I think of my garden as a metaphor for life...somethings do well, some don't. Like life we have
to fight weeds, weather, lack of water, too much sun, disease, etc.

When i see the seedlings i have started from seed, start to produce, it is like HOPE. Hope
this little cuccumber makes it, hope that bugs won't eat, hope that an animal won't steal it,
hope disease won't appear.

HOPE could be an acronym for Hanging Onto Positive Expectations; Everywhere today,
acronyms are becoming our new language, thru texting, emailing, this vocabulary is becoming
part of our everyday dialogue. http://www.blogs.english4today.com/index.php/2008/01/acronyms-omg-they-are-everywhere/

so, I HOPE, when you hear something that you aren't aware of...that you will try to be open to
the change in your daily lives.

IMO AFAIK IOW, we will grow(learn) as this develops......