve ball~
Yes, this is what I hoped you would see :D

Leslie-I love your description :D
so beautiful~

Kay-Thank you ;D so much

Joy-Thank you! I still want to try your prompt :D

Ella said…
LaTonya-Winter baby-how cool! I'm born when the stars are green ;D
Thank you!

Shelly-I hope all is well! Here you need some chocolate and hugs ;D

Kerry-Thank you! I do love to decorate ;D

Heaven-It makes sense you would love blue ;D Thank you~

Yolanda-I will be are so sweet to me! Thank you~

Mary-Yes, we sometimes have to keep on digging ;D I mean writing, lol

Alex-Thank you! I think you could be a Ninja poet~ :D

mind-I love how you think ;D Thank you!

Susie-I love that! :D Very cool comment~

Vandana-Thank you :D

grapeling-Thank you for the wonderful list! You are kind :D

Elizabeth-lol, yes, I have been on some ride ;D thank you~

Unknown said…
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