Isn't she cute, doing the fly by...she
has had to deal with, a lot of annoyance today,
honey bees, cardinals, male
and female, trying to have a turn..but
she doesn't give up...there have even
been aerial stunts and a lot of territorial dive bombing, quite the
Air show, this morning!

I just made more sugar water, since
it is sooo hot here, 93 on the heat
index with the humidity, on the
therometer it is 87.

I feel like her, i'm constantly craving
something, for me, it is
"ME" time....seems like life can always sidetrack us. Females always put themselves at the
bottom of the list..i think to be better, happier we need to be on the top of the list, so we don't
get angry and end up having an err show, i know to forgive is divine! I wonder how the animal
world does it........?


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