Swirling My Mood

It is gray, drab and raining here today.   My muse is craving movies, Hot Chocolate and soup.  She wants to linger in memories and twirl among color-swirls of orange, red and gold.   Here is my story snapped in pics:

   Hubby n' I went to Battle of the Bands this past weekend-lots of color.  My muse was happy-the guard won second place for Visual Ensemble, second place Percussion n' Marching  and first place for Drum Major.    Go Blue!

We did find some time to hang out!  My daughter in her new hammock.  The trend at college now is to have a hammock and find a tree to hang out in and chill.  Her boyfriend bought this one for her-so sweet.  She is sending him a care package soon. She bought him some winter clothing and baked cookies.  They are so cute!! 
Yes, my neighbor spied this cutie hanging out of the tree that borders our land.  My husband showed me and I had to snap a pic.

I did some Ninja styling at a local shop.  Yes, I leave outfits on display-I use to decorate windows, when I worked in retail.  My daughter was trying on clothes-when she saw my outfit.  She bought the sweater and the Chic Geek top.   I also went and styled some more items in house wares-too fun!

L@@K at the gorgeous red ladies hanging out in my yard! 

A snail decided to hang out and made use of the  cotton I picked. I think he rather likes his new downy bed.  Smart snail, if you ask me!

I was walking through my laundry room when I spied this gorgeous bird. I sure hope he stops by again, soon.  My grandmother loved Red Cardinals-I think of her whenever I see one.

What is it like in your neighborhood?


I approve of the Ninja styling! Because stealth is what we do.
Amazing photos.
And yeah, it's been a couple drab days. But it's cooler. I like that.
Although now I want to go hang out in a hammock...
M Pax said…
I can't remember the last time I went shopping for fun. Love all the vibrant color with your daughter and her hammock. It's very drab and dreary here today, too.
kaykuala said…
That's wonderful Ella! It takes great talent to get the snaps so well. Like the snail on the cotton. It shows perfect contrast that makes for a great pic. Thanks for sharing Ma'am!

lovely visuals, the colors in your pics are wonderful.

...Autumn is the second spring when leaves turn to flowers...

Gracias for sharing
Brian Miller said…
awww....that is an amazing picture of the coon....so cute! glad you had fun at the battle of the bands...way to go in the placing as well...wonderful pics ella...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love all the colors and beauty in your photos, kiddo. You would have a great career as a professional photographer....or a retail window decorator, for that matter! Your daughter looks so happy and beautiful..........
Vicki Sheehan said…
great pictures and i love the "ninja styling"...i would buy that : )
Brother Ollie said…
most excellent photo-essay!
Renee said…
Great photos! Your daughter is adorable.
Jennifer Wagner said…
Great photography Ella. Love the outfit-very fun! There is no school today so I am taking my boys and some of their friends to go play laser tag, which will be good to be indoors since it is foggy and cold here!
Scriptor Senex said…
Oh, I am so jealous of your daughter. I would always have loved to hang out in a tree hammock. Perhaps I should put it on my bucket list.
Autumn has started here and it's been cold the last few days but the trees have not turned yet.
Right now way too many box elder bugs are in my neighborhood, ugh!
oh, how I wish coons grew on my trees too!
Ella said…
Hi Dezzy-Isn't he cute! My neighbor discovered him and came over and showed us. I had to snap a pic ;D

Krysten-Time to hang up some Halloween fun perhaps~ Sorry~

John-It is all the rage in college. They walk around trying to find trees to hang from. Bright gorgeous colors swinging and swaying. I know sounds nice doesn't it! I hope you get one~
Autumn where I am from has peeked. Here it really doesn't look gorgeous till November!~

Jennifer-You have found one of the perfect cures for a foggy ick day~
I hope you have fun!! You are a great mom ;D

Renee-Thank you! She is so fun- We only have one issue-Halloween. She never can make-up her mind. She asked me what should she be-I ran away giggling "No comment!"

Ella said…
Hi Ollie-Thank you! :D It was nice to visit you~ You always make me want to hang with nature~

Vicki-Thank you! Yes, I had fun~ I have only been caught once ;D

Sherry-Thank you! I would pick window design! I don't know if I would like taking wedding picks...so much pressure. Windows are more my style ;D You are sweet...yes, boyfriend bought it for her-she was thrilled!

Brian-I know it was so funny to see a coon just hanging out like that! Thank you-I hope your band does well, too. It is so fun to go~ ATB

Nene-Thank you! I love that quote-yes, we do have a glorious spread of colorful cheer in both seasons~ ;D

Hank-It was shocking to see a tiny snail on cotton?! You are kind thank you so much~

Mary-It was drab and dreary when I wrote this. I guess I need some color to brighten my mood! Oh, you need to go on an art walk. You can search out treasure and look for things with the moon on them :D
Thank you :D

Alex-Yes, stealth is what we do ;D
You are clever like that~
I know me, too! I am going to get a turn when the sun comes back out~