I am a bit behind, but wanted to submit to Poets United's Poetry Pantry. Also, the Imaginary Garden's Tuesday Platform.   My son is in the hospital, the last time he had an episode-was in 2016. His doctor admits they really don't know what exactly he has.  It is related to a rare muscle condition...so, if you could add my son, Larry to your prayers I will be eternal grateful and return the favor~    Thank you!


I cast my lens
wishing for Fresh eyes
threaded by moonlight's silver 
I dangle my Fish eye
holding my breathe
dandelion fluff tugs my line as
my soul's aperture collects
visual poetry.

I collect windswept, wet, and still life chapters
woven into the leaves of my poems
I use painted light in 
colors I Fancy:
amber pearls, soft blue blanketed skies, and 
mulberry shadows.

Sometimes, catch of the day 
Flows and swims in my mind's eye
waking my senses to leap
like frogs, birds, fish, grasshoppers and kangaroos.
I Filter my composition
Framing my happy accidents.

I chase the birth of a buttercream rose
and Focus today, on the Prelude's pitch
I hope to catch a happy ending as
 citrus kisses bid the 
 horizon adieu until 
daylight's credits-Fade. 

Everyday I point and shoot penning
romance, history, Fiction, and Fantasy. 
wisps of gossamer wings, misty fog, 
and crystalline flowers
Filters my perception. 
I weave translucent adventure
with dialogue.
It is up to you to hear, sift and 
collect your Feelings. 

-Ella Wilson


Prayers for sure!

And I am completely in love with this beautiful and surprising poem.
rallentanda said…
I will light a candle for him. May the Perpetual Light shine upon him and restore him to good health.God bless Larry !
L. Diane Wolfe said…
Ella, so very sorry to hear your son is in the hospital again. Extra prayers for him.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Your poem is very beautiful. I m so sorry Larry is having another episode. It is especially worrisome when the doctors dont know what is going on. Have specialists looked at him? You need to get past the general practitioners, maybe an internal specialist. You must be so worried. Keep me posted. Thinking of you, Ellie.
Definitely prayers for your son!
Mary said…
What a beautiful poem! And definitely sending prayers for your son.
Truedessa said…
I enjoyed reading your poem it is filled with lovely imagery. I will add your son to my intention list.

wishing you peace...
Ella said…
Rosemary-Thank you, so much! I needed a bit of an escape and writing poetry and photography are good for the soul~

rallentanda-Thank you, so much!! Thank you, for your kindness n' prayers~

L.Diane-Larry has been fine for two years!! He isn't the one that I have been dealing with. Thank you for your prayers~

Sherry-I nudged the Dr. when I met him for the first time, yesterday. Larry is getting a referral to Duke hospital-where they do studies. I can't think of the exact department-not a lot of sleep lately~ Thank you, so much!!

Alex-Thank you, for your prayers!!

Mary-Thank you for stopping by and your prayers~

Truedessa-Thank you, so much!! You are very kind~ I so, need peace-thank you!
Thotpurge said…
citrus kisses bid the
horizon adieu until
daylight's credits-Fade.

- so beautiful...

Wishing your son good health and speedy recovery.
Kerry O'Connor said…
I had to come over and read your poem on your blog. Also to remind you that Tuesday is an open link day at Real Toads, if you want to share.

Michael Di Gesu said…
So sorry to hear about your son....I will certainly say some prayers for him. Take care of you both....
Jim said…
A nice read, Ella, especially with all the polite F-words. Will pray for your son, and for you. Getting in to Duke's system was an a swere to prayer in itself.
Rommy said…
I love the delicate and fanciful quality of this piece. It's an enchanting depiction of the pursuit of creativity. Lovely stuff.

Prayers and goodness headed towards Larry and your family. I hope the episode is brief, the doctors are wise, and recovery is smooth.
Love the flow. Writing poetry can be like fishing, fishing in dreamtime while awake.
brudberg said…
I love how you create poetry from what happens around you... little nice notes...

I hope it all gets sorted out with your son...
Sanaa Rizvi said…
Sending love and prayers, Ella! This is a gorgeous poem ❤️
Susie Clevenger said…
Sorry your son is sick. Hope he feels better soon. Lifting prayers for him. Love your poem. The whole time I was imagining reading this through my camera lens. I love the whole piece so I won't try and pick a favorite. You are always such a blessing to read.
Margaret said…
"I hope to catch a happy ending as
citrus kisses bid the
horizon adieu..."

Gorgeous. I truly hope your son recovers quickly - I will say a prayer for him tonight. Hugs.
Gillena Cox said…
Praying in Jesus name, healing mercies for Larry.
Luv your beautiful poem

Ella said…
Thank you, everyone!
I will comment this evening~
My son was realized and two days later back in the hospital. So, today there is a MRI and muscle biopsy-yes, on a Sunday-
The Dr's are stumped...

Thank you, for your kind thoughts and prayers!!!
Lucas said…
Excelent and interesting poem, i really like it
Jennifer Wagner said…
Hi Ella, I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging and am doing some catching up. It's great to read you again. This is a beautiful poem. I hope your son is doing well! - Jen
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