Pushing Thru

I found this mushroom, in a unique
area, of our home. Fungi doesn't
usually grow thru the black weed
cloth, i have never seen in the 7 yrs
i have lived here, any fungus, come

I think of it, as a sign from nature;
I love finding odd shaped flowers,
signs from nature or otherwise.

I think of this as pushing thru...i have
a tendency to put my family first,
most of us women, do. It is in our
blood, it is who we are..perhaps
how we were raised.

I have been trying to do some crafting/cards, etc to sell...and life just keeps getting in the way.
My horoscope, this past week...was interesting...Here you can view yours: http://www.freewillastrology.com/horoscopes/ Mine goes into creative efficiency and that I
that i need to be at ease to develop my deep brillance...stress doesn't do it for me.

I think of the stress this fungi must of endured to push thru new ground...a ground breaking
feat...how some of us, have to be grounded to do such feats, others like being out of the element.

I hope you will push thru something this week or try something new..Break Ground!