A Sacred Space

In life's web,  I constantly search for calm, for grace, for wonder, and for the sacred.  I believe this is where the authentic voice lives.  I need life's shadows and ripples of light to maintain my equilibrium, but there have been more shadows.  It is up to me to find the courage to rise above them-

Where have I been....?   Why did I quit blogging?  Someone I love is sick and in this particular situation I was exhausted from all I had to do.  I still wrote, still submitted art, but finding the time to blog and write poetry-well, something had to give. 

So, today I am visiting my old stomping grounds at Poets United.   Fate lead me to finding Sherry and she dared me to write a poem and it changed my life!  Thank you, Sherry xo

DEAN FAULKNER@exairlines

Out of the Blue Heron

Dive deep quick silver seer
ripples of light bridge your purpose
as your out of the blue appearance
bridges two worlds.

Your feet aligned with mirrored mysteries
as you glide towards your inner sky
Your graceful neck bows inward as
you retreat in a prayer shawl of quiet refrain.

Prophecies from the Lady of the Lake
chime like cymbals
in the bonnie blue portal as you
find silver that wiggles like
stars' wishes in midnight's indigo veil
casting hope between the water and the sky's
Blue Hour swims a new net of dreams.

-Ella Wilson

Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Bridge


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Well, that was the best challenge i ever gave.......look at this BEAUTY of a poem! Too many beautiful lines to quote. You captured the heron to perfection. It is so lovely to read you again, kiddo. One thing about words.....they are always there waiting for us when we are ready to pick up our pen again.
Khaya Ronkainen said…
A serene and a heartfelt poem capturing that sacred space. I like the idea of a heron as a bridge that "[casts] hope between the water and the sky...a new net of dreams."
Sumana Roy said…
Love how the bird bridges the gap between two spaces. " a prayer shawl of quiet refrain" So beautifully put.
Marja said…
OMG thank you for such a beautiful poem. So many beautiful images,it lifted my heart
Silver that wiggles like star's wishes - nice!
I'm glad you have time again for your poetry and blogging. We have missed you.
Old Egg said…
You wrote this beautifully Ella. I do hope we continue writing here so we read more of your work.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
That's beautiful.

I'm sorry you've had the weight of a loved one's illness on you.
Sanaa Rizvi said…
My goodness this is incredibly exquisite, Ella!!❤️
Susan said…
Wow! For the Heron to step OUT OF THE BLUE when needed, when perfect to show us how to find nourishment. Finding that place between is also finding both sides--and therein lies the bridge. Bravo!
Truedessa said…
This poem is beautiful. Whenever, a heron shows up in my life it is to teach me balance in times of hardship. I believe your heron has come to offer you calmness in your life.

wishing you peace and light..
Ella said…
Sherry-I actually saw one this week and took a photo, but there were obstacles. I was driving with Maggie in my lap and put the window down and the Heron took off. It was bluetiful to see and inspired my poem. Thank you, so much sweet Wild Woman~

Khaya-In the spirit animal deck I have the Heron takes time out to renew their spirit, they have a lot of patience, and need solitude. I can relate to this as an introvert-so, I thought I should try to use this animal totem in my poem. Thank you~

Sumana Roy-Awe, thank you, so much! When I saw the Blue Heron his head was tucked in and his feathers were folded like a shawl. I thought the bird looked like a priest. Thank you~

Marja-Awe, thank you, so much! You lifted my heart, too!

Alex-I have missed you, too! I have missed so much, but I must look forward. Thank you

Old Egg-I love your pen name! Thank you~ I have a thing for seeing animals and looking up their spirit totem to see what messages they provide. You are very kind~

L.Diane-Thank you! Life is a roller coaster ride and I crave calm~

Sanaa-Awe, thank you, sweet Sanaa! I heard you are going to do prompts at PU-I am so excited for you and for me, too-lol~

Susan-I have missed your energy and enthusiasm! Thank you, so much!! You are very kind~

Truedessa-Thank you! I believe this, too~ I read animal totems and love the energy of this bird~ That was very nice of you-thanks!

I too have just returned to Poets United and my Blog after an absence.
It was like returning to family again and the absence itself, was not enduring, because the bridge to writing is the encouragement found here,at Poets United.
Inspiration as per your poem, is the bridge poets and writers seek!
Welcome back, Eileen
"Your feet aligned with mirrored mysteries
as you glide towards your inner sky
Your graceful neck bows inward as
you retreat in a prayer shawl of quiet refrain."

This is smooth as a waltz. Beautiful poem, Ella!
Thotpurge said…
Your feet aligned with mirrored mysteries
as you glide towards your inner sky... that is lovely... and the blue heron does bridge worlds...
Ella said…
Eileen-Welcome back to you! Awe, I am so happy we are back on the bridge we started from~ Yes, yes!! Thank you! Blessings to you~

Sara-Thank you, so much! I do love to dance ;D You are very kind~

Thotpurge-I so, agree about the Blue Heron-such a gift to see one and their profound message does bridge our worlds~ I love what you wrote. Thank you!
Kerry O'Connor said…
This is sheer magic! I love it. And I love your blog too. Great layout.
The Lost Prince said…
Just discovered you. Absolutely love all your blogs, dearie.