Memorial Day

For the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

What did you do for the holiday? I think of parades, picnics, BBQ, camping, swimming if you live in a warmer climate. I also think of the year, i lived near NAS(Naval Air Station) Pensacola,FL, my son, was 9 then, he was a cub scout. We placed flags on the head stones in the cemementary was moving and profound.
How many people, men and women, have sacrificed, so much for our country!

I am a military spouse, i have not felt the trama of war, my spouse has been in some areas,
which were very uncomfortable....but i know, people who have been. I think of the 30th as
the official day, there are little things one can do ...a letter, a card, a care pkg...a thank you note..
small touches, make a huge impact.
Here is one place you can contact to do small acts of kindness, i know, our economy isn't in the
best place right now, but even if your child drew a flag and it was mailed with a note, think,how much you could brighten someones day!