Well, i have wanted to be part of Blogland for sooo long; decided to jump in and
JUST DO IT! I will be dabbling in photos tomorrow, see if i can't post something
eye popping. I have admired soo many blogs, i am in awe of all the talent i have
at random found....all the people i have read/seen published due to taking a leap
of faith!

I am excited to be part of this incredible group!

This is a photo card of my grandparent; he was a famous drummer/basketball
champion...She has the flapper style going; housewife want to be nurse...
I am told i look like some photos, yes other no. I made this for my Aunt , she supplied the i wanted to give her something unique to her.


Lovely photo! I love looking at old photos (especially our family ones, but even those of others...I love the look and styles and love to imagine the stories behind them...they are truly amazing treasures.)
And what a thoughtful gift you created for your aunt.

Blessings & Aloha!
I like to go to a blogger's first post and maybe find how or why a blog was started...or a little about the blogger...