Strawberry Fields Forever

I love strawberries, here in the South, it is a spring must, especially when you live close
to a family operated strawberry patch, (1 mile). In Maine, where i am from, it is a summer
delight..either way it is a delicious reward, after an afternoon of back breaking picking.
When you were little and helped pick, there weren't many in your is fun to take your
kids for the first time...messy, but fun!

When i make the biscuits for our shortcake, it brings back a flood of family memories. I use
to sit on a stool, age 3 and watch and wait for my turn to cut one of the heavenly, plump blobs.

When i was older and asked for the recipe, well, there wasn't one...HUH?! I had to again
stand by and watch, with patience, pen n' paper in hand, trying to guesstimate, the amount of
baking powder, how much shortening, milk, salt...etc, My Mom used.

When i was first married, i actually decorated my kitchen with strawberry motif. I had the huge
strawberry cookie jar...(everyone was using blue, every home i went to..i loved blue, but had
to be different).

Now, if i want blue, i have blue.....but my way! I still love strawberries, but i try to be creative
using a strawberry pot for petunias, instead of berries. I like to use things in a new way!

So Strawberry Fields Forever, for about being true to you, even if everyone has blue,
have blue, just YOUR way!


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