I love this time of year, gardening places become like book stores, in the winter months.
Then spring arrives and every store
i go into...i am searching for the gardening section.

I find growth, hard, i resist it...i don't know why?
I could blame my horoscope..zodiac sign is, Taurus,
i'm known for being stubborn and hate change..
but i think it is just me. I planted these a few
weeks ago, i enjoy seeing the seeds burst into
seedlings. I wish my growth was more joyful...
I can see some growth is...watching your children
grow, learning a new skill...but my seeds are now planted internally. I gained lbs over the holiday, worked hard to get it off, but found no joy. My thyroid level changed, i became hypo(slow, lethargic, depressed) The Dr said, my level was fine, but found out later, it was not,
even the lab results had 4 ?'s after it....why wasn't it reordered? So, i am starting over...
replanting my hopes...hoping I can shrink some, before going home this summer. Home is in
New England. Being a Navy spouse, i get transplanted a lot....I have moved 17 x's in 24 yrs.
So, i'm replanting my seeds today, with aspirations, that even if i don't bloom as big as bright
as i would like, think peony, that at least i will not remain tight in the bud and i will be open to
the sun's warm rays, to drinking more water and when the wind blows to hard and causes
resistance i will be strong and adjust to whatever my environment is. I will perserve!