Dark Shadows

I grew up when, the Tv show, DARK SHADOWS was a hit and we'd run home from school to watch it...
Barnabas Collins and Angelica. It seems vampires are everywhere these days and i am enjoying
my goth days with my daughter. Yes, we saw Twilight the movie, read Twilight, i'm into
True Blood. She is now reading a book called "Vampire Kisses" by Ellen Schreiber this is
a series of 6 books so far. She just finished the first and is awaiting the 2nd one. I have started
reading it out of curiosity, so far, i'm hooked. The author has used like True Blood the changes
a teen endures thru puberty as a platform for what vampires deal with...waiting to be alone,
unsure of the changes their body brings, guilt, shame and the struggle to find oneself.
True Blood is doing this with the new vampire, Jessica, which Bill is a father figure to.

It is fun to relive the vampire angle...good against evil and how that sometimes blurs into
a gray zone.


Lady Lavender said…
Hi Ella,

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted you to know my mom named me after the character in Dark Shadows.LOLOLOL

Lady L.