Poet's United

Forever Smitten

Gray roses
in fragile parchment
open with iridescent gold
handfuls of baby pink words
outline the lichen blotches
of green
sometimes blue words
tangle with golden threads
unlocking the memory
in one's secret garden
Ivy clings n'climbs
discovering stuffed petals
poking through-out one's day
trees wave n'
sweet nothings
and I am forever

© Ellen Wilson

My love affair with words will never end!  How profound are words!  How they connect us to each other and share many opinions and views.  They move us to cheer, to tear and make us crave the gift of moving others, with our words~

This is for Poets United. The prompt is we are interconnected!  I decided to write about words.  I think most everyone I know has had an affair with words~


Connecting past and present together as well. Or did I interpret that wrong?
Mary said…
I do believe that whoever will read your poem, Ella, will share that connection with you, will be another who is smitten with words. Your observations connect us all. I enjoyed this, Ella.
Margaret said…
smitten - and they image is so perfect with these words - the old book, fresh flowers ... very nice.
Brian Miller said…
nice...i get smitten as well...and love finding those blooms that poke through the day....great metaphor in that ella....
Ella said…
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Ella said…
Thank you Mary! I do think poets, writers and all creative types are connected to the wonder of it all. We see things a bit differently. We look for wonder to bloom daily :D
Ella said…
Hi Alex,
Yes, words from our youth grasping our attention enough to continue the love affair!
You know-you found youth in the attic ;D
Ella said…
Thank you Margaret! ;D I had fun gluing flowers on my fingers~ lol My daughter took my photo-it was quite interesting explaining to her what I was trying to do ;D
Ella said…
Thank you Brian! Yes, so many surprises if we keep looking. I found some blooms over at your site ;D
Sumana Roy said…

oh i love the secret garden.....so beautifully woven....
Beautiful, both the words and picture!
ruth said…
love all the colours here & i too am smitten, by sweet nothings trees whisper to me...
Susan said…
The pink and the blue words along with stuffed leaves and flowers actually gave me an association to giving birth and the unique love among babies and parents that lasts (or is renewed) for all time. How lovely to see words/poems interr related to writers that way!
Unknown said…
An affair with words, indeed!!! :-)

Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love the whole idea of being "forever smitten" with words. Cool. I remember the first word I fell in love with - in grade three - it was "paw". Not surprisingly!
alan1704 said…
tangle with golden threads - love this line hidden in so many lovely lines. Quite beautifully written.
alan1704 said…
tangle with golden threads - love this line hidden in so many lovely lines. Quite beautifully written.
Ella said…
Hi Alan-Thank you! :D We have to keep looking for cherished moments~

Sherry-Yes, that so fits you! I am not sure what my first love would be-
Thank you :D

Kim-Yes, why not! ;D

Susan-Yes, I wanted the elements of birth to stand out! YOU saw it :D
Thank you~

Rudyan-I am happy to hear this! I am off to hug an Oak tree ;D
Thank you!

Hi Colette-Thank you! I had fun getting those petals and roses to stay on my fingers. I took several shots and then asked my daughter to snap a few. She is use to my crazy antics ;D

Sumana Roy-Thank you! Yes, this book lingers and leaves in my heart~
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, how I love words --- and how I love your poem! I consider myself a true word collector. Everything is a source. What a delightful post, Ellen, poem, photo, and all!!!

I share your connection with words. My dictionaries are my best friends!!I am always eager to adopt new words and to use them...I have connected with you Ella:)

Carol Kilgore said…
I love this! Your words created the perfect image.
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella...

Your love affair is so apparent in this poem... BEAUTIFUL!

Have a wonderful weekend.... I hope all is well in your poetic world.
Brother Ollie said…
Tight poem - it progresses right to the perfect ending.
Wanda said…
I enjoy getting to see the expression of your love affair with words.
Ella said…
Hi Wanda-Thank you! I enjoyed sharing it ;D

Brother Ollie-It is I, sister Ella :D Thank you~ I am going to try to follow Wise Monk's path of glorious nature.
Thank you so much :D

Michael-Hello, I hope you are back to your sweet self! Thank you so much~ I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too. I hope all is well in your blurbs and fabulous covers world~ You have a gift with design in all facets of life~ I'll be by soon. I have a poetic challenge to write for involving a tiny world in Chicago ;D

Carol-Thank you so much! The photo was tricky, but fun to do. My daughter still laughs seeing me glue roses and leaves on my fingers. Then she saw the outcome and smiled and said, "beeutiful"...lol

Eileen-I love your comments! YOU are so fun and you do have a way with words ;D Thank you~

Mary Ann-You always make me smile! I loved reading about your time on the farm and your nurturing walks-it makes me feel like I am on the path with you~ Thank you~
Panchali said…
This is priceless! Very beautifully penned...this connection is splendid!:)
Arlee Bird said…
Today the comment section was showing available to me. This Google format is unpredictable and I often have problems with leaving comments.

Your poem has a very classic style to it. Beautifully written.

Tossing It Out
Ella said…
Hi Lee :D Thank you so much! I am a gal who loves the classics~ I know what is up with Google lately?!
I will visit you soon~

Panchali-Thank you so much~ I will be by to see what you have been up to :D
TCPC said…
Loved the word play here the metaphors speak to me! I connect Ella thank u!