Y and Z

I had a migraine all day-yesterday.  Finally, gave in to BC powder for relief, when I found out my son and his hound, Wade would be coming over to stay for three days. The apartment below him had water damage and it is so, bad-it is a miracle my son's tub didn't fall through the floor.  The wedding is on May 4th-may the fourth/force be with you.   I still have the wedding flowers to finish.  The bride will be by soon to hopeful approve. I texted her photos-so, far so good.  It takes 25 paper petals to make one rose.   I also have to hem my son's suit pants.  Augh~

But, damn it
I have to finish~

Y is for Yoga.

I am no bendy Barbie.
Did you know there is a Yoga Barbie~
 I love the benefits of yoga.
The calmness I feel after a work out and it is the only exercise one can do that massages your internal organs-kinda cool.
Seriously, the Fish pose helps your thyroid gland-the master gland of the body.


Z is for Zen.
I am craving this vibe, but don't think I will feel it anytime soon.
I know one has to make, take time.   Book stores and nature walks give me this Zen vibe, what about you?


I wish I had participated more in the A-Z Challenge.  Life tossed me some curve balls-but that's life.  I hope to be a better blogger, after Mercury goes out of retrograde~ 
We had three Media com trucks in the neighborhood this week-so, hopefully our internet will improve~     


Karen Baldwin said…
Your plate is full..and it runneth over with extra helpings on the side. Lots to deal with, but you did it! You finished the A-Z Challenge. And yes, meditation is great for all aspects of life. **breathe** I tell myself this all the time.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
A wedding that soon is going to take all your focus.....but it will be a wonderful event, I am sure. That pose would have me up at emerg in a nanosecond, I am sure. LOL. One day at a time, kiddo. Countdown -only four more days of preparations, on the 5th day it will be Happening!!!!!!
Yolanda Renée said…
Yoga is a great thing, wish I'd discovered it at a much younger age! :)
Zen is something we can reach at any age, if we make the effort.

You did a wonderful job this A to Z, and you've finished! Sorry for the migraine. I know takes all the fun out of everything.
Thanks for supporting my blog all month!

Wishing you the best!
Happy May!
The wedding will all come together next week. Deep breaths!
A Yoga Barbie? Is there a Kung Fu Ken?
Scarlett Braden said…
Congratulations on completing the challenge!
@ScarlettBraden from
Frankly Scarlett
Sherry Ellis said…
I'm not a bendy Barbie, either. I do admire people who can twist themselves into all of those yoga poses.

Good luck with all the wedding preparations.
Stephanie Faris said…
I'm not very flexible myself--I always thought you had to be to do yoga!
oh, my, that wedding is really close :) What are we wearing? :)
shelly said…
I want to know how she is bending her back like that. Anyway, I just do massage and reflexology.
Beate has been doing Yoga for a few months and she absolutely LOVES it!!
Liza said…
Good luck with those flowers!
Susan Kane said…
Your X Y and Z were all lovely in their own right! Knowing how yoga benefits the body is inspiring. Would like to see how roses turn out!
A quilting book showed how to make roses quickly and easily. If this might interest you, go to this site, issue and page:

page 96.

I enjoy quilting and the colors!
Thanks for stopping by!
No surprise you have a migraine with so many projects tugging you in all directions. I hope you will soon be able to relax and enjoy social interaction away from your computer!

Congratulations on completing the AtoZChallenge, Ella!
Arlee Bird said…
Glad you were able to participate to the extent that you did. Not bad at all and you made it to Y and Z. Good for you!

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out
I love yoga, too. I've
done a lot of different
exercises in my life, but
yoga is one that is FOR
LIFE. I want to be the
92 year old still doing yoga.
Fingers crossed!

Good luck with all that
is on your plate. Don't
forget to breathe.....and
look up. Springtime is
too beautiful to miss due
to life's demands.

Happy Weekend,
xo Suzanne
Sangeetha said…
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