Spiraling Inward

I'm always in awe of how much I miss when I am not online.  My thyroid was too fast.  I couldn't sit still for long, too hot, too many ideas swimming and spinning.  I was dizzy and scatterbrained.  I walked and talked too fast.   It is crazy how such a small organ- in the shape of a butterfly can wreck so much havoc.  Yet, as I entered the labyrinth of art-I was reminded how much I missed blogging.   I kept wondering what all of you were doing and saying!     As my memories danced around me- I started creating more.  I moved a table into my new space.  There is still much to do, but I am feeling better and want to make it my own.  

I missed all of you~   

A lot happens at the end of the school year-this will be my last chance to be part of it, until the day grandchildren enter my world.  There is plenty of time for that!   My daughter will graduate from high school-soon.  I am trying to embrace all the magic endings. The last Prom, the last Colorguard performance, the last Chorus event-next week.   Near Mother's Day-I celebrated my birthday.  My kids always ask me, "Are you old yet?"-

I always say, "Not, yet!"

So, here are some photos of my spiraling moments.

I made corsages for Prom-omg, I am so happy-that is over.  Two years ago Prom flowers were $80. I said
no way-they weren't even Orchids. One rose and some Delphinium...daughter wore a Royal blue dress and the boy's corsage wasn't anything special.  I told them both- I will make your flowers. Last year, I used vintage millinery flowers and feathers. I was going to attempt something unique, but we went with a more traditional look.    We went with real flowers this year-

Prom 2014

Then I attempted art for my mother for Mother's Day!  I hope all of you Mothers and caregivers had a lovely day~  I always give her seeds and a gift card to get flowers.  She loves to pick out her own seedlings and create themed window boxes.
My parents met at this theater.

I attempted an art gift for my daughter-decided to wait and mail it to her in college.  Translation,  all I have done is make a big mess!  lol

There is this really cool site.  You can print out your Instagram photos.  These are some of  mine and my daughter's pics.   You can make books, calendars, prints, posters, stickers,  buttons, and more.   This would make a great gift for a teen.  You could even give them a gift card and let them create their own personalized book.   I highly recommend it-for a special  one of a kind gift!

I attended my daughter's last Colorguard performance, On Thin Ice.  I will share the video link soon~
Here is my gal getting ready for the show.  Yes, it did remind me of Frozen.  It was hard not to cry.

I had a birthday party inspired by the TV series Mad Men.   Cake demands  milk-so I had to jazz it up a bit~
And I attempted Cookie Shots.  Have you heard of them?

The cookie is a combo of the  traditional Chocolate Chip cookie and  Shortbread.   Yes, the famous Dominique Ansel- who invented the Cronut is the creator of these clever shots.  The recipe can be found at Yum Sugar.   Yes, sugar these are yum~

Don Draper even made an appearance at my party.  He left a pack of his Lucky Lights for me.
This is a Caramello Brownie Shot with Hot Fudge and Caramel sauce.  A chunk of the  candy bar is at the bottom.  My daughter's boyfriend said he wasn't a fan of brownies, but he liked this~

I missed you, I missed writing, but I couldn't sit still.  I do hope you attempt the Cookie Shot. Oh, the  Brownie one is easy.  A square of Caramello candy bar on the bottom, then both syrups drizzled in.  Cut your Brownies tiny and layer that next, then more sauce and another brownie.  I apologize for making you hungry!   Please let me know if you try either!


Shelly said…

I have Hashaimotos. I know what you mean. Sometimes mine speeds up and sometimes it gets sluggish.

Prayers for you.

Your daughter is beautiful. Loved the gems on her prom dress.

Hugs and chocolate!
Mary Ann Potter said…
Beautiful prom photo, delightful shots ideas --- and you're back online. Wonderful. You've been missed.
Hey Ella!
We have missed you. Sorry you weren't feeling well.
Your daughter looked beautiful for her prom. And she'll really appreciate the gift this fall.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Well you have been busy with your art and that is very creative!! I love everything on this post - love the cute little pink feet in the banner, and LOVE that you have moved a table into your art room. FINALLY! Now you can really create!! The photo project looks amazing and the card for your mom with the elephant and the photo of her and your dad when they were young is just wonderful.

Angela looks beautiful in her prom dress and the flower project looks wonderful. You are SO artistic!!!! Enjoy every minute of these final months - they are once in a lifetime.......
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh and the cookie shots? I had never heard of them. But they look complicated to make so I will have to wait till I win the lottery and come visit you and you can make me some!
Scriptor Senex said…
Welcome back. I have disciplined myself to realise that blogging is a fun thing and one shouldn't feel guilty if health gets in the way. That's just what we have to cope with in life. So, whilst it's lovely to have you back please don't worry if you can't make it for a while.
Ella said…
Hi John-Thank you! Yes, it happens we get sick or busy-or both! Thanks for stopping by~ A smart discipline-indeed :D Thank you so much~

Sherry-I'll come to you or we could meet in the middle. You will recognize me-my elf like grin and the cookie shots! No, they aren't hard-but you do have to let them set before you fill the centers with chocolate. It seals the cracks so the milk will hold!

Sherry-Thank you! I will tell Angela-she will be pleased~
I couldn't sit still and all these ideas swirling-so I went with it.
Thank you Wise Woman-I am trying!
You are right the memory art really is the best~ Thanks so much!

Alex-Thank you! I missed the magic -I kept thinking about all of you!
When you aren't online you feel so left out of the loop~ Thank you I will tell her :D

Hi Mary Ann-How are you chickens? Did you finish the mini book store? I will stop by and see what I have missed~! Thank you so much~

Hi Shelly! Thank you I get the chocolate-now! We thyroid gals crave it. That is what I have, too. The medicine was generic and my symptoms were similar to the storm-but thankfully I didn't have that. I had a bad reaction to the meds. I hope you are doing okay-it is a strange disease. I try to stay on top of it-but we had a storm and I had my meds filled elsewhere-never again! Take Care of you and ((hugs)) and yes lots of chocolate~ Thank you
Kerry O'Connor said…
Your daughter looks sooo Beautiful. I love the beadwork on that dress! And fresh flowers are always the perfect finishing touch.
Brian Miller said…
nice...cool prom pics...and i like the make up hair color as well for the rather frozen theme....

i know all about the thyroid...my wife had to have half hers cut out the week before our wedding..
good to hear from you Ella. yes, life sometimes gets in the way of fun things but eventually or sometimes we do get back to doing the fun things. feel well mi amiga
Mary said…
Enjoy those last days of your daughter's senior year. Sounds like she is having a great time...and I know you enjoy taking part in the important events of her life. They do grow up way too soon, don't they?
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

Happy belated birthday, fellow Taurian....

Wonderful pics of your daughter, prom, corsages, and shots....

They look relish! On a sugar sabbatical at the moment. Put on few pounds from the cold. Winter here in Chicago is never ending. still in the 40's. We did have a few teaser days, but cool temps still haunt us here. I AM OVER IT... We are Spring babies and I love the sun and warm weather. UGGG.

WE missed you, too! Sounds like life is FUN and BUSY for you....

Glad to hear all is well!
Ella said…
Michael-Belated wishes to you Taurus Twin ;D

Thank you-I will be by soon! Heading to the city to have coffee!~ Gosh, I wish you the cold snap would end for you~ It has been a long and brutal winter! Yes, we are spring babies green with ideas~ Are you going to move?!
Yes, this was the last of the sugar in my world. I was careful-some items were sugar free-but carbs are carbs. Simple ones and my thyroid do not like each other.
Yes, I like you-put on a few lbs and now is the time to get them off! I so hope you have a lovely day! I haven't peeked but I know your special day is near the end of April. My day sometimes falls on Mother's Day-not this year.

Yes, time to be healthy..we both have had some issues. I read this was a major issue for all Taurean babies! Cheers to health!
Manicddaily said…
Hey--Ella--sounds like you were super busy--your daughter is beautiful. Enjoy it all! K.
Ella said…
Hi Karin-Thank you! I am trying-you are sweet-thank you~

Hi Mary-I am trying! I hope I do not have any regrets~ Time is flying!
Thank you so much!

Hello Marco-I hope you are doing well! Life has its way of spinning us off course~ Maybe I need time out?! I do love art, but I do have a love affair with poetry, too-lol! You are sweet-thank you~

Brian-Thank you! Give your wife a hug for me~ It is a battlefield when that master gland is off! It controls so much-mood, energy, emotions. I hope your wife is doing well-how stressful a time. Usually stress is what brings it on its dysfunction-it was for mine~

Kerry-Thank you! The name of the dress is Cinderella-this made me smile! Yes, it is a time of lasts, but new beginnings are on the horizon. I am trying to absorb and cherish it all! Thank you~