Summer Read

I went to the library, yesterday, i know it isn't
officially summer, but it hit 91 degrees and sure felt
like it, high humidity....felt like 101.

I found this book, The Grift, by Debra Ginsberg, it's
byline is: What happens when a pseudo psychic suddenly gets the real gift?

grift-n. a group of methods used for obtaining money
falsely through the use of swindles, frauds, etc.

Marina Marks has been on the grift, as a psychic since
she was a child, forced into the business by a junkie
mother who was always desperate for her next fix.
Now, as an adult, Marina has earned her living preying on people's hopes and dreams. She doesn't believe in
psychics but does believe in intuition. She moves to
a new location in efforts to reinvent herself and discovers
she really does have the gift-the ability to see the future.
She predicts a murder, it happens exactly as she stated...
she becomes the sole suspect.