I grew up in the 60's...My Mom was practicing recycling, even before they named it that.
We always saved every glass jar, used tea towels like paper towel for veggies, re used
ribbon...her name to fame, was re using last year's Christmas cards to make unique tags to
go on our gifts. She would taylor them to the recipient; everyone in the family, the following year...borrowed her idea. I am sure many people in this Era, were thrifty and
practical. I think Green, started in the 60's and we are fine tuning it to day!

My friend, Ingrid....really practices this statement; She does Eco friendly crafts. Her unique
items are fun to use and make a statement of today's awareness. This woman, takes coffee bags, candy wrappers, tin cans....and makes magic. She has a room at her home that looks
like a boutique, lots of purses made out of odd n' ends, soda/iced tea cans made into earrings,
she crochets soda tabs, I wish you could see ...oh, you can, she has a virtual store on ETSY,
the crafter's Ebay.

Re think the next time you recycle...could i reuse this.....