Mysteries and Memories

     Yes, my mystery hives still haven't revealed themselves.   Hubby said Chiggers, mom says Shingles, yet it feels like  Chicken pox.  I have a fever, hives pop out with blisters and fade away.  I itch and feel sunburned-basically all I want to do is shower and wear baggy clothes and wear pink calamine lotion.  Yes, I am ready for Halloween-in regards to scary that! (This is a term we use at our home. When my daughter was three, this is how she described anything that scared her.  She pronounced garbage truck as fruck-that scared me and screamed when it was in our neighborhood.)

      Last week I went into the attic and opened an old trunk.  My hives are beginning to feel like an episode from Tales From the Crypt.   I will keep you posted~

     I was thrilled to be contacted by Somerset Memories to write an article about my grandparents.  Thank you Jana for being so gracious~  It is a wonderful issue and I am so happy to see my cute grandparents featured.   Memory art has a special place in my heart~

     My grandparents met at a dance.  He was the band leader and she was with a date.  I know she loved music and played the piano.  My grandfather played the drums.  I am not sure of the whole story, but I suspect she started to get her things at the coat check and my grandfather kept her from leaving. I think he date had left suddenly-some kind of emergency.    Music brought my grandparents together.  They also loved living by the sea, watching the birds and tea.  I used a table linen to recreate their story. 

      When I was young I did chores at their home.  They lived at the end of my street.  I would fill bird feeders, walk their dog, wipe dishes and sweep the front porch and back step.  Every week I was invited for tea-it wasn't your ordinary tea party.  Just the three of us, sharing our week, watching the birds enjoy their treats by the view of the sea.  The table was set with various linens, pretty homemade cookies and a pretty tea set.  It was my grandmother's chance to see if I was minding my manners.  After tea we went to the back room, they called the parlor played music and sang songs.   I loved hearing them share their memories and singing their old favorite songs.  I grew up in a musical family. My dad played guitar and my aunt plays piano.  My brother plays drums and my mom and I both play guitar.   Music filled our lives.  I knew when I decided to create their story, music had to be the fabric of their lives.   It was an honor to share bits of their lives~   

 My grandparents Clifford n' Winona-they both loved music.  Our tea parties were shared watching the birds enjoy their treats, as we enjoyed ours.

 My father n' Aunt Patty!

I want to share some other unique ideas in this issue:

 This page was inspired by artist  Tina Walker.   

Here is some digital artwork inspired by  artist Mary Bailey

This art was inspired by the subject Bali, Indonesia by artist Emmanuelle Chauvin.

This artist Sascha Schmidt is also a reporter and photography editor.  His work makes me want to try art journaling.   

There are many ways to tell a story or capture memories-to later perhaps add words.  I think all artists need to experiment and try other creative endeavors.  You might discover another way to tell a story!  


And you always capture it beautifully.
Congratulations on the article and photo in the magazine! You are on a roll now.
Yolanda Renée said…
Such beautiful memories, and how wonderful that you get to share them.

I am sorry to hear you're feeling badly. I remember something similar once and was told it was a re-occurrence of chicken pox. Bathe in oatmeal (put it in a nylon first) for the itchiness, it's better than calamine lotion, and take it easy. The fever makes me think so, too. But I'm no doctor, I just know that what you described sounds similar.
Take care!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-I had chicken pox when I was 30-I gave a childhood disease to my son. My husband's friends thought it was funny. They would ring the doorbell to look at me. I lived in Anchorage then. I didn't get them that bad-except in my hair. I lost lots of hair from it. I should know soon Friday makes a week of itching. I thought about going to the Dr. but they always want to run all my labs and they do not come out right, when I am infected. Besides if I am contagious-it is best I stay put at home~ Thank you so much!

Alex-You are fun! You always make me smile Captain~ Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Such a beautiful and artful way to honour your Grandparents.
I am so thrilled for you Ella.
Wanda said…
Sounds like the shingles Ella. Hope you get to feeling better friend. And congrats on the article.
Brian Miller said… the art...there is a book on keeping a visual journal i have which has pics that look like this art...i would love to do more myself...

and i hope your hives go away soon...yuck
It's probably shingles! You need to get some med from your Doctor. I have had it twice this summer. Never that could happen. Once in m eye that can be dangerous. You need to be follow by your physician. I had another R.N. at work who got it also and she isn't but 40. So take care Ella.
Also there is a vaccine. Which I need to get soon.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Your work is, as always, really wonderful; congratulations on being published again! ( I did a blog posting about my Art Fairy canvas in Somerset Studios.)

Now for the important stuff: In the precious, matchless name of Jesus, your symptoms MUST go! NOW!

Sending a hug from here on the farm.
congrats on being published in the magazine and such a lovely collage you've made for them!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Somerset seems to recognize your talent, kiddo - you have been in it so many times now. I LOVE this post, and most especially your linen art full of nostalgic memories, that honor your grandparents' lives. Yours is the best of all you have featured here. Just sayin'....smiles!

You could do an entire memory album of art and photos like this. It would be such a treasure - and fun to create. An heirloom.
M Pax said…
That's awesome, Ella! Congrats! You do such beautiful things. I wish I could do even a poor imitation. :)
Maude Lynn said…
Yikes, Ella! The hives sound miserable. Hope you feel better soon.
Ella said…
Hi Mama Zen-Thank you! I am getting there-slowly! I think I might be allergic to something, besides the insect bites?!

MPax-I am behind. I was suppose to mention this on my grandfather's b-day. I haven't forgotten your news!
YOU could do this...a linen, copies of old photos with a few bits n' bobs. I pinned my story with safety pins, washi tape and a bit of thread. Thank you~

Sherry-They have several magazines. This is my first time being in this publication! It makes me smile-this is a heart filled publication~ Thank you so much! I love your idea-I might just do that ;D Sherry @>------

Dezzy-Thank you! I think they would have been thrilled. My grandmother was the first one to buy my art. She commissioned a painting. I made it for her and she paid me. I said, "No, I can't take your money." She told me I wasn't an artist until I sold my work and now it was official. So sweet~ I miss them!! Thank you Dezzy~

Mary Ann-I love your Art Fairy-she is so endearing and filled with magic-YOU are an Art Fairy and I'll take that hug! ;D It is official-I am not contagious~ I hope to get my copy next week~ I am happy for YOU!

Queen Bee-Thank you! I was reading about it-it doesn't fit my profile. Yes, I read also about people in their 20s getting it-scary stuff! I am sorry you had it. My mom has had it and she still wonders. I think it is a food allergy and chiggers! I will go to the Dr next week~ :D

Ella said…
Brian-I do hope you will try! It is visual poetry :D Thank you-

Wanda-I hope not, but I know it could be. Thank you~

Lynne-Thank you! I know my grandmother would have loved it~

Unknown said…
I just saw this on Alex's blog - congratulations! It's so wonderful to know and appreciate your grandparents and ancestors. First it seems you have all the time in the world to know more, and suddenly you're older and there's no one to ask anymore. I loved all the artist's renderings. Have a lovely weekend! :-)
Ella said…
Hi Lexa! Thank you~ Yes, they both made a huge impact on me! There is always drama in all families, but we have to mine the gold~ :D
YOU too!
Shelly said…
Loved this. Your grandmother form what I could see, must've been a hottie in her day as well as your grandfather. :)

Hugs and chocolate,
Ella said…
Shelly-You are so sweet and you made me smile big~ I think so, too ;D

I hope you are hoarding chocolate and happily giving away hugs ((hugs))