Lugging, Tugging and Hugging

I had every intention of writing poetry, but my husband and I left on Good Friday to bring our daughter her valuables, to her first apartment. Our road trip was full of snake roads and crazy weather.  The view was heavenly and after lots of lugging, tugging and hugging we were able to get things settled.   I am happy for my daughter and her fiancĂ© Brenden.  Their new home is cute-it has lots of potential and a glorious view.


Thanks to our neighbors, Ben and Laura for loaning us their trailer.

A sign before we drove up a mountain.

A robin wanted me to play follow the leader, nearby is a labyrinth.

The happy couple! 

An Easter poem for Flash 55

 The rules for this prompt are simple: write a poem or piece of prose in precisely 55 words.

Snuggle bunnies
awaken to world's bridge
linking inner n' outer hearts
grace grows a spiritual rose
in planted peace
find Sunday's Swan song
moon dreamers leap into abyss
hearts flutter like robin's flapping wings
pull an olive branch out of
a magician's hat
enlightenment ripples
snow lilies bloom-
shimmering 5 cells flicker and shine
trust your twinkle.

©Ella Wilson


A lovely and magickal poem for those whom I, at first, thought you had described as 'the young couplet' (!)
Jim said…
More Gertrude S. in 55 words, Ella? You did good, a reader merely identify with a line that appeals to him/her. I liked the first and last best.
I hope the trauma of daughter getting her own apartment didn't twist your thinking any. :) :) (means I'm still smiling, I like!!! [but I liked yours better before] ).
Kerry O'Connor said…
Thanks for sharing the photos of your trip. The couple look very happy, and your poem reads like a song.
grapeling said…
congratulations! a pen of a hopeful beginning ~
Nick Wilford said…
Good luck to them. Sounds like a poem for a new beginning.
Marian said…
Love this! GAH your daughter and her boyfriend, what a great shot! Cute cute CUTE. I ache for this moment, for you, oh hell really for myself... I have some more years but GAH GAH. Your poem is so sweet... from the first couplet all the way through. Sending hugs! xo
Your snuggle bunnies look very happy! That was nice of you to spend Easter weekend helping your daughter with the apartment.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
They look excited about their new apartment.
MaryAnn Potter said…
Your sweet poem is so fitting. I will, as you said in the last couple of lines, trust my twinkle! Have a wonderful day!
Ella said…
MaryAnn-I know you trust yours-I just saw some sparkle over on your blog~ :D Thank you!

L.Diane-They are-I will post a photo of their view-I want to move-lol. No, I won't be that kind of mom, but gosh it will fun to visit.

Alex-Thank you! My son had to work and it aligned with their Easter break. It was a long haul, but worth it. I can smile knowing where her heart is~

Marian-You want a tissue? I am trying to be fun and happy-it is their first place and I come home and her room is empty and I found a tiny Barbie phone in the corner of her closet. I txted her and said, "I see you have lost your phone"-then sent her a photo. I wish my hound was here, so I could howl with me. Yes, I am an emotional mess. I talk to both my kids every day-so I feel fortunate!! It is hard to let your heart walk outside your body~ One piece lives on a beach another in the mountains. Thanks Marian-embrace every day-there is so much joy in the ordinary!!
Ella said…
Hi Nick-Thank you!! New beginnings allow us a chance to grow~

Grape-Yes, a sweet pairing, to see this happen for them~ Thank you!

Kerry-Thank you! I walked the labyrinth and felt the bridge of my inner and outer world meet. They are giddy~

Jim-The only twists for me-is the worry about the spiral roads to her home. Winter will scare the hell out of me. They are engaged and he proposed after taking her on a difficult hike. I will worry-it is my job~ Thank you, Jim!

Rosemary-You make me smile! Thank you~

21 Wits said…
How wonderful! Being a mother and having done this before though, I know the bittersweet feel to this kind of moment as ell! Good luck, and may happiness shower her in her new beginnings!
hedgewitch said…
Charming and hopeful.
Magaly Guerrero said…
Poetry with a view. May the bunnies "trust [their] twinkle" indeed!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I LOVE that "trust your twinkle". Your daughter looks so happy!!!!!! Yay! The trip sounds fun, and your poem is, as always, a pleasure to read and envision. I especially love "grace grows a spiritual rose". That is a powerful statement.
Hannah said…
Ella!! I love this much joy and excitement...your images are so vibrant and your words ring with magic!! Love the inclusion of the labyrinth!

I read your comment to Marian on my way down to comment...Your pieces of heart walking outside of you...beach and mountains...that concept would make an excellent poem, too!

You're so ya!!
Ella said…
Hi Hannah! It is how it feels when the kids leave home~ Thank you, so much~ The labyrinth was way cool. I can't wait to go back and try again! Thank-you SS 11:11

Sherry-Yes, that inward spiral rose the one that has thorns that we over look to enjoy the perfume, the beauty-we all have those roses in our lives~ Thank you, so much! Yes, the snuggle bunnies are trusting their twinkle-keeping my fingers crossed for those two!!

Magaly-Yes, I had fun with this one! I hope you had a lovely birthday~ @>---------

RK-Thank you! :D

Hedge-Thank you so much~

Karen S-Thank you, that was so sweet~ It is a bittersweet moment-you embrace their joy and smile, but inside you also ache~
Time flew and I tried to make the best of it-but we always want more time~
Other Mary said…
I'm glad you got your daughter and her finacee settled.
"trust your twinkle" what very good adivce!
Susie Clevenger said…
Yes, by all means, trust your twinkle. Love the photos!
Wanda said…
Sounds like fun times. May the happy couple enjoy making many wonderful memories in their new place.