I love fortune cookies; will it pertain to me, when you go to open one. The best one i ever opened, was on a Friday Sept 9, 1988, it said Monday would be a very special was, I gave
birth to my first child, my son Larry. I also had tarot cards done and the last card was a sign
of success a man on a horse with a laurel wreath on his head...meaning Victory. Larry's name
comes from the word laurel, but i didn't know, when i picked it out. Funny, how those little
signs come up...if we are tuned in, we see them, if not...then maybe we catch it next time.

My family believes in signs and we take notice and share those little things......ESP maybe?
intuition.....Yes! Calm your mind, listen to the inner voice, take notice, write things down...
dreams, goals, creative, ask questions...and see what happens.

In the mean time, save those little fortune papers that have meaning for you or the ones you
hope come true. so what if the cookie crumbles, it has a fortune!