Rainy Days....

I have decided when it rains, i am crafting. I have a
garden to tend and lots of plants in the front/back yard
and on the deck...that when it rains, i have more time
and this should be set aside for crafting! It is hard to
fit in sometimes what we like to do. It if funny how much we use the weather in our metaphors for life.
I am going to shower her with gifts, into each life a little
rain must fall, you are the sunshine of my life, this is a
breeze, you'll be blown away, gray skies are going to
clear up, so on and so on.

In poems, i think weather usually equals feelings.
Sun- all is well, rain- a change, rainbows-hope, storm-anger, clouds/fog-unsure, depressed.

I hope everyone enjoys some rain, sees the clouds part
a rainbow appears, then the sun's rays shine.

For me, the rain will give me a chance to hope and dream, that i to, can be part of the art community, that i have longed to be part of.

Enjoy the sun,clouds and rainbow, for soon it will rain, again!