Crayola 96 colors

Remember the huge box of Crayola crayons...i use to love mine, it was a tool to coordinate
fashions, the dreams of a room with periwinkle blue or maybe wisteria or tickle me pink(think
Barbie pink +age of when you received your first box) Times have changed, hence the names mauvelous, inchworm green, laser lemon.

My husband has been out to sea, 7 months of steel gray, i know he saw sky blue and blanc, til
they saw land(tumbleweed and forest green), so for Memorial Day weekend, he wants to paint
our foyer, dining room and our hallway. We usually like muted tones, but i fear there are sooo
many choices, brights, misted, shaded, neutrals and whites. Color really impacts are daily
view....our mood, our energy, our calmness, our appetite....etc.

I will let you know, how the story all turns out, right now, i feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of
Oz...starts out in black in white, tornado gray and where will the house land, what color will
Oz be? Will the munchkins like it? Toto, too....(my beagle, Buster) I know, there's no place
like Home! I'm tapping my ruby red heels, in the lst copy of the book, the heels were silver(gray). No, he won't pick red....he won't pick red, he won't pick red!