Funny, how one word will trigger a song and a symphony to perform in my head. Does that happen to you?!   I am thinking of David Bowie's song-Changes.

I recently crossed off a wish on my bucket list.  It was a big one for me.  One that in reality may never have happened, but it did and I had to pinch myself.  Honestly, it doesn't feel real-just yet.  My daughter will be home from college in a few days and when we go to the bookstore and I see it-then it will be real!  I will likely squeal and laugh and snap a pic.   I am official a Cover Girl!   Okay, not in the traditional sense.  See:

My daughter laughed, "Mom, she is wearing colors you wear, a lot. "  It was kinda uncanny.  I do wish my hair was that long-again. Yes, I made Poetic Amulets using a mesh tea ball strainer.

 Thank you-to editor Devon Warren and the Stampington &Company staff.   Devon had a bit of fun with me.  She emailed me, "Let me know if there is anything you want."   I thought, well yes,  I would love the cover-pick me, pick me!  Of course-I never said those words to anyone, until now.

 So, dreams can come true!   So, whatever you hope to accomplish-write it down.  Those penned words wake your subconscious-and sometimes the universe listens~   You won't know until you try!  Whatever your dream may be-go for it!  I have had so, many people try to talk me out of being creative, but I didn't don't you!  Do it it for your heart, for your soul-because we have to honor who we are-no matter what~

So, I am taking a break from being a regular poet.   I will still write poetry, but I am passing my Imaginary Garden lily pad onto someone who writes poetry daily.    I will miss being part of this exceptional group of poetic Toads, but with a leap of faith I want to put my energy elsewhere.

I have other artistic endeavors, hopes and dreams-so I need time to process what it is I hope to accomplish.  Another cover would be nice, perhaps a Youtube channel.   Yes, I am dreaming, but maybe the universe is listening~ YOU never know~  So, be brave, be you and with a leap of faith do what makes you smile the most-write, pen poems, paint, play and/or write music, sing, dance, create, but whatever you pick-do it with all your heART.    * Time didn't change my mind-art is my #1ove~


Sherry Blue Sky said…
The cover is wonderful, Ellie, and your imagination always amazes me. I look at a tree strainer and think: "Tea" see a work of art, make it, and wind up on the cover of a magazine. That is fantastic. You will still write poems, when you feel moved to do so, as you have The Gift....and we will enjoy them, whenever they appear here. The one thing on your bucket list I am waiting to see photos of is.....your new puppy. May he come soon.
Ella, that is awesome! You are a cover girl. Congratulations.
Mary Ann Potter said…
How wonderful! I'm so delighted for you!
shelly said…
Love the cover! Good for you!
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Ella, that is wonderful! Oh to see a dream come true.
Jennifer Wagner said…
Congratulations, Ella! I'm excited for you!
Ella said…
Hi Jennifer, Thank you~ I was stunned, when I found out~ You are kind~

Diane-It is kinda surreal-Thank you!

Shelly-Thank you, so much!

Mary Ann-Thank you! Keep going you might be next~ :D

Alex-Thank you~ Yes, I am-lol~

Sherry-Thank you, so much! Sherry God Mother~ Yes, I am being patient. We had a stray in our yard over the weekend...I tried to keep him. He was a hunting dog-so kindhearted. I named him, feed him and tried to make him mine. Yay, time to get another dog~ Besides, there is a Scottie dog in my neighborhood I adore. He doesn't get walked and several times I have wanted to take him home. My hound and him were best fur friends~ Thank you, Sherry!

Karen Baldwin said…
Such a cool!!! Congrats on the cover shot.
congrats ella. anything creative/artistic that is shared with the world changes the world.

gracias for sharing. buena suerte on your expanding endeavor
Kerry O'Connor said…
I am so happy to see your art featured on the front cover! I know how hard you have worked to make this dream a reality. Well done, Ella.
That is so cool. I'm going to look for it at the bookstore this week.
Ella said…
Hello everyone! Sorry, I didn't get back to you, sooner. We lost our internet and have been going through withdrawals~ Amazing, how much of my life is now tangled with social media, blogging and streaming Netflix. I went into Popcorn brain shock again...but started reading real books, crocheting, dancing and baking Pumpkin bread. It has been a rainy movie kinda day and it would of been nice to stream a movie-oh, well!

Hi Susan-Thank you, so much!

Hello Kerry-Thank you! I have fought for a space, fought doubt, fought glued fingers and staining my fingers blue. It was all worth it-lol. You are sweet-thank you!

Marco-I love what you wrote-so, true, so true! Thank you~

Hi Em-Thank you! One never knows, but we keep plugging along~ I will be by and see what you have been up to~

Arlee Bird said…
Congrats on the pic. Change is a good thing when the change is good change. This is the kind of evolution in which I can wholeheartedly believe.

Arlee Bird
Tossing It Out
Ella said…
Hi Lee,
Thank you! It is tough to change things up-but necessary to grow~ You are sweet and I appreciate your opinion!
congrats on the cover, it is such a lovely one! Next stop - a centrefold :)
Ella said…
Dezzy-LOL, I can't stop laughing- You are so funnay! (my accent)
Thank you, Dezzy~
Vicki Sheehan said…
congratulations Ellen! i made an extra stop at the magazine section in my grocery store just to see it. should be proud : ) have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Ella said…
Hi Vicki-Thank you, so much! It was such a wonderful surprise~ I do love tea!
I know you do, too~ I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving~
Unknown said…
Congratulations! That's awesome!
Ella said…
Hello Melanie-Thank you, so much~
It's a gorgeous cover! Congratulations!!
Crystal Collier said…
Yay for a dream come true! It's a beautiful cover. Super beautiful.
Yolanda Renée said…
Ella, I'm so happy for you. How wonderful! A dream come true, and a real boost to the ego. No doubt a needed boost!
Ella said…
Hi Yolanda-Thank you, so much! Yes, it did help with my ego~ Yes, I always hoped for it to happen-one never knows~ Thank you!!! @>---------

Crystal-Thank you! It was a big surprise~ You are sweet~

Rachel-Thank you, so much!!!

I will be by, soon. I have been sick-

M Pax said…
Major cool! Congrats on that accomplishment, Ella! And thanks for the blitz. A very happy holidays to you and your family.
Ella said…
Hi M Pax-Thank you, so much! I hope you and yours enJOY the wonder of the holiday season. I thought of you when I saw the full moon Christmas night-I knew you were basking in its glory~
Happy New Year!
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! How wonderful. I am thrilled for you! Yes, as I have always said Creativity is a terrible thing to waste....

An now you are creating lovely thing for others to enjoy! GOOD FOR YOU! I was always a crafter and it made me happy making things for friends and family. Christmas in particular was always my favorite time of year because I could MAKE so many lovely things... Sadly, that boat has sailed. Life is just too complex for me now and I don't have the inclination or desire to do it anymore. I do miss those days though. Maybe in my later years I will be the artist I always wished I could be and spend my days painting in a lovely garden...

SO happy for you and may 2016 continue to bring on your creativity!
I love the cover, and I love your post. Yes, we must always follow our heart. Thank you for being so Inspiring!
Also, beautiful blog cover photo, and quote - it's perfect! Thank you Ella!
kaykuala said…
That's wonderful Ella, a cover girl! So happy to share!

Lynne Moncrieff said…
I adore you even more for being so brave to share with us that you have dreams. When I look at artists such as yourself I always imagine you don't have the same thought process as someone like me, someone who I class as being on the first rung of the ladder, in fact I'm not actually on the first rung, my foot merely hovers over it. You see, I have dreams which I barely dare to dream and they are noted only in my journal but as we know, the Universe does work her magic and those lovely folks at Stampington surely have insight into what our dreams are because they continue to allow us to fulfill them.
You and your art deserve this cover in fact I am astonished this is your first it certainly won't be your last.
Here's to you ticking off all the dreams you have listed, if you wish it, it will happen especially as your art speaks to so many of us.