Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Letter C-Get Calm with Color

Today, I am part of the Grace Notes Blog Hop and continuing the A-Z Blogging Challenge-a challenge to blog the alphabet 26 days in the month of April-with Sundays off.    Grace Notes is a blog dedicated to life's ordinary magic. 

Bella Grace is a magazine-which is part journal and part of a soulful journey inward.   Among the pages we get to embrace life's beautiful ordinary moments transformed by gorgeous photos and writing to embrace one's heart.  This magazine will help you witness magic in the ordinary.  I am giving away a copy of this lovely publication.  I will draw a name out of my hat and let you know on April 8th, who the winner is~

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud."

                                                  ~ Maya Angelou

 Spring, in my world arrived with a cold front, a gray over cast sky and later on in the day, drizzle.  As I stepped over puddles to get indoors, I searched the sky for a rainbow.  Sometimes  'out of the blue'- I discover one, but today there was no arc of colorful light.

 Instead, I thought why not  create my own rainbow.  There are seven colors in the rainbow's spectrum:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo and violet.   Here are a few ways I  added a profusion of color to my world.  Color makes me happy, saturates my mood, calms and energizes me.

1.  Red-Letter Days-As a child I always noticed special days on a calendar were marked in red.  I believe any day can be extraordinary day.  I started decorating  white lunch bags with calendars, touches of red and some details to remind the recipients-they are deserving of love and attention.  I love to surprise people and create a gift for them-a token to mark a moment, a ritual or a rite of passage.  For example:  A job promotion, passing a difficult exam, scoring a goal, getting a driver's license,  or just being kindhearted.  Red has heart appeal and Red-Letter Days remind me to honor even the ordinary moments. 


2. Orange you glad-I didn't share a knock-knock joke.  Orange reminds me of adventure and being bold.   It is a color of empowerment.  When I grow poppies-I feel there is magic in the air.  This color cheers me on  and makes me want to own an orange boho skirt.  I want to twirl, bend and bow like a flower dancing with the wind.

3. Yellow-bellied.  I had to find courage to submit a bit of  poetry to Bella Grace.  I remember the day I saw my words paired with this gorgeous photo.  I sat on a bench in a sea of people @Barnes n 'Nobles in a state of awe and shock.    Don't be a yellow bellied sap sucker-be brave and do it anyway-take a chance and go, do, submit your ideas.  One never knows what may happen~

  *Catching Rain by Savannah @ Flickr

4. Green Thumb-I love to give green gifts. Growing veggies and flowers,  smelling herbs and planting seeds makes me smile.  Even on the grayest day-I feel better if I tend something living and playing in the dirt wakes my inner child.  I don't  remain blue for long, when I am outside in nature's green cathedral. 


5. Out of the Blue-I love to take photos. Sometimes, I am surprised what appears in front of my camera's lens.   For me, taking photos is a quick way to improve my  mood.  Photos inspire my creativity with the chance to use filters, brighten, darken, lighten or sharpen an image and be creative with color.  This photo has a 'Once in a  Blue Moon' feel.  I have never seen a peacock before and this sighting was 'out of the blue' and really  brightened my day~

This peacock's name is Blue.  I was headed to my farmer's market and spied  him.  Fortunately, I had my camera.   I was stunned and talked to   Blue's owner.  Blue's favorite color is red. His favorite snack is Kibbles and Bits dog food.  

Isn't he bluetiful! 

6. Black n' Blue describes the color of the indigo evening sky and the ocean.  I love watching the night sky develop into this color.  It is like watching an artist paint with watercolors, as  the colors shift and ripple onto the sky's canvas-until a veil of  twinkling stars appear.    

 The magic of indigo never disappoints me whenever I gaze at the ocean. The depth and range of blue invites wonder as the water ebbs n' flows.  The music lulls and calms me-as the water drums a soothing lullaby churning up  childhood memories of growing up near the seashore. 

7. No Shrinking Violet-Recently, my aunt sent me this photo of my grandparents. My grandmother is the second lady on the right hand side and my grandfather is being silly-appearing like a shrinking violet in the background.  I laughed out loud when I saw the photo and found it odd it was printed in a shade of purple. My grandfather was 'no shrinking violet.'   Purple reminds me of passion and everyone in this photo looks like they are having a wonderful time~  

One of my favorite ways to add color is taking the time to color with crayons or pencils.  I love adult coloring books and all the prisms of nature found in colored pencils.   Coloring calms me.   I find this activity invites my inner child to appear and the tranquility of creation-soothes me.   Being creative is  my Somewhere Over the Rainbow, "where I can dare to dream...and where you'll find me.

Don't forget to enter the give away!  This magazine is a journey into one's self~ 


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gracias for sharing
Ella said…
Hello Marcoantonio-Thank you! Color does paint our world with hope, inspiration and sunshine~
That was very clever tying all the colors together like that. Orange I'm glad? yes!
Denise said…
I was just looking at adult coloring books this weekend. I already have some colored pencils I found in stuff my boys left behind when they moved out ages ago.
kaykuala said…
Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain

How nice to be reminded of the colors of the rainbow, Ella!

Ella said…
Alex-I know red for you would be Hot Tamales Candy~ You are always fun!

Denise-Yes, there are so, many wonderful adult themed books~ enJOY, your inner child needs a release, too. I love the variety in The Coloring Studio version~

Hank-Yes, you would love a rainbow! I know one of your blogs has this name~ Thank you!
Love the idea of creating your own rainbow, I got a palette of colors for Christmas that I've yet to open and play with, you've inspired me.

Happy April 4th! My birthday today. Hubby started it off with a bouquet of pink carnations! Perfect!
Ella said…
Yolanda-Happy Birthday! I am going to put your name into my hat-twice!
Tickled pink for your special day-Happy, Happy Birthday @>-------xo
Andrea said…
I definitely need some color today and even your post have me a boost. We have gotten over 6 inches of snow since Saturday night and ornis still flying here and there. The green is gone and such gray now!
Ella said…
Hi Andrea-I am happy I could shine some colorful light in your world. I grew up in Maine-so I know all about those April surprise snow storms~ I do hope you find a way to add some sprinkles of color to your day~ Wear color, write something colorful or create a colorful creation~ I over did the C's... Thank you, for stopping by~
Thank you for reminding
us that we can all be
rainbow makers, no
matter the weather
or circumstances!

Visiting from the BG
Blog Hop, so no need
to enter my name in
the contest : )

Fellow writer and
"hopper" (4/22),

xo Suzanne
What a wonderful way to explain colors. I've wondered what 'red-letter day' meant though I've heard it before.

Susan Says
Suzanne Furness said…
I love your colourful post, it is amazing how different colours can inspire different thoughts. I always find rainbows special too.
Luv all the colors of your illustrated rainbow! Shrinking violets - Not! Orange was my favorite color as a pre-teenager. Your flower looks "good enough to eat!"
Thanks for visiting my blog site today!

Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
C is for Chili Wisconsin-style and Characters who take Control

Mary Ann Potter said…
How lovely! I saw a cute posting on Facebook today that said, "Life is about using the whole box of crayons." I shared it, so you'll undoubtedly see it! Have a great day!
Jean Davis said…
Lovely colorful post. I wish I could join the coloring craze, but alas, my hands aren't well suited to holding pencils for any length of time anymore. My daughter enjoys it though. :)
Michael Di Gesu said…
Hi, Ella!

LOVE you colorful and enchanting post! Colors are so much a part of our everyday lives. Why not enjoy the CELEBRATION of color! Well done!
Cynthia said…
Hello Ella, I'm visiting from A to Z. That's a very unique way of depicting how your rainbow colors turn up in your day-to-day life. I like to give away things I plant as gifts too. Sometimes that gives me motivation to work in my yard.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic post, Ellie....I especially love your quote in the magazine. As you say, paired with the photo, it is really wonderful. Yay!
vzmaggie said…
Thanks for the friend request on FB. Great post. Thanks for sharing!
Ella said…
Hello VzMaggie-Thank you, too~ I am glad you stopped by~

Sherry-Thank you! Yes, the photo makes my words come to life~ You are sweet!

Cynthia-I love that you have green thumbs, too! I love that the gift can grow-if tended with love! Yes, I bought seedlings today and seeds. I am behind on my garden this year, but ready to start plotting and planting~ Happy gardening to you! Thank you~

Hi Michael! Yes, we need to find our own sunshine, so why not our own rainbow, too~ You are sweet! Thank you~

Jean-I am sorry to hear that~ I am glad your daughter enjoys it. You can always color to your wardrobe-I love your hair by the way!
Thank you~

Mary Ann-I love that quote! I will have to go look~ So, what color/colors are you using today?! ;D Thank you~

Gail-You are cute! Orange is such a happy color~ I think my favorite changes with the seasons, but right now I am tickled pink with all the pink confetti on my lawn, from my Cherry tree~
Thank you

Ella said…
Suzanne-Me, too! I love seeing them~ In Alaska, I saw three rainbows in one day-I was stunned! It is amazing how color affects us~ I think of paint color and how it calms us or energizes us. I am craving more yellow, pink and orange these days. I think it is all the flowers opening in my yard~ Thank you!

Susan-Thank you! I got a vintage calendar and saw all the holiday dates were in red. It makes sense-

Suzanne-Thank you fellow writer and hopper~ You have a lovely blog! I hope to revamp mine. Thank you, for stopping by! I will visit you again, soon.

Renee said…
So happy to read your joyful post! I'll be on the lookout for rainbows. Hugs
Ella said…
Hi Renee! Thank you! Yes, and when you can't find them-start creating! You are known for glorious rainbow art~ Hugs @>------
Herotomost said…
Orange is the color of fave color. It's also the color of a dream sickle....of which I could use one right about now!! Great work Ella!!!!
Ella said…
Hi Corey! I love your favorite color and all you shared~ My daughter has to have a vanilla cake with Orange frosting-every year for her birthday. So, she would agree with you- Yes, I want one-too! Thank you~ I have missed your humor!
Barb said…
What a beautiful post and a wonderful idea to follow the colours of the rainbow! Congrats on being published in Bella Grace! I'm coming from the blog hop - just to say hi! :)
My goodness, this piece was beautiful and filled with everyday Magic! It was so uplifting and true! Thank you Ella.
Tracy MacDonald said…
Bluetiful, fellow blog hopper! Thank you for reminding us that when we reach for a rainbow and can't find one, we have the power to CREATE that magic ourselves. Bravo, and much abundance to you. Tracy
Hi Ella, reading your blog gave me a moment in my busy life to reflect on the simple things. I usually have time to look at the sunset or Stop and admire my garden. Since I started back to work 3 years ago (after getting my last little one off to school), I am being a good Mom.... washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, driving them to events, sports etc. BUT..... I am not being with them. Seriously, being in the moment with my children. I ask them how school went, I ask them did they learn anything, I ask them how practice went, But, I am not laughing, playing basketball, or sitting down and watching a documentary with the. I will now, since I have reflected on some of posts. Thanks Ella!
Sincerely, Michele #michelejean #harcourts #realestate #ILoveMyChildren