X is for X-tra

X is for X-tra.

Today,  I am going to share some X-tra  insight.  I was going to use the post for P and somehow I didn't.    I struggle with meditation. These days sitting  and quieting my mind-is difficult.   My thyroid is hyper right now-when this happens-I am accused of having ADD.   I am fine, when my thyroid levels are my normal.  Stress usually throws me off track and last month, when my son was seriously ill-I knew it would likely alter my levels.  It did.

   My doctor is from India, so I asked him a lot of questions-about meditation.  It all started the day I wore my prayer beads.  He asked me, "Do you meditate?"   Of course I mentioned-I tried.     My daughter gave me the beads-as a gift.  She tries to meditate and we discussed how these beads are like rosary beads and prayers.  My doctor explained to me-that meditation is a process-which takes time.  You are unfolding the layers of the mind and releasing  thoughts. When he said this-I thought of the petals of a flower opening.  

 Thoughts are like a bouquet of balloons.  

Open your mind and watch your thoughts like balloons.  Notice the orbs of colors floating towards the sky, upward  into the wind until they are out of sight.  You don't grab the balloons-thoughts, you just note they are there.    Release these ideas-which loop into your stream of consciousness.  
You will get better the more you try and it will change your world.

(Now, I am seeing Pop-up Videos-do you remember that show on VH1?!)

Yes, observe your thoughts, like rainbow colored balloons-try not to grab the balloons' strings.  

 *Illustrator, Nicoletta Ceccoli

Yes, this is what I feel like, when I try to meditate. 
I know  what you are thinking:  feathers n' poo.

"Happiness needs no accessories, for it is in itself omnipotent.  It takes hold in the heart, builds its nest, and brings forth its own birds to sing for you." -Mary Brooks Picken

My daughter shared a  meditation-she read about.  You simply count pebbles or beads.  She had read about monks doing this while concentrating on acts of kindness.   
She told me to breathe in and out as I counted the pebbles or beads to help tune out my outer world.   She reminded me when my thoughts start to wander like clouds-to concentrate on my breath. 

You could do this with buttons, shells, even dried beans. 
I would love to hear if you try this and see what happens.  The first
time I did-I used a tin full of vintage buttons.
Family memories big and small tucked between Irish pennants. It was peaceful and distracted me.


I could do that with guitar picks. Although I'm afraid if I emptied my mind, it would never refill...
Arlee Bird said…
I've tried a certain amount of meditation, but I'm such a low energy person as it is that when I attempt meditating I will typically fall asleep.

A nest of singing birds in my heart? Okay.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
Yolanda Renée said…
It takes time and practice to achieve meditation. I work at it, and even the silly attempts I make to achieve peace gives me some solace. It's a wonderful way to regain health. May you have complete health soon!
Ella said…
I commented and it disappeared?!

Hi Alex-I hear you! I know I wouldn't want my emptied either~

Arlee-Your nest is filled with Birds singing a heart filled tune-your family~ ;D I can see that happening to a lot of people~ Visualization is more my style. I can imagine I am on my favorite beach or in the mountains or somewhere I would like to travel. YOU can visit Manhattan~

Yolanda-I don't think that is silly. You sound smart to me..taking it in small doses-is a great way to get there! I love that-thank you for sharing!
Stephanie Faris said…
I don't meditate--just can't find time! I need to, though. I've been looking into it. I read that you can actually reboot your brain that way?
kaykuala said…
Such beads can be utilized even sitting somewhere in between takes eg waiting for someone at the Mall. That by itself will eased off the worries or stress even without realizing it. Proper meditation at home is better, definitely. Wedding preparations will wear you down greatly. There is the constant worry of messing things up even with the best of preparations. Good luck Ella!

Deborah Weber said…
I'm delighted to have found my way here via A-to-Z and even though the challenge is on its last days, I look forward to reading my way backwards through your posts. I do meditate and happily sing its praises. Perhaps one way to use your prayer beads would be to simply finger one with each inhale and exhale. I find it difficult to let go of thoughts if I'm actually trying to keep count so counting 1-2-3... seems counterproductive to loosening my attachment to thinking.
Ella said…
Hello Deborah-Thank you, so much! I will come visit you~ I hope to go back and visit everyone. I have had a rough time of it. Migraines and a wedding-have set my intentions off course..but I will bask in the joy of preparing~ I will try that-thank you!
Carrie Van Horn said…
I have never done meditation, but probably truly need to. I love the thoughts and wisdom in this Ella, and I think I am going to try the beads and breathing. Hope you have a lovely weekend. :-)
Truedessa said…
Hi I thought I’d check out some of your posts. This one caught my attention as I am a deep meditator. It really is an art I think of it as expanding your mind not necessarily emptying it. Have you tried meditation music? It’s very helpful as it relaxes your total being. I have a hoop drum that I play it helps to beat with my own internal rhythm. Once you find the place of release it becomes easier. There is a higher level of consciousness and this is where you find calm and guidance.

Wishing you peace ...