Little Prince

This is an eggplant...i have never grown them,....look at the tiny light
purple cute! This variety
is from Renee's Garden Seeds:

Reminds me of the story, "The Little

Seeing the joy of the small things in
life, what is essential, seeing things
fresh as a child, first picks a flower or
eat pizza, or rides the merry go round.

Hopefully the Little Prince will grow
and provide an amazing abundance, either way, i am enjoying the process of trying new things
as in the book. The Little Prince learns a lot in his experiences and having fresh eyes.


Angela Harris said…
Ooh Culinary school sounds fun!! I hope someone in my family decides to do that. I would love for my kids to cook for me:)
So nice to meet you! Thank you for coming to enter my giveaway and for my birthday wishes.
I hope you get to win some yummy smelling tags! They are so addicting!
~Angela Harris