Monday, Monday

Monday was not like any other day.  Now, I have that Monday, Monday song stuck in my head.  I have seen signs of spring here which will likely be glazed over with ice by tomorrow.  What is it like in your neck of the woods?!

Over in the Imaginary Garden, I attempted the Sunday Mini Challenge, hosted by Grace.  I ended up with two poems, when company arrived-I set them aside.  Then my son arrived later that evening.  He brought his fur baby, Wade.  I was thankful for the nice day and we spent most of it hiking and being outside. 

   So, I am going to attempt to write a poem based on Cuban poet, Carilda Oliver Labra.   Grace shared with us that she is one of the most influential poets in Cuba.   A lot of her poetry is influenced by social causes and philosophy, but her main theme is love.  Her poetry is erotic-which I found difficult to write.  It seems my issue was not enough or too much.  I struggled.  I used a line of Carilda's poetry*______*.

Anchored Hope

Constellations freckle my
 eyes with Shamrock gold
as prophesy unfolds
*where have you fled with your wild box full of hearts*
harbor ebbs n' flows 
I carry spring's umbrella
as thunder rolls
sea's song tangles
ropes towards
home port's

 Rose quartz kisses
paint strawberry blush
white skin's canvas
as red cardinal's song
opens mind
spring's sacred prayer

 Shoals bewitch 
Cape of hope 
 my spare blue skirt
hopes your sky 
will lift my sails
white pearl wishes hidden
 midnight souls
who heed
tide's lullaby. 

©Ella Wilson 


Cape of hope - I like that!
brudberg said…
My spare blue shirt...what a wonderful line to bring balance with the topaz portal.. i can feel the air of spring in your words.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Spectacular writing! Wow! I love the cape of hope....and the cardinal's song opening minds.....your art is so beautiful too!
These poems are simply beautiful, Ellen! Your photos make your work a wonderful presentation. Impressive.
Jennifer Wagner said…
This is lovely, Ella! I like how you took this to the sea, brought in seasonal notes. You made this prompt your own!
colleen said…
I really like the metaphoric descriptions like rose quartz kisses and white skin canvas. I have sometimes felt like a planet with freckles as constellations and that my blue skirt is a sky.
Gillena Cox said…
"white pearl wishes hidden" luv this line and the mmod of your poem is so whimscial, enjoyed enjoyed

much love..
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Beautiful, Ella. Without hope, all is lost.
hedgewitch said…
Intricate work with color and movement--a very visual poem that speaks to the senses and the mind.
Kerry O'Connor said…
Such lovely work, Ella. You bring the senses to life in your vivid descriptions.
Margaret said…
I read each line as if a brush stroke - layering impressions and visuals. Nice!
Laura said…
Ella I loved this through and through, the imagery is so clear, the way the lines flow one into the next… beautiful!
Susie Clevenger said…
What beauty Ella, visual with such a lovely command of language.
Lolamouse said…
You paint such vivid and gorgeous pictures with your poems, Ella. So sorry to hear about your SAD. I find that I react strongly to lack of sun as well. Keep writing, and we're here for you!
Lolamouse said…
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shelly said…
I'm 7 days behind in reading blogs I follow. Today is Sunday and I'm at the Salon.
Ella said…
Shelly-I am behind, too! Hang in there and hugs n' chocolate to you~ We have had winter storms knock out our power and my husband took a few days off. You will get back in there~

Lolamouse-Thank-you! You are sweet-I do think many of us feel the tug of war with our energy, when gray skies have lingered too long. You are kind! I hope the sun is bright and vibrant in your world-tomorrow!

Marian-Thank you! I will come visit you~
Ella said…
Hi Susie-Thank you! :D

Laura-You are kind~ Thank you!

Margaret-Thank-you! I do want to paint again ;D

Kerry-Thank you! I am smitten with your latest poem~

Hedge-Thank you~ I am struggling so that means a lot.

L.Diane-Thank you so much~

Gillena-Thank you! You are very kind~

Colleen-I enjoyed visiting your blog!
Thank you~

Hi Jen-I will visit you again, soon!
Wow, on your latest offering~ Thank you!
Ella said…
Mary Ann-Thank you, so much~ :D
You are sweet!

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, we all need a Cape of Hope~ :D

Bjorn-Thank you! Yes, I am looking forward to that gorgeous hopeful sky of blue~

Alex-I know I need to visit the Cape of Hope-this weather is kicking my mood. Thank you~