Oh, Yeah Happy Days and a Poem

I was sick after the holiday.  My son caught this stomach, headache virus the very next day. I unfortunately caught it, too. Everyone else at my house was fine.  It felt like a tight helmet of pain.  Then the soccer punches arrived.  No fun!   I am thankful it only lasted 24 hours.

My daughter had time off  from work-we ran around gathering and purchasing more college supplies.   My potential art room is filled with Rubbermaid bins, bedding, towels and supplies.  I feel like I am on a marathon of feelings.  They circle me daily and remind me of what is to come. I bend, fold and tuck away my ideas for later, except for one idea I am working on.  It is reflective of  the 'birds of a feather' idea.

Okay, here is my Happy update.  I can't imagine how odd my photos will be when my daughter is gone and I have one foot in the past and the other in the future.

Day 2
-July 4th was about family, but seeing my Orange Nasturtiums bloom in a sea of red-made me smile. 
(This could inspire a poem)

Day 3
Two years ago, we planted some grapes,  I love seeing these clusters of sweetness gather-I bet they are sour. 
One cluster has a blush of purple and mauve-soon, I will try one soon.   -July 5th

Day 4
I gathered these finds for my daughter to take to college. I am smitten with the baby Honey bear and the idea of Novel Tea.  "Read 'em and steep!"  
-July 6th

Day 5
I love seeing these tiny Hens and Chickens growing in my Strawberry pot.  -July 7th

Over in the Garden, Michael aka Grapeling inspired us with a Get Listed poem.  We are asked to write a poem using three words from his list.  

fresh, burst, defy, chain, struck, forward, exchange, customary, prefer, close

***Grapeling's gorgeous photo***

Nature's Timepiece

Sun-glow clock
defies path
art in heaven whispers
 walk bridge 
 of solitude
planted in dreams
writhing n' rippling 
air squeezed out
why am I chained?

 fresh eyed Susan waves
her open arms remind me
my stubby walk-once a skinny pig
her eyes swaying among
wind's symphony
Soon, my orange sails will 
burst open
as silver fluff nears 
I make a wish: 
hover above fair Susan
 her golden dress sways
as we dance in our
mysterious square of blue. 

©Ellen Wilson

Tomorrow I will share three more photos-then I will be back on track!
I love the idea of searching for happy.  
You can still sign up?  


Brian Miller said…
smiles...may your orange sails burst forth...ha...there is a time for everything...i hope you are feeling better...your grapes look to be about the same place ours are...some are starting to turn though...another week and i will be gorging myself at the vines...ha...
Magaly Guerrero said…
First, I hope you feel better very soon...

Then to these wonderful lines:

"writhing n' rippling
air squeezed out
why am I chained?"

I don't think I ever thought about this, but now I have to wonder... What goes through the mind of the about-to-be-butterfly caterpillar while things are still so compressed? Is there a moment when the butterfly wonders, What if I can't get out of this shell? Or has nature given the caterpillar dreams of flying.

Lovely and thought provoking.
hedgewitch said…
I had that bug! It sucked! But the bugs in grapeling' pictures, and this charming poem about your fresh-eyed Susan and exploding dandelion silver were simply delightful, Ella. Love the feel of summer and color and bloom.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love "walk the bridge of solitude planted in dreams" and Susan's golden dress "as we dance in our mysterious square of blue." Hope you are feeling better, kiddo!
Sorry you were sick! Never fun.
Like the grapes. Must be nice to enjoy fresh ones.
Renee said…
Feel better! Love the garden photos and the poem, as always.
Jim said…
I hope your sick day was happy in many ways. Being sick is no fun. Dreaming up fun poems is fun, bet you did some of that when you were sick.

Our daughter's leaving for college was big in our family. Next week she is coming home, but this time from London where she has been working for five years.
The biggest Bummer of that was that she took our two youngest grand-daughters with her. They are coming back too (well sort of, one will return next year to finish her last year of high school).

This comment post got long, but yesterday wasn't very happy for me.
I stayed home instead of playing my usual Tuesday golf with friends. Later in the day a younger friend asked me what was wrong, what was bothering me. I hadn't said a word to give that impression but she could tell.
21 Wits said…
I'm hoping you are in best of spirits quickly. Your poem is beautiful, and your photos are stunning captures to brighten all of our worlds!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
May you have enough Rubbermaid containers.

I love the first two photos. You got down at plant level, something I love to do when I take a shot.
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is such a wonderful post, Ella. I feel so filled up by all your beautiful things, and your loving poet's eye for the kind of details that really matter.
Mary Ann Potter said…
That golden dress --- a beautiful image, just like the rest of your poem.

Yes, happy photos --- the often overlooked details --- natural wonders.

Glad you're feeling better. I enjoyed what you shared here.
Scarlet said…
I enjoyed your pictures Ella ~

May your sails burst open & your wish come true - dance away ~

Thanks for the happy update ~
Anonymous said…
gorgeous pix; glad you're feeling better; and sweet, visually appealing pen, that dancing Susan vivid as can be. thanks for joining in, Ella ~ M
mrs mediocrity said…
I love the imagery of dancing with Susan... she's a favorite of mine :)
a lovely poem!
joanna uk said…
That's quite an undertaking Ella.
100 days of being happy. What do you do when you realize tht you aren't? Skip, or pretend or what. Or do you have a buddy group where you cheer each other up?
Margaret said…
"hover above fair Susan
her golden dress sways"

Love that. Yes, I HATE losing them to college. But it is so nice when they come back home - and want to be here ;)
Helen said…
Dancing Susans .. waltzing Matildas ~ daughters off on new adventures, the stuff life is made of. Glad you only had the bug for 24 hours!
Marian said…
love this! love the fresh-eyed Susans :)
your garden sensibility is similar to mine. LOOOVVVEEEE those nasturtiums, and the hens 'n chicks, and all the rest. enjoy! (& feel better)
kaykuala said…
Beautiful pics Ella! I like the grapes most as it is all of your own sweat and tears there fruiting nicely! Great!

it goes without saying that your photographs are stunning and your poetry, as always, draws the mind's eye to the details and beauty in life. i love that you are doing the 100 Happy Days challenge!

i still remember the day my daughter left for college and in another 24 months, it will be my granddaughter going off ~ and she wants to go far off! i keep teasing her that i'm going to move wherever she goes. {smile}

miss you, girl! hoping to get back into being more active online sometime soon.

hope you're taking good care of yourself! *HUGS*