Dear Past, Dear Future

Over in the Garden, we are to write a letter poem.

"Think about your ancestors.  Think about your future descendants. Write a letter to either or both.  Word count is wide open."

Dear Green Heart,

Your wing swept magic lurks
in green fingers n' thumbs.
You'll hear Lunar sing
a haunting tune when
Scarlet Ibis flies.
Like Eagle you soar high
as the sun lights gold flecks
in your eyes
 freedom lives in your mind n' feet.
dive deep like the jellyfish
find  beauty in the darkness
in the ocean-there is light
trust yourself
like Nautilus' inner whorl
spiral in your galaxy
 accept your gifts
Lynx will make you laugh
and respect personal boundaries 
 Polar Bear reminds you to
except storms and rainbows
be sensitive, generous and
be curious to life's journey
never give up on love. 





Susie Clevenger said…
What a beautiful letter to leave for the future.
Ella said…
Thank you, Susie! I am not a grammie yet, but hopeful! One child says no way, the other says someday!
?! For now, I have two furbabies coming to visit me on Sunday. A Beagle and a Yorkie~
Jim said…
Good advice for growing up folk when you, grandma, aren't there. Smart Grammie.
I would like to see the visiting beagle. Our Adi beagle dog died in November, 2013.. She was a therapy dog and loved people.
How wonderful! (And I am enraptured to learn of the existence of scarlet ibis.)
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is a message to the future generation worth keeping and revisiting. How wonderful for a child to know he/she was thought of and anticipated long before birth.
wonderful wise and wish filled words. who reads this shall feel better for it
Outlawyer said…
Ah, so sweet. Thanks. k.
Well done, Grammie! Freedom lives in your mind n' feet - nice line.
Gillena Cox said…
luv your hope in the future; i can tell you, being still a grammmie newbiee (2years); wishing you the span of grammie years to come

thanks for dropping in to read mine

much love,,,
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, just lovely! My sister-in-law is a genealogist; she's uncovered some truly interesting things. You, however, have given this a whole new meaning. I really enjoyed your words today, Ellen.
Mama Zen said…
This is so lovely, Ella!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
This is so beautiful, one of my faves of yours......I love it being addressed to "green heart" and the final line says it, to never give up on love.
Ella said…
Thank you, everyone!