The House That Built You

Over in the Garden, Mama Zen prompted us to write about a special place that speaks to us, our soul.

"Today, I want you to tell us about the house that built you.  It doesn't have to be an actual house; it can be a school house, a house of worship, a tree-house . . . any place from your younger years that has special meaning to you now.  Use as many words as you like."
Thank you, Mama Z~

My blueness
waves to
 gray wharf
lapping tears
sun's dazzle
fog's gray ribbons n'
moon's shine

Time in a Bottle 
my life's lullaby
embracing my labyrinth's
rainbows n' storms

reached me
as I drifted like a
falling star into your
blue arms.

Splashing, rolling waves 
n' crying gulls
announce me
I step my feet on
welcome mat.

©Ella Wilson



Anonymous said…
This is beautiful! I miss the ocean so much, and it was only a few days ago I had some delightful muscles for lunch :)
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your poems are so beautiful, Ellie, as is your art. You have a beautiful soul. I love the shells and the saying - very apt - never let go of the ability to see beauty in ordinary things. I especially love the lines about the gray wharf lapping tears against sun's dazzle. Life being such a mix of tears and sunshine.
Ella said…
MJ-Me, too! Yummy~ My son collected these shells. My mom helped him arrange them into a heart~ It is on my night stand-he was three years old at the time. Thank you, so much~

Alex-lol! Yes~ I believe the stars built you~

Sherry-Thank you, so much! I had to go there-I am missing the shore so much. You have a bluetiful soul, Sherry! When I think of the ocean I think of you, moving there~ Yes, a life with many mixed blessings and tears~ You are so sweet!
kaykuala said…
The ocean can well bring pleasant memories. Looking at the lapping of the shore by the waves it creates the feel of tenacity and untiring efforts! Great write Ella!

Susie Clevenger said…
What a beautiful place to call home.
Jim said…
All in terms of a life tied to the waters. Even to the SOS call, and answer.
Would you have liked to ride with the bottle a little longer? I think I would if it was clear glass so that I could se what was going on. A pretty passive life.
I grew up on an island, until I was 15, and don't like to be too far, ever, from the beautiful ocean.
grapeling said…
gorgeous, Ella ~
Marian said…
Gosh, this makes me pine for a place I can only imagine-- wonderful.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I love that sandy welcome mat. People who grow up near the sea never lose the love of sand beneath their feet.
Mama Zen said…
"as I drifted like a
falling star into your
blue arms."

Gillena Cox said…
Luv "sun's dazzle " and "moon shine"
The humility in appreciation of nature's gifts to us

Thanks for dropping in to read mine

Much love...
Hart Johnson said…
Lovely poem Ellie!
Magaly Guerrero said…
Poetry is birthed by people who see beautiful realities. You paint reality pretty... and I like it.
Mary Ann Potter said…
Oh, the ocean --- what a wonderful way to describe it. A beautiful poem, Ellen.
Hannah said…
This is so welcoming, Ella!! I love that the ocean built you and that the forest built me...truly we are star sisters!! ♥
Outlawyer said…
Sounds just lovely, Ella--I can imagine the surf. Thanks. k. (Manicddaily)