Hope, Promise, Love

I hope your Valentine's Day was nice.  Mine was spent with the power going off -with lightening and hurricane like winds.   This is the second time in a week-we have lost the power.  A transformer blew Thursday.  And on Saturday we had strong winds and lost the power again.  

Now, we are under another winter storm advisory.  So, I am baking like a Ninja and like a Girl Scout trying to "Be prepared."

Over in the Imaginary Garden, Karin inspired us with this challenge:

"Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to write something born out of a promise. This can be a promise of yours or of someone else, or of some remembered or imagined someone else.  Or of a remembered or imagined you! "

I took the challenge of making Valentine's in non-traditional colors.  I thought of the song, "You are my Sunshine."  I sang it to both of my kids, when they were little.   And let's not forget The Beatles, "Sun, sun, sun here it comes..."   

I also thought of one of my favorite poets- e.e. cummings~

 I was fortunate to have my hearts published in The Stampers' Sampler.   Thank-you, to editor, Devon Warren~


Promise song
 etches pink-gold
faith buds
heart's topaz
hugs cherub
mountain's moments measure
waking violets tender as
green roses ripening
in pocketed sunshine
ripening roses green
as tender violets waking
measures moment's mountains
cherub hugs
 topaz heart
buds faith
gold-pink etches
song's promise

©Ella Wilson


Susie Clevenger said…
Congratulations on having your heart published! I love the poem.
congrats on being published.
yes it is interesting how the aura of the heart or body emits different colors when enduring different emotions. warm blues, yellow golds, orange hues.

we, in norther Indiana near lake Michigan, have also had our share of brutal winds and an abundance of lake affect snow. on a positive note, crime on each other has gone down.

chocolate chip, or short bread cookies are great with a warm cup of cocoa, tea or coffee.

see you around the snow bank, mi amiga
Congratulations on the publication!
Yes, we've had high winds followed by sleet last night. Hope you are prepared and you've fully stocked your food.
Ella said…
Hi Alex-Thank you! It looks like a skating pond in my world and I bet yours, too! Stay warm and be safe-I hope you, too are prepared~

Nene-I love the thoughts of aura~ I like your idea of how staying warm behind the snow bank! Good news about crime. Thank you~

Susie-Thank you! It was a struggle-I think cabin fever has set in~ Stay warm, Susie~
Outlawyer said…
Hey Ella, this reads very like a collage - very visual and the pieces overlapping and interwoven--a very sweet poem and congrats on the hearts. Thanks for participating. k.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I find palindrome poems almost impossible to write. What a cool effect you have achieved with yours.
Brian Miller said…
oh i like the form...and how turning the words makes for new discoveries....i think you achieved reaching that valentine...

good to see you....we got 12 inches in this storm, so out of school today and just came in from shoveling...ha
Laura said…
Beautiful poem Ella… we maintained power throughout the storm, but wow the winds were wild and the snow fall significant.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh I love the reversal of the lines........and congrats on being published again....almost every month now. Wonderful!!!! I love the hearts and stars in the photo art.
Mary said…
I like the idea of Valentines in non-traditional colors, and it is no surprise to me that you would come up with this idea and go with it!!! I enjoyed your poem, Ella. It made me smile.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on the publication! My brain refuses to do a palindrome- absolutely stiffens up its spine, stamps its foot and says "NO" so people who can do them so well are amazing to me. Great job.
Jennifer Wagner said…
Hi Ella! Your blog is such a bright spot in the blogosphere, and one I always enjoy visiting. I love the "waking violets...ripening in pocketed sunshine." What a delightful image that brings to mind. I hope you weather the storm well!
Congrats on the publication. Sorry the winter is attacking you. It's been a brutal one.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your artful hearts being published, as they so rightly deserve. I love the way you incorporated photographs instead of a stamped focal onto each heart and the colours are so gorgeously fresh.
No snow in my little corner of the world but I should add, as yet, because we could easily see snow falling in March time.
Thank you for always being such an inspirational soul.
Margaret said…
Nice publication. And that is a poem I find almost impossible to write - nice job!
Ella said…
So, sorry I haven't been online. WE had our power go on and off so much-I retreated. I will visit you-thank you everyone-so much~
Ella said…
Hi Margaret-Thank you so much~ I find this form challenging, but also fun~

Lynne-Thank you for all your inspire! I love your creations and your latest ones in The Stampers' Sampler are breathtakingly gorgeous~ So, nice of you to stop by-thank you so much~

Susan-Thank you! I can't complain like my family in the north, but I do think as a empty-nester and losing my furry best friend-made it more difficult~

Jennifer-Thank you! I am craving color and it shows in my poem~ I hope you and yours are doing well~ Winter seems to be an test of endurance for so many this year. I really can't complain about the weather. I need more vitamin D-maybe!

George-You probably are good at math! I am not sure why this form doesn't challenge me that much. Must be that origami position I have been folded in ;D Thank-you, so much!

Hi Mary-I just kept thinking of how much we need color when Valentine's Day arrives and how much I need to see more sunshine ;D Thank-you~

Sherry-Thank you so much~ I am a big fan of stars the nightly ones shining in the indigo sky and a few movie stars! Oh and then there are chocolate stars ;D I had fun with this one thinking of missing the day star the most-the sun!!!
Ella said…
Hi Laura-Thank you! I am glad you are all okay. Tonight is another test with the wind chill. My daughter's college today was cancelled because of the extreme cold temps. Then the heat went out in her dorm. Life seems to be challenging almost everywhere these days~

Brian-I have missed you! Thank you~
Yes, nothing like a good snow day-wow that is quite a bit! I bet your kids are thrilled~ enJOY your day home with your family!

Kerry-Thank you! I am beginning to worry now-I really don't mind this form?!

Karin-Thank you! I loved your challenge and yes, I wanted color to be a focus~ Sweet sentiments should be honored on any day they make an appearance! ;D

Mary Ann Potter said…
Hi, Ellen! I don't know how I could have missed this last week, but I'm glad I found it this morning. Congratulations on your newest published work! I sent my Black and White creation to Somerset Studios awhile back. I'd love to see it there!

Now for the poem --- it's gorgeous! I love your color imagery. It adds texture as well; there are emotions behind those colors.

We're well here on the farm. All the critters stayed cozy, and we never lost electricity. Now onto the spring season. Sending a hug.
Ella said…
Mary Ann-I bet your art will grace those pages ;D You are sweet-thank you so much~

Thank you, again! I will be by to visit-I am happy you and yours are safe and cozy on the farm! Yes, hugs to you, too~
Beautiful! Congratulations!