High Hopes..then a loss, sickness, and wandering....

     I had high hopes to blog 3x a week, then my aunt passed away, my husband took time off from work, and I got sick.   The momentum I had hoped for was lacking.  The prompts in the book, The Artist's Way are emotional and I pondered how much do I really want to share about my my lack of faith, creative blocks, and flaws?    I prefer to share ...my Art Dates and more happy endeavors and how wandering ignites other paths.      

    I mentioned Emily Dickinson on my IG account and   The Emily Dickinson Museum  commented.  @emilydickinson.museum     

I discovered there will be an exhibit in honor of the poet's birthday on December 10th.  You can be part of the exhibit by sending a postcard, art, and words to the challenge called: 
 "The World Writes Back:  Postcards to Emily Dickinson."   I knew I wanted to create something. 

This is my letter to the World 
That never wrote to Me –
The simple News that Nature told – 
With tender Majesty

-Emily Dickinson

I have made art influenced by Emily Dickinson's voice before and it was published.  I am always fascinated how poetry can transform us. I love this quote I discovered this morning:

"...the gift of poetry is how it allows us to be
 intimate with all things."    
            -Mark Nepo

The post cards can be store bought or created if you are interested:

Emily Dickinson Museum
280 Main Street
Amherst, MA  01002


Sherry Blue Sky said…
A combination of your art and a poem would be a perfect response to the Emily Dickinson exhibit, Ella.........I just read Kerry's prompt at Real Toads, reminding us that through the years we have chronicled the astounding changes that have occurred in the ten years we have been writing together. An inspiring thought. Dont worry about how often you write. Just be glad that you DO write, when you are moved to do so. Our words are always waiting there for us, whenever we find the time.
I'm so sorry about your aunt. Prayers for you and your family.
L. Diane Wolfe said…
The post card is beautiful.

I am so very sorry about your aunt.
Ella said…
Hi Sherry-Thank you! Oh, I will have to go look at the post~ I adore your contribution! It is amazing to think of how many poems have touched us along the way in all of those collective gatherings! Thank you, Sherry! This means a lot to me~

Alex-Thank you, Alex! It was sudden-

L.Diane-Thank you, for your kind words!
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